Listening to the flowing wind, rustling of the leaves, sat alone reminding of why Ive lost everything to life. Even though Ive put as much of an effort as my body and mind allows. I was never special not better than anyone this much pressure from my parents and family encouraging me to strive to be the best, ”Ive lied mom ” I mumble. Never let anyone else felt my pain for years Ive hidden the truth beckoning for my cries to be heard, I could never brought my self to explain.

As I sat contemplating about life I suddenly felt a cold harsh air bristle behind my neck, a sudden chill that scared me startled I looked around, seeing nothing I turned back fear struck as I felt as if I was being stared at ”crack ” I looked to my left hearing a noise of something breaking near some bushes. I felt an uncomfortable vibe as I stood up tingle under my skin, as my heart race telling me to run. A figure stood out, within second I spotted a hooded figure seemingly with pale skin, enlarge face with pointy ears that shown poking through the shadow of the hood. A moment of silence as the figure stood still staring back as it knew I spotted it. Suddenly as I made my move to sprint as quickly as I can it jumped out of leap toward me faster than I could spoke a word, It disappear within a blink of an eye as I felt a cold unwell feeling coming from behind me.

Just a second later I felt a sharp pain directly behind me, as the sharp pain became worse I notice that Ive been stab. Blood pouring out like a puddle as I laid in pain, slowly losing my consciousness many though poured through my mine at the same time ”Was this a robbery or …a murderer……? ” I though. Sudden fear stroke as I remember the figure life flashes past as I regretted every single minute of agonizing pain everything turned grey……..black. As for a moment I felt as if I was floating in a void ”The pain disappeared? Did I pass out ” I though. As tear coming out remembering my parents, a while after I felt warm a sense of comforting that nothing exist for a second as I was telling myself that everything would be alright.

Slowly falling asleep inside the void I heard a noise as if it was all a dream as a voice spoken softly ”Youll be the last hope ”. I recognized it was a female voice as I feel asleep completely.

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