Panting desperately, I staggered backwards again, placing the fire between me and them.

Growling at me in annoyance, they spilt up, walking around the flames before letting out another low, rumbling growl.

Watching as saliva spilled from their large jaws, I gulped as tears streamed from my eyes.

”What the ** was I thinking!? Come on! Giving up my memories for this!? Why!? ”

Cursing my past self, I could only watch as they stepped closer, their heads tilting slightly as they stared at me.

Softly growling at each other, one let out a whine as the other snarled at it, backing off.

Were they…

Fighting to determine who got to eat me?!

”Why why why why! FUCK! ”


I was going to die either way; mind as well go out with a fight.

Shakily running towards the one that continued approaching me, I raised the hatchet and swung it towards its head, only to grunt as it stepped aside.

Lunging forwards, it slammed me to the ground.

Pinning me to the ground under its heavy paws, it snarled at me, almost like it was annoyed I dared to fight back.

Wincing at its putrid breath and dripping slobber, I screwed my eyes shut as it loomed closer, widening those giant jaws as it prepared to devour me.

By all that was holy, why was my past me so, so stupid!?

Preparing and waiting for my inevitable demise, I could only pray that it was a quick death; that the monster would rip my head off or bite it off with one bite, ending my suffering quickly.

However, I froze as I heard the other monster whimper, followed by a dull thud.

Feeling its hot breath move away from my face, I opened my eyes, only to scream as I watched something lift the monster away and throw it into a tree, loud cracks echoing from both the trunk and the monsters bones.

Standing above me was a giant woman, her skin chocolatey brown and speckled with pure white splotches, two large antlers sprouting from her head, behind which stood two fluffy, rounded ears.

Staring down at me was a pair of narrowed amber eyes, the horizontal pupil dilated as she looked me over.

Frowning slightly, she turned back to the monster, catching it as it leaped at her.

Using her bare hands, the Deer Woman snapped its neck, before returning her gaze to me as she tossed its corpse to the side.

”Ive never seen a woman with such palish pink skin… ”

Crouching beside me, she sniffed the air before tilting her head.

”What are you? ”

So, just to clear the air; in the beginning, Astra is pure woman.

There will be scenes of Woman x Astra and Futa x Astra, and she will take the lead on some of them, but more often than not she will be submissive.

As she progresses in her journey she will unlock the skill to become a futa, and as she gains more confidence she will start taking the lead, maybe even dominating her partners instead.

However, to start she will be a sub.

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