He was sure that the girl would be afraid the moment words left his mouth but she stared at him with a blank gaze that surprised him.

”Are you not afraid of me? ” he could not help but ask, ”or are you a fool who did not understand what was happening around her? ”

This could be the only plausible reason.

Ruth was still not sure about the person and the background and how it was so different from what she had chosen but there was no way that she would be afraid of the person standing in front of her.

Even replying to him would be a waste of breath.

He felt mocked by her gaze and felt angered! But when he looked at her exquisite feature again, he anger was soon replaced by the lust he felt for her.

Her dirty blonde hair and her starry eyes that looked watery and animated and her fair skin that was pinkish and smooth. And her figure would be good to hold on the bed.

He could already imagine her moans riding into his ears.

While he was lost in his own imagination, Ruth was busier than him.

She was trying to find a way to operate the system and check what was happening. She regretted logging in so early. She sh0uld have at least read the instructions first.

She was busy finding the door and copying the password when the woman was explaining the features of this new game.

Now she was not even able to find the exit option. After trying hard and pressing all the buttons in the air, she could relate with functions, a neon screen finally opened in front of her eyes.

” name: Althea Efeluentia, the eldest daughter but abandoned daughter of duke Efeluentia. A weak girl with not much power in the family and often bullied by her step sisters and brothers.

Though she was treated worse than the servants presently, her marriage was fixed with the son of the marquis when she had taken birth. The family was strong and powerful due to their rich background.

Father had neglected her after his second marriage and the step mother did not like her at all.

Father: duke George Efeluentia, the military general and head of the knight of the Rhuminaz empire.

Mother: Lia, unknown origin, said to be dead during birth but never cremated in the main hall.

Step mother: Venisa Efeluentia, second wife and the daughter of a baron, a vassal family of the duke. ”

Ruth sighed this was not what she had signed for. She wanted to be a witch and teach lessons to bad boys. But how did she end up as a weak girl in the family drama?

”I must have not set it right. ” she crushed as she looked around when the jerk could not wait anymore.

He placed his hands on her shoulder with the attempt to pull her towards him.

”Alright, I have given you enough time to prepare yourself. Now we must start as I can not wait to hold you in my arms anymore. ” she did not know who this person was in the set up but she did know one thing.

He was getting on her nerves and she was here to teach bad guys a lesson and he did seem a bad guy with her lust and greed.

Her pinkish lips were slightly curved upwards – it looked like she was smiling but no one could determine whether or not it was a sarcastic one.

He immediately got excited and lust was gleaming in his eyes!

His hands were already itching to get her from the blanket and touch that soft and supple body but before he could touch her or even see her body… he felt an extreme pain in his lower area.

”You bitch! ” he could not believe that the bitch had attacked him and that also at that part!

But before he could stand up and complain to her or punish her, he felt a strong gale around his body and sharp pain in his heart only to see that she had picked up the knife from the table at some point of time and had stabbed him with that knife.

Everything happened too fast and it was definitely unexpected! His body started to bleed and his heart felt an extreme pain. Before he could even analyze what had happened, his eyes widened and his body turned limp and fell on the ground.

He was not even able to know what just happened to him. He was not able to make a single voice so Ruth was sure nobody would have heard it.

She kicked the body to double check but the man did not move at all. What trash! She muttered as she looked again.

The man was wearing jewels even when he had not a single piece of cloth over his body that amused her.

”Since you do not need these anymore. I will be taking it. ” she muttered as she crouched on the ground and took out all the gold rings, chains and pins in his hair.

For a naked man, he surely had a lot of treasures. Once she was done taking the jewels, she walked around and checked the closet.

There were both men and women wearing dresses handing in it.

She took out a womens dress and tried to wear it but it was large in size so she took the belts and adjusted it more like a kaftan dress of the modern period.

Once she was done, she took a blanket and covered that dead body. Even though he was a jerk she had her own morals.

She scanned the whole area. There were more than two guards at the door and the whole area was guarded and patrolled by many guards like a top notch jail of the future.

Even if she would be fast, she would get caught in this dress.

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