Under the dark underground prison where the stench of alcohol and blood was so strong that it can make anyone nauseated, a girl was sitting as if it was her home.

There was a smirk on her face which soon turned into a frown as she attacked the villain with a forceful roundhouse kick but the enemy did not fall off.

She ran to punch that big fat bald guy when the scene in front of her vanished and the darkness ensued.

”Would you stop playing that game now? ”

Said the man cleaning the blood from the ground but his own clothes were stained red.

The girl who was stained red too stared at him with a frown.

”Alec! I was going to kill that bastard when you stopped the vr machine. ” he looked at her as if she was a fool or had lost her mental balance.

”Ruth, if you look around, you have killed four men tonight. I do not understand why a strong mercenary like you who can kill others in the blink of an eye needs to kill the enemies in VR games? These are for kids or for weak. ”

He looked at the VR machine as if it was an element of black magic and she was possessed with it when she rolled her eyes.

Even if she would explain it, he would never understand. No one would understand, she was not a mercenary, a killer by choice. But when she played the game, she fought for righteousness that is.. Her choice!

She gave a self deprecating laugh and stood up.

”Since you have handled everything here, I am going for a small walk. ” she dusted her clothes and started walking out towards the door.

”Hey, what about all this cleaning? Boss could also.. ” the words faded in the cold air as Ruth covered her face with her hoodie and mixed in the crowd.

She had no face, no name, no family, no identity, she was just a shadow, that only knew how to mingle in the crowd.

Loving someone, starting a family, these words were not for her. She was a killer, the one who breaks families.

She stopped in front of an ice cream cart. The winter night was chilly with frost waves that were cutting her.

But when she saw two kids staring at the ice cream cones, she could not resist.

She walked towards the men and gave her all the money she had while pointing at the kids.

”Ice cream.. Free ice cream for the kids. Anyone can have but one will get only one. ” all the kids blinked and ran towards the cart with joy in their eyes.

They covered the whole cart while pointing at all the flavors they could see. Their smile was no less than the light of the twinkling stars.

”I still have a few dollars left madam. ” The man looked around confused.

He was sure the woman was around just a second ago. He did not feel her moving.. He kept looking but there was no one.

Ruth looked at the smiling kids from the other side of the street. The soft sigh she lef

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