Revenge on the Billionaire

Friendly Neighborhood Lawyer

splat to the eye. Once you saw the goods, it was difficult not to be impressed.

Shut up and take my money! was what Ashley wanted to say aloud.

The hotshot lawyer shook hands with his hosts.

Firm handshake, Ashley told herself. Strong but soft hands. One that lifts dumbbells daily. Nevertheless, exfoliated and moisturized. He takes care of himself.

”Miss Palmer. Miss Grayson, ” Elijah said in a crisp and engaging voice. ”Pleased to meet you. ”

”The pleasure is mine, ” Tessa said, blushing and lingering on the handshake for a moment. ”Call me Tessa. ”

Ashley looked at the girl with slanting eyes. Teenagers! Geez! He is probably ten years older than you. ”

Tessa raised an eyebrow at her partner as if saying, I don care!

”Please take a seat, Mr. Wood, ” Ashley began. ”You come highly recommended from my acquaintance on Wall Street. ”.

”Thank you, ” Elijah replied, unbuttoning his suit and taking a seat. ”By your acquaintance, you mean Kathryn Reed, Chief Legal Counsel for Goldman Sachs? You have friends in high places. ”

”We seem to have common friends in high places. Lucky for us, they made todays meeting possible. ”

”I am just a common lawyer in the multitude, maam. I feel privileged that the Graysons and the Palmers want to do anything with me. ”

”A common lawyer, huh? Let me see, ” Ashley mused, sliding the morning issue of the Norwich Times towards him. ”

Elijah offered a cursory glance and shrugged with a smile.

”Hotshot corporate attorney Elijah Wood rescues billion-dollar company from hostile takeover, ” Ashley read aloud.

”It was an open and shut case, ” he asserted. ”I merely presented the facts to the jury as they were. ”

”You are modest, Mr. Wood. The newspaper says, and I quote- here was no hope before Wood took over the matter. The OBrien family was about to lose their entire company to a tech-mogul until you stepped in. ”

”Newspapers. Media. They exaggerate. ”

”Fine. I shall put my praises to rest. Do you have any questions before we proceed? ”

”I would like to listen to the case first. ”

”Of course, ” Ashley said, crossing her legs and leaning back. ”However, our case is a bit personal and sensitive. Therefore, if you can indulge us, we wish to know you better first. The Elijah Wood we know is popular with the media. The poster boy of Norwich. Over and over, we have listened to the whitewashed version of him. Tell us who you really are. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Are you a Lakers fan? ”

Elijah relaxed into his chair, and his lips bent into a weak smile.

”Very well. ”

He started talking. About his family. His hobbies. His favorite sport. And so on and so forth. Elijah had riveting tales to tell. He was charming, confident, and funny.

Elijah picked up the slightest cues and leaned into them. Whenever the girls intervened, his eyes did quick scans of both of them. It was as if he read and recorded their responses like a computer. The habit made conversation with him enjoyable.

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