Reunited in Wishcliffe

This was why that next album just wouldn\'t come.

e in between verses, whose hair still flashed bright under the lights as she swung it around, unable to stay still while the music played.

His best friend—who hed left behind to seek fame and fortune in America.

One song merged into another, but the energy on the stage never dropped for a second. The guys Lucy had put together to play with her were good—better than good, really. They kept up with every change in tempo or feel that he or Lucy threw into the mix, even when they merged from a traditional tune into an improvised ditty they used to play together when they were really showing off. Hed been worried that she might have forgotten it, but she never missed a beat either.

His heart was pumping double speed by the time they finished the last song on Lucys scrawled set list, and he could see the drummer behind him sweating buckets as he hit the last cymbal crash. The crowd cheered and clapped and stamped their feet and Jon realised—this was what hed been missing. This was why that next album just wouldn come. Hed been missing this.

He glanced over at a beaming Lucy, so gorgeous in the stage lights, and kicked away the thought that performing like this wasn the only thing hed missed.

Even when she leant in, her hair tickling his neck as she yelled in his ear over the noise of the crowd. ”Now we just need to get you out of here without getting mobbed! ”

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