Reunited in Wishcliffe

\"Here\'s the set list.\"

Lucy whirled around to look at him. What, did he really think that after two years away he could just swoop in and fix all her problems like hed done when they were kids? That fixing this would make up for him leaving in the first place? That theyd just go back to where they were before?

He might, actually. This was Jon, after all, and hed always hated any sort of argument or confrontation. Probably because his parents had been so good at it, growing up. Shed gone the other way, and harnessed the power of a great argument for good. Get everything out in the open and let the wind blow it away.

Jon had never let her have that argument when he left. Maybe shed get it now he was back.

But first, she had a gig to cancel.

”Our singer and guitarist is sick. Unless you want to get up there and take his place— ” She broke off as a light shone in Jons eyes at the suggestion. ”No. No, that was not a serious— ”

”I could do it, ” Jon said, eagerly. ”You know I could. I bet we still remember enough of our old set lists. ”

Since half their old set list still featured in The Songbirds current set list, that was true. But still not a good enough reason to do it.

”No. Just…no. ” She turned away. ”Im cancelling the show. ”

”Wait, Luce— ” That wasn Jon. She froze as Jason jumped in front of her, still pale and clammy, but now with a feverish zeal in his eyes. ”If this guy says he can play… ” He squinted over Lucys shoulder at Jon, as if he seemed familiar somehow. Which, if Jason wasn sick as a dog, hed probably realise he was. ”Why not let him? I mean, that way we keep the gig. Unless hes not good enough? ” He didn even drop his voice for the last bit, and Lucy could feel Jon bristle behind her.

She sighed. ”Jason, this is Jon Abbott. He and I used to play together as a duo. ” A very successful duo, thank you, who played many well-paid gigs, until the one night they went home and slept together and Jon told her he was leaving and everything changed. Not that she was sharing that part with Jason right now.

”Wait. Jon Abbott? Like, the Jon Abbott? ” Jasons eyes were wide in the firelight, his fever apparently forgotten in the face of celebrity. ”The Jon you used to play with, your old friend Jon, is Jon Abbott? ”

And this was why shed never mentioned this fact to Jason. ”Aren you supposed to be at home, in bed, with honey and lemon or something? ”

”Not until you agree to get up there and play with Jon freaking Abbott and get us some more gigs. ” Jason folded his arms over his chest and stared her down. It would have been more impressive if he wasn swaying from side to side.

Lucy glanced over her shoulder at a smugly smiling Jon, and sighed. ”Fine. Well play. ”

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