Looking up at him she did not felt any intent that he was a bad person instead he had a smile staring down at her. Knowing that she was scared he placed her back down gently, stood up and walked back to his camp seeing this she approach him slowly a bit at a time, since there was no other way for her to hunt as she was tired and starving. The hunter seeing her slowly reveal her self laid his bowl of soup on the ground in her direction keeping distance, he sat cleaning his wound not exactly from her bit but, seeing that he was scratch up a bit while hunting the wolf she felt bad for biting him. Sat not far from the campfire she laid down feeling the heat from the campfire was warming and calming to her, she thought even though she can leave right now it would not be much use because she does not know the road very well only to continue forward which could still be far away to walk.

”I guess hes not as bad of a person ”, even though she walked for several hours today she did not felt as tiring as yesterday. In a quite tone ”status ” checking over her status she was surprised on how much strength she had gain from walking.



Status: Hatchling

Species: Young Ancient Elemental Dragon

Health: 120/120

Stamina: 4/40

Mana: 0/0

Strength: 8.6

Agility: 4

Physical Resistance: 2

Elemental Resistance: 4

Magical Resistance: 0

Ability: ???


She also saw that her experience also went up by two remembering about he rabbit she ate, now causing her to become a little nauseous, she was still happy that she meet someone who did not skinned her alive today. Yet it was still noon, looking over at the man laying asleep wonder why he was so tired ”he must had stayed up all night hunting the wolfs ” she though. ”screech ” from the sky she saw a shadow… of some kind of bird circling around right on top of her, after a second she remember once she read that eagles are one type of bird that circle their prey another ”screech ” as it dove down dodging to the left she was scratch on her right foot leaving a bleeding wound that tore through her skin. Wounded she ran to the bushes and trees to get cover, when she was attacked she made a yelp that could be heard by the hunter since he was between the trees and her, he suddenly stood up guard looking around he saw that she was wounded, bleeding.

Coming in for another dive he dash toward he grabbing her just in time and the claw of the bird pierce through his back ”arghh ” he groan while pulling out his short knife, after a second the eagle set it self up for another dive while the hunter readied his knife flinging it as soon as the bird dove down, the accuracy of the thrown knife was amazing flying straight into the eagle throat tearing it open leaving it to dive straight into the ground. While in pain she was still shaken from the attack the man immediately took out some herb and tried to fix her bleeding wound, prioritizing her over his own. Blood flown down his white shirt and leather jacket how looking closely he had on a fur scarf made up of some type of fur she had never seen before. Washing her wound with water and treating it with medicine he laid her down near his backpack which was big enough to comfort her, acting like a sleeping bag. Seeing the man treating his wound that she had caused she felt bad for him once again.

Still admiring his skill, she was hurt to the point of not being able walk. Feeling like that she was useless, she felt as if the same were going to happen to her while she was a person that never became anything at most importance and never had the chance to become stronger. She made a promise to the gods of this world and whoever sent her here she will make her self better than who she was. Her past life was sad almost monotone without and adventure or vacation because she would always study and tried to become the image her parent thought their little girl will be, she tried to reach an impossible ledge that could never held her. Stopping her self from this though she wanted to thank him, trying to speak she could not get her self to say anything because of her form, it was only possible for her to make noise. The man looked at her with confusion as she continue trying to communicate. Multiple attempts after she gave up, instead she gave him a sorry look ”Please forgive me… ” she tried to explain. Without any reaction he just says ”fler tiha arehe ” in a light tone.

The sun was falling out of view making the surrounding red as blood, the snow flicker with the sunlight the snow was slowly melting meaning that winter is almost over, even though she does not know how different each season are from earths but she could only guess. Until nightfall the only light left was from the camp fire as he tried to fuel it, suddenly he took out a lantern with weird marking on the side, inside there was a blue rock almost as if it was lighting up. Placing his hand on top of the lantern he spoken in an impossible to understand it just sound like random blathering, the light spark up and light up bright with a blue majestic glowing essence. He placed me back into the back bag covering me with several layer of cloth for warmed, hearing growling in the distance I duck deeper in the bag curling my body up I tuck my self in, he laid right beside hearing a noise I took a peek outside what I saw next terrified me.

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