Revenge Of The Fan

Will Get Caught

Ruth looked around with excitement when she noticed There were muslin curtains, antique porches and interlocking wooden brackets, winding corridors and the like. She looked out via the gaps along the corridor – a crescent moon glowed in the sky flanked by numerous stars. It was then she noticed that she was lying horizontally on the shoulders of a few people carrying her!

But what stunned her was not the beauty of the surroundings but.. She was naked! Only a thin layer of muslin blanket was wrapped around her tightly as if she was a mummy of Cairo revealing only a pair of eyes.

She looked at the four men holding her. All of them were strong and muscular, donning the uniform of knights. They were walking strongly and without any problem even when they were holding her on their shoulders.

For a second, she forgot about her condition and started analyzing and admiring their strengths.

But soon their speed increased and they stopped in front of a luxurious palace. The door opened by the guards silently.

The moment she entered, her eyes that were no less than a kid in an amusement park turned into cold and brutal ones.

The hollowness and the vigilance in them returned when she heard the shrikes of a woman and her muffled cries.

”No! I beg you! Please let me go. Pleasee.. ” her voice was filled with helplessness that Ruth could never forget to notice.

Her eyes quickly scanned the room and frowned.

The displays in the hall were magnificent, both pieces of furniture were made from rosewood and the floral folding screen made from the shell of hawksbill sea turtle had highlighted the immensely luxurious design.

The most luxurious furniture in the hall was the super king-sized bed with cascading curtains.

But what caught her attention were the man who was rummaging into the fair woman with so much force that the bed was churning and tilting with every action.

The man was handsome and muscular around twenty three to twenty fives with his dusty blonde hair and his strong build.

The girl was younger than him and was forced. Her dark hair was full of wetness and her face was twisted with pain. She was shrieking and pleading but the man did not leave her.

That was a **ing R***. where in the world had she entered?

She was sure that she had chosen simple Victorian settings where she was supposed to be a witch fighting against evil.

Her eyes went wide and her face turned ugly.

But for the man holding her, this scene did not look any different as if they were habitual of it.

They kept walking in. the man turned to look at them with a twisted smirk on his face. It was a waste to have a handsome face when he had that twisted personality.

He started rummaging the girl faster and faster that the feeble attempts of the young girl started to fail

She did not even look like an adult when she looked at the girl closely. She kept moaning but after a few more minutes, she stopped and her eyes closed slowly.

The girl had turned unconscious but that did not affect him. He kept humming her until his body tensed. He stilled and held the girl as he emptied himself.

She felt nauseated just by looking at the scene. Once done, he let go of the girl and threw her out of the bed.

Two guards came forward and held the nude young girl and dragged her out of the room without even caring to dress her first.

Ruth was not even sure if the girl was going to be safe after going out or worse fate was waiting for her.

”Sigh, that girl did not have stamina at all. Are you sure she was from the coven of the witches?

Or you just found a random one and gave it to me? ” He looked a bit angered when he noticed that the girl in the basket was already awake and staring back at him with a hollow look in her eyes.

He had never seen that look in the eyes of a woman before. Women were supposed to be weak and vulnerable.

”Interesting. I will have this one then. ” he said with a smirk as he walked closer to Truth whose eyes had narrowed on him.

”Yes, we have especially bought this one for you, master. I am sure you are going to like her. ” like a good salesman, they tried to sell her as if she belonged to them.

Ruth had still not seen her own body but she was sure that her body was not trained.

She was feeling too frail. She was sure she had opted to be a witch but it looked like settings were changed.

But she was still thrilled. She had played so many games but never had she felt these kinds of feelings. It was way too realistic.

It was better to play than any other game she had played in the past.

If only she had gotten a stronger character!

”Alright leave! ” all the guards bowed her head and left the room only leaving her and the naked man who did not even try to hide his piston by standing there in all his glory.

”Are you afraid, young girl? ” he asked with a curious look on his face as he walked closer to her when she shook her head.

Why should she be afraid, she could kill him in the blink of an eye, it should be him to be afraid.

He stared at how vigilantly she looked at the room and his curiosity rose but what could a young girl like her do!

He walked closer with the intention to take off the blanket she was covered in.

He was sure that she would be nude inside. His guards were meticulous enough to prepare his food well.

”It is time for the meal, little girl. ”

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