Host: Chester Bendin

Identity: a former Demonic Emperor that roamed the middle realm

Bloodline: None

Cultivation: None

Mystical Abilities: None

Destiny Points: 0

Fortune Value: 5

System Shop: Currently Locked ( 1000 Fortune Points are needed to unlock it. )

Warehouse: Empty


After a few moments, he had already finished checking out whatever was written on the black screen.

To his surprise though, he could only comprehend what the first half of the screen meant given its obvious meaning.

Like who wouldn know what an identity, Cultivation, and those common things are? Regardless of that fact, he still spotted a lot of foreign words that he couldn make sense of.

For starters, the host word threw him off guard, but he could easily manage to understand its meaning after he saw his new bodys name attached to it.

However, everything below was a total mystery to him, but he didn contemplate over it for long as he knew that it won get him anywhere.

Thus and without any waste of time, he locked into a word that he could understand and that was consecutively shining and dimming. He confusedly thought while trying to figure out more about this Mystical screen.

” What mission, what is this thing even? And why does it contain my identity before I reincarnated, plus, whats a middle realm. ”

He had many questions at this very moment, that he was utterly confused about. But he found no way to get an explanation for it and no one to give an explanation to him.

Before he could think any further, another black screen popped up in front of him, right next to the first screen.

Before reading it though, he couldn help but ask, wondering why no one reacted to this illusory thing that are appearing in front of him containing various information on him and containing various foreign words.

” Mia, can you see anything in front of me? ”

” What are you talking about grandpa? Nothing is in front of you except Bam. ” Mia tilted her head to the side in confusion, not understanding what is her grandfather talking about.

” He is probably already peeking into the world of the dead, you better spend some time with him before he dies. ” Ben chuckled as he shot a look of contempt toward Abaddon.

” You… ” Bam was filled with rage as he looked at his younger brother with dangerous glee.

Bam is after all here to take Mia to his clan and introduce her to everyone before they get married in a months time.

Yet, this brother of his and from the very moment that he stepped into this place, didn stop acting with arrogance and disgust. Totally showcasing a face that could ruin his relationship with his lover.

” What you? Its the truth… He is a mortal and its already pretty good that he managed to stay alive this long. Look, he is even hallucinating now. ”

Mia started sobbing at the side, tears uncontrollably streaming out of her eyes, ” Thats not true, grandpa will never leave me alone, he is still healthy and won be passing away any time soon. ”

Bam hurried over, hugging her tightly. She subconsciously hugged him back, leaning on his shoulder and heavily crying.

He couldn help but comfort her, ” Shhh, your grandpa isn dying. Ill even teach him how to cultivate so he can live for hundreds of years more and never leave your side. ”

” Really Bam? ” She pulled back a little and looked at him with her red watery eyes.

Bams heart melted seeing this scene, ” Yes of course. Thats my girls grandpa after all, hence, he automatically became my grandfather. Now stop crying so you don make him feel bad about his age. ”

” Ben, speak any more words and your tongue will be cut off for good. ” He threatened him with killing intent flickering in his eyes.

Ben understood that it was useless to stay here any longer, and even his big brother was entirely charmed by that girl. Thus, he went back to the carriage not daring to anger his older brother anymore.

Just wait till you are in my clans territory, both of you will come to realize that you made the wrong decision when you started meddling in my affairs after I just got to this world.

Ben didn have any particular conflicts with Mia or Abaddon, he was only furious about how his big brother chose a woman without any background or personal strength over allying with a strong clan.

Cause his clan was indeed closing in on first grade, but that doesn mean they are strong and financially secure in terms of resources.

Matter of fact, it meant the complete opposite, cause the second and even first-grade clans began watching the Fang clans each move, and thats cause their benefits will be at stake if another clan started meddling in their affairs and threatening their long-established peace and stability.

Abaddon after getting the answer he wanted to know, went back to the second black screen that just materialized in front of him. Altogether not giving any attention to the ants that were speaking nonsense around him.

While Bam wiped the tears off of Mias eyes and helped her take a seat. Vowing that he will do everything he can to help Abaddon increase his strength and his lifespan.

As he read through the so-called mission, fury started burning inside of him. For mere words coming from an unknown source to dare and threaten him was by no means something he can tolerate.

However, as he kept reading and got a grip on the whole situation, he couldn help but wonder if what he was reading was really not a hallucination.

A hint of greed and a large amount of disbelief invaded his sea of consciousness as he pondered over what he was seeing in front of him.

Identity: Fang Ben

Bloodline: None

Cultivation: 5th layer of Qi condensation realm

Description: A former mortal emperor who died of old age, by pure chance, he managed to Transmigrate to this world and due to his heaven-defying luck, he stumbled upon a Saint Sword that could cut the Heavens itself.

Mission: Plunder all of his fortune and then destroy him.

The penalty for Failure: Death

First Reward: Advancing through 5 small layers no matter your realm.

Second Reward: Catastrophe Sword

Catastrophe Sword, thats a long-forgotten legend that was passed down in the Sacred Realm for millions of years.

The legend says that its a sword that was once wielded and used by the most terrifying Saint that was ever known in existence, but for some unknown reasons, he suddenly vanished without a trace, without any warning whatsoever.

The sword was rumored that it was split into three pieces, each piece containing terrifying power that could make anyone below the Saint realm hopelessly perish.

Is this a joke? And most importantly, why would a piece of such a terrifying sword would be in this realm.

Abaddon started running his brain at full speed, thinking about the so-called mission and especially the screen that he was currently seeing in front of him.

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