hile the leaf was bland but watery, creating an interesting flavor.

Not unpleasant though…

Creating another mini berry bundle, I managed to relieve some of my hunger, before wondering just how sustainable that was…

Eventually I would…

I would…

I shivered as I stared at the tree line, imaging all sorts of horrors waiting for me.

After all, the Survival System description mentioned monsters, and I had no idea how to fight, nor any idea how to hunt for that matter…

What would I do?

Biting my nail, I eventually shook my head, returning to my workbench.


I need to craft things so I can get stronger!

Which, as I thought that…

[Level Up (Survival System = SS)

Level 2 (SS), Level 1 (Breeding System = BS)

You have one skill point!]

Opening my interface again, I looked at the skills listed, nodding to myself.


{Survivor}: Increases HP by 50%

{Apprentice}: Increases MP by 25%

{Worker}: Increases SP by 50%

{Oak Skin}: Increases Defense by 5

{Fighter}: Increases Attack by 5

{Scavenger I}: Find (10%) more when harvesting corpses

{Crafter II}: (5%) -> (10%)

{Forager II}: (5%) -> (10%)]

Pursing my lips, I read and reread the list, wondering what I should choose.

Increasing {Forager} would be helpful, but a straight increase to my stats would also be useful…

Speaking of, HP and SP increased by 2, while MP increased by 1. As for Attack and Defense, they seemed to be tied to my current gear, but could be increased with a skill…

Rubbing my chin, I decided to go with {Forager II}, since I could get more from the things near me.

Besides, I was close to another level up anyways, with (8/12) Experience.

Finishing the {Fiber} up, I shook my head as I realized I needed to make a fire; sooner rather than later, as the suns were descending rapidly.

Once it was done, I placed the fire a bit away from my Lean-To, and added some more sticks and leaves to its inventory, making sure it would stay lit for hours.

Leveling up again, I selected {Survivor}, bringing my HP from 12 to 18.

Pulling my knees closer towards my large chest, I wondered how I would live here, and if I would-

”No! Stop that, Astra! Come on, happy thoughts… happy thoughts… ”

Staring into the crackling flames, I had another memory flit into my mind.

Laying on my back beside a roaring campfire, my legs were in the air, a muscular woman holding them to the side as she slammed her giant cock into my snatch, stirring her creamy seed inside my womb.

As I moaned under her she leaned forwards, one of her hands groping my large breast as she grinned at me, before grunting a moment later.

Something hot flooded my system, and I shivered as I snapped back to reality, panting.

Blinking a few times, I realized my fingers were buried in my cunt, and I had been pumping them into my soft folds.

A small puddle formed under me, evidence that I had just came…

Bringing my hand up towards my face, I stared at the long, slimy ropes that bridged between my fingers with mixed feelings…

I wanted to shove them right back in and churn my needy cunt until I passed out, but I was also scared of what would happen if I gave into the pleasure…

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