Reincarnated as The Elf God

Chapter 7 Eldamar and Tree of Life

Lv1= Rookie – Rookie

Lv2= Rookie – Rookie

Lv3= Apprentice – Apprentice

Lv4= Apprentice – Apprentice

Lv5= Officer – Officer Warrior

Lv6= Officer – Officer Warrior

Lv7= Wizard – Warrior

Lv8= Wizard – Warrior

Lv9 = Great Mage – Great Warrior

Lv10 = Archmage – Pillar

Epic= Wizard Prince – Warrior Prince

Myth = Wizard King – Warrior King

Legend = Holy Mage – Holy Warrior

Semi-Divine = Semi-Divine Magician – Semi-Divine Warrior

Divine = Divine Mage – Divine Warrior

Low God = Fire God – Aura God

Middle God = God of water – God of strength

God High = God of the Sun – Warrior God of light.


A mage has one or more mana affinities at birth or some have none, these people are called the unblessed, those born with mana affinities become stronger with continued use until they reach their Affinity limit. , Affinities have various levels ranging from Low, Medium, High, Great, Holy, Divine. If a magician becomes a god, he gains a domain of the Element or affinity that is closer as God of fire, water, air or the domains of concepts such as wisdom, magic, sun, sea etc.

A warrior specializes in strengthening his body and using the bodys vital energy to master what is called prana, becoming stronger than a mage generally more than two levels higher than one of the same level.

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