Reincarnated as The Elf God

Chapter 8 Yggdrasil and the Awakening of the Elves

”Since its practically mine, what better than giving it a name… mmm… This will be called… Eldamar… I think it means home of the elves or something similar ” he said happy to be able to give me a name and a little confused because of the meaning of the name, but something unknown to the avatar but not to the god is that when naming this extension of land, the plane marked it as the territory of the elf god, something that if any god wants to see this land he will know immediately that it is in the possession of a god and would not be visible to him.

”Lets go ” walking through the sand until reaching the mainland with little of the divine energy that it has, he made himself some boots, already being in front of the jungle I admire it a little before entering it, going through trees, looking at one or another animal from a snake to another type of quadrupedal animal that did not exist on earth or as far as he knows there was either there was in another era and they evolved or became extinct, but the animal was like a boar but it seemed to have scales, somewhat strange and extravagant if I may say so.

One Walk later he came to a rather large cliff if I may say so, with another bit of divine energy he made two liana trees twist and lengthen to reach the middle of the other side, the other side just like the trees on the other side. They are on the side of the avatar, they twisted and lengthened until they intertwined, the lianas of the 4 trees came together and made tension so that they were static, with a little mana he made a sheet of air that he sent towards the trunk of the trees and I manipulate the blade to just pass over the area in a linear fashion to make it easier to walk on.

Walking across the bridge to the other side, halfway there he stopped and made an air blade again controlling it to only go through the leaves on the treetops and cut them into a grid pattern, walking again until finally pass to the other side.

Being on the opposite side to where he was, he continued walking, an almost straight path since there were some other trees on his path that surrounded him, on the way he found a waterfall connected to a river that reached the ocean, a wonderful view that would very popular in the land, the further into the forest the trees became larger and larger until reaching 25 meters the largest he saw about 35 – 38 meters.

Walking for hours until nightfall where he decided to sit, ”Fire ” he said and a tiny flame appeared in the leaves that he piled at his feet, when the fire made contact with the dry leaves they caught fire almost immediately, putting branches of sizes varied making it crackle, lying on his back looking up at the stars he said ”Its beautiful ” to close his eyes and rest.


The next morning, instead of walking, he devised a spell with the element of air, what he does is that he uses the air to lift the user or objects that are under the manipulation of the spell from the ground.

Flying over the tops of the trees, he passed at great speed shaking them, in less than an hour and a half he had reached the middle of this large island or a very small continent, landing at what he believed to be the center from the island where there were more beasts and animals, these seeing him and feeling his great presence that he unconsciously released ran away except the strongest and bravest, feeling the ground under his shoes began to walk in circles.

”Hehe I hope the original will make the elves call the world azeroth ” laughing a little heavily, he sat in lotus pose on the ground looking again at the forest he had been walking for the last two days, smiling slightly and turning to look up to see the blue sky with the occasional cloud.

”Yes….its beautiful~ ” Smiling and laughing slightly, it dissolved into golden particles that go towards the earth ”From light comes darkness and from darkness light hehehehe ” Saying one last sentence, it dissolved in a stampede of golden energy, which immediately went straight to the ground, nothing happened for a silent thirty seconds.

Until out of nowhere a sapling appeared, as if time had passed only in that sapling it grew in a dozen seconds until it became a large adult tree, and as if that were not enough it continued to grow and grow until it reached the absurd height of Nearly 200 meters tall with a huge trunk that would make a normal person look like a small dot next to it, this magnificent tree seemed almost normal excluding its height, but if a magician were to use any technique to see magic, he would be so surprised that He would surely faint on the spot.


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