Reincarnated as The Elf God

Chapter 6 A small piece of the world

Panting our Elf God sat up and contemplated the new lives he just made, with one last breath, he Fainted, its good that the elves are asleep until he wakes them up, otherwise they would be very confused.


Waking up from his seats, he stood up a little dizzy from the excessive use of divine energy, successfully standing up and turning to see the nine newly Born Elves still asleep.

Waving his hand towards them, channeling energy into his palm he said ”Sleep ” saying that a bit of energy went towards them until the energy entered his body.

”Ready, they
e not going to wake up until I wake them up myself ” turning to his desk, he smiled and said ”this will be fun ” and went to sit down again, but this time he looked a little more focused than usual.

You can gain something without giving something in return, a spell needs the magical energy of a magician to create an effect, the transfiguration uses it to alter matter for a time, but all magic is point matter tied to a single energy called mana stopping in his tracks stopped writing in the book ”How do I know that? ” Wondering that, he began to think ”Could it be? The information that comes with the domains? ” I ask without getting an answer, Not finding a stable answer I put it aside.

”Creating fire is easy, even for younger wizards with poor mana control or having low Affinity for fire, so fireball is one of the easiest spells in a wizards repertoire, ditto for making ice or making light, its acceptable for wizards magic pool and not having to crash due to lack of mana, so Ill let elves have a larger pool than a normal human at birth, hm normally you would have You have to study a lot and have great control in magic energy to have a functional spell, as I did the elves, they will have an unconscious better control of magic than the other races, I think less than the dragons ” Saying that to introduce tendrils of mana delagas by the pores of the elves,And stimulating their webs of mana.

Once the mana webs were stimulated, he began to change his mana and reshape it, their mana, when made, does not have Affinity, their mana would only be dry magical energy, just that, energy without molding and without attribute, the mana of their god it would be giving an attribute and giving them better magical control than races like humans, dwarfs and demi-humans.

”First I will give them life magic or rather, nature magic, this will be able to mutate and manipulate plants, flowers etc, now prosper with nature, with this I will also give them a semi-ability that makes when they are in natural or crowded places of nature have better orientation, ” doing what was said he began to give of his hand and giving mold to his natural Affinity and mixing it with his racial abilities so that they pass from sons to sons.

”While we
e at it, I will give you a blessing that will improve your natural talents with weapons, this will give you less regeneration and better agility ” Saying that he raised his hand to grant them his blessing and with this also another one to leave the blessing equal to the racial abilities.

”Thats the magic thing, now the information and memories are missing, I don want them to be babies in adult bodies ” the lack of information or memories in oneself, will make them be like babies, they would see everything with curiosity and would do everything for instinct, then they would die of hunger, for some animal and the being without memories will not be able to react for not knowing that it is an animal, or for eating something that it should not.

”First, what language will they speak?… Spanish? No, English? Neither, better the Greek language, its good that I was bilingual and I learned several languages ” he said, but the problem is, how will he give his memories to them and leave the memories intact ”I copy them! ” Exactly to give the memories and keep his, it would be necessary to copy them and give them to them.

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”Well, here you go ” I said so that with the divine energy and the help of the divine Kingdom it will begin to remove my memories, which is actually the strangest feeling I have ever experienced, it is as if something was taken from you but not as something physical, no , its more like personal I can describe it, coming out of my thoughts

I didn realize it but I don remember how to speak or write the Greek language anymore, but its not like I forget everything, I remember how my teachers speak it but I can understand it, its a strange feeling but it doesn stop me from doing what I I wanted to do.

”Now to copy it ” putting more divine energy, concentration and will, I begin to copy the memories, from the only blue sphere that are my memories more sphere began to come out, until reaching number 7, six of the sleeping elves and 1 for me, entering them the spheres gradually disappeared, also copying my memories of what is good and what is bad, the animals, the ripas and others, I begin to fill them with information.


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