Opening my eyes, I found myself submerged in a pool of water.

Sputtering out some of the water, I climbed onto the grass beside me, panting as I dragged in deep breaths of sweet, sweet air.

However, as I looked around me, I grew confused.

Where was I?

Who… was I?

[Your name is Astra, and you have died.]

”W-What?! W-Who said that?! ”

Frantically getting to my feet, I stared around the small clearing, trying to find whoever spoke to me.

[Im Reincantra, the Goddess of New Beginnings. You are by far the most intriguing human to ever go through reincarnation…]

The voice in my head was melodic and feminine, and I could hear slight mirth in her words.

”R-Reincarnation? I… died? ”

[Indeed. It was a simple accident; you stumbled down some stairs before getting hit by a truck. Due to how you lived your life, you were allowed to reincarnate, but…]

Continuing to look around the clearing, I asked ”What? ”

The clearing was a good twenty feet in diameter, a small pool in the center.

[Well, you asked me to give you not one, but two systems, and to place you in a very specific place… Really, you were one of a kind…]

”Please spit it out! Im on the edge of my… well, pool here! ”

She laughed, saying [You asked me to give you a survival system and a… well, a breeding system. You wanted to live on a planet with only women, of all species, and when I informed you that you didn have enough energy to do that, you offered me all your memories…]

”I WHAT?! ”

Oh how dumb was past me?!

[This is a quote from you… ahem… I don need to remember my mediocre, bland life if it means I can bury my face in some giant Cow Women titties and let a hung Orc woman plow me from behind… Really, I never, in my hundreds of years of supervision of your planet, have heard something so… weird.]

I sighed, before looking down at my body, gasping.

”Why the hell am I naked?! ”

[Well, you chose that… anyways, here you go; this is all you need to know about your systems and whatnot. Good luck, Astra~!]

”Wait! Please, just let me- ARGH! ”

Collapsing to my knees, I clutched my head as a wave of pure agony swept over me.

Information invaded my mind…

Killing monsters gives experience…

Crafting gives experience…

Enough experience levels you up…

Levels make me stronger…

So on and so forth; yknow, system stuff!

As the agony receded, I panted, staring into the pool below me.

Deep violet hair, light ruby red eyes, and fair skin.

Looking lower, I saw a pair of bountiful breasts and a thin waist, which curved out into some wide hips.

Moaning as a few blades of grass tickled my exposed pussy, I stood up, internally saying System!

Two different words appeared before me; Survival and Breeding.

Reading their descriptions, I nodded to myself.

[Survival: Turn raw materials into usable items, build something from nothing, and improve your physical and mental strenght!]

[Breeding: Utilize your charm as a human to mate with the various species on this planet! Give birth to children that are utterly loyal to you and create your own sex-filled utopia!]

I blushed furiously at the Breeding System, a quick thought skipping across my mind.

Bending over, a large woman kneeling behind me as she thrust her pulsating cock into my cunt, her thighs slamming into my round, perky ass as she used me for her own pleasure, before a warmth erupted into my womb…

Something wet trickled down my thighs, and I moaned as I felt my insides clench.

What was that?

Was that a memory of my previous life?

Shaking my head, I sorted through the memories given to me related to the Survival System, wanting to get those incredibly arousing memories out of my head.

This clearing was small, but…

I had space, water, and various small herbs growing from the grass around me.

Approaching a tree, I snapped off a branch, nodding to myself as it disappeared into my inventory.

Opening the Survival System, I browsed the crafting menu, which had dozens of new items for me to craft…

Hearing a howl in the distance, I shuddered, fear coursing through my veins.

What the hell was wrong with past me?!

Were they some kind of survival expert?

Why would they do this?!

Looking around the ground, I searched desperately for a rock, wanting to craft myself an axe or hatchet as quickly as possible.

I would need wood for a fire, shelter, and more tools, so…

Come on…

Where are you little rock!?

Getting on my knees, I sifted thought the grass, eventually finding a good sized stone, about the size of my fist.

Grinning, I placed it in my inventory, before plucking some longer shoots of grass.

Combining the grass, stick, and stone, I managed to craft a basic {Crude Hatchet}, which I hefted in my hands.

For some reason it made me feel safe, having this heavy stone tool in the middle of this forest.

Looking up, I noticed that the twin suns were at their apex, meaning it was noon.

I had time…

Setting off towards a smaller tree, I drew in a breath before slamming my hatchet into the trunk, splinters flying off the wood onto the ground.

Removing the hatchet, I slammed it back into the trunk, grunting slightly as it sunk deeper into the wood this time.

Every swing made my large breasts bounce, and I moaned as they swayed again.

Continuing to chop at the tree, I gradually felt my back and arm muscles burn from exertion, only for me to forget about them as the tree fell to the ground.

It was only slightly taller than me, and about the same width, so it should be…

{x20 Wood Added}

{x13 Sticks Added}

{x3 Bushels of Leaves Added}

Watching the tree disappear, I slumped to the ground, panting slightly.

My brow was slick with sweat, and I was incredibly aware of how my breasts had moved with every swing; that was part of the reason my back ached currently…

Checking out my crafting menu again, I looked through the new recipes, hoping for some clothing.

Seeing an option for a {Leaf Skirt} and {Leaf Bra}, I sighed in relief, using my hatchet to collect some more grass.

Crafting the clothes, I swiftly tied them on, sighing again as I was finally able to cover myself.

Turning towards the next tree, I hefted my hatchet, wanting to get some more wood before the suns descended.

So, new book.

Since its smut, I won bother with *s, so don be surprised when sex happens.

Additionally, heres the other inspiration for this book; Survival in Another World With My Mistress. Its an actual Light Novel and I really enjoyed it.

Anyway, this book will have both progression of Astras strength and her creating her own place to call home, with various women she falls in love with. It won all be smut; therell be some combat here and there, as well as her learning new things and building, so think of this as like any Survival Game (Ark, Minecraft, Conan Exiles) with sex mods enabled.

Also, every chapter will be ~1000 words, so they
e short and quick for me to write, and you to read.

Hope you enjoy!

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