Looking at the large academy grounds, where a couple of the schools buildings and facilities stood tall, Aoi could already imagine the horror that is inside it.

One of his regrets in his previous life was not completing his studies, so he wanted a chance to go back to school. But now that he was right in front of it, the raven-haired teen was already feeling a bit of hesitation.

Paying attention is not his strong suit. He often gets attacked with drowsiness or gets distracted by random thoughts if the thing hes listening to doesn interest or intrigue him. And that was especially the case for class lessons, more so for lectures related to History.

”Well, Aoi, this is it! Welcome to Ando Academy! ” Emi, who is wearing Ando Academys uniform for girls consisting of a dark blue blazer, white blouse, a gray checkered tie, and a checkered skirt the same color as their blazer, exclaimed with a small smile. ”So, how is it? What do you think? ”

”Ive already seen it before, but its pretty big… ” (Aoi)

”Thats what we said! Hahaha! ” (Emi)

Ignoring his sisters antics, Aoi went inside and walked past the school gates, entering the academy grounds.

”H-Hey, wait for me! ” (Emi)

When they both entered, they were instantly met with gazes from the students. More so for Emi. Well, it was expected, as the majority of those gazes came from boys.

”Kyaaa! ”

Now, what the ** was that!? That random Kyaaa! sounded cursed as hell. Not because it sounded creepy, but because it came from a damn guy with a really deep voice!

”Oh my gosh, Im so glad Suzuki Emi-san is still studying here! ” (Random Guy 1)

”Yup! Shes still as beautiful as ever! I want to impregnate her! ” (Random Guy 2)

[A/N: Guys, I know its weird, but since this world has its morals reversed, guys in this world saying something like ”I want to impregnate her! ” has the same energy as girls in the MCs original world saying ”I want to have his baby! ”]

”M-Me too…! But whos that guy beside her? ” (Random Guy 3)

”I don know… They have the same features, though… Maybe her brother? ” (Random Guy 2)

”Yeah, I think so too… ” (Random Guy 1)

Gossips, almost the same content as this, were happening all around the Suzuki siblings. And they were all initiated by guys. It was something that might have irritated Aoi if he heard his fellow males acting like hoes from his previous world, but even if their voices were audible, the siblings were far enough from them that they can hear coherent words.

Disregarding the collective prying gazes of the nearby student body, the Suzuki siblings made their way. But before they have gone to their respective classrooms, just as Emi said, he gave Aoi a brief tour of the academy.

She led him to the most important buildings and facilities to know like the comfort room, the canteen, the staff room, the Principals office, her classroom, and of course, her little brothers classroom. The 18-year-old big sister would have liked to do a more detailed tour and spend time with his cute, lovable brother, but they have little time to do so.

After their short exploration of the school, Emi and Aoi parted ways. The former has already gone to her classroom, 1 story above Aois. As for the latter, he too is on his way to his classroom.

The reincarnated individual sauntered through the hallway as he made his way to his destination. While doing so, he was glancing from left to right as he passed by different rooms which he committed to memory. They were nothing special, just the classroom of middle schoolers, several clubrooms and there was even a music and art room.

In any case, Aoi has already reached his stop, Class 10-A.

I can believe Im going to have to study again… Aoi heaved a sigh as he stared at the closed door of his class blankly. Well, its okay, I guess… One of my dreams is to earn thousands of cash. If I don do this, Ill grow old broke… just like before… I wish there was a job where I can effortlessly earn thousands of money without barely doing anything.

The raven-haired teen heaved another sigh, but this one deeper than before, mentally preparing himself for the hell that he is about to enter.

Aoi opened the sliding door, letting out the once muffled sound of collective voices of his new classmates who were noisily talking.

When they heard the screech of the sliding door being opened, most of the students who were once talking took a glance at the entrance.

Even though he noticed this, Aoi just strode right in, not caring about their gazes, and sat in a vacant seat near the back, close to the window.

As soon as he did so, those who were staring at him got back to what they were doing before, talking, but this time, their topic was the new handsome student that just arrived.

”Hey, Ayame-chan, look. That new guys pretty hot don ya think? ” A girl with brown hair styled in a bob lightly whispered to her friend beside her.

”Yeah, I agree. What, are you gonna make a move on him, Hana-chan? ” Ayame, a girl with onyx-colored eyes and hair smirked, clearly amused at the thought that her friend might have developed a crush on the new student, something that she could use to tease her.

[Hana Reference Image Here]

[Ayame Reference Image Here]

”Hey, just because I found him attractive doesn mean Im gonna make a move on him. ” Hana responded to her playful friend.

”Why? You can do it, can you? And you call yourself a woman? Thats why you
e still single. ” A blonde girl, one of Hanas and Ayames friends as well chimed in their conversation.

”Kimi-chan, stop bragging. Your first and most recent relationship barely lasted for a freakin week. ” Hana fired back.

[Kimi Reference Image Here]

”Hahaha! Shes right, you know? ” (Ayame)

”Shut up, you two idiots. I was the one who broke up with her not the other way
ound! ” (Kimi)

”Hahaha! If you say so, I guess! ” (Ayame)

”Really, though… Are you gonna make a move on him or not? Cause if you don , Ill do, and I bet you ¥12,000 that hell fall for me this first semester! ” (Kimi)

Hana, hearing her friends declaration of a bet just sighed at her. ”Just stop, you can even seduce a kid, let alone a handsome stud. Also, do you even have ¥12,000? ”

”Hahaha! ” Ayame, being her mirthful self just laughed at their interaction, but she didn stop there. Her playful side kicked in as she turned from her chair and shouted, ”Hey, new guy! These two are planning to ma- ”

But before she could finish what she was intending to say, Kimi immediately reacted and blocked her mouth using her hand. ”What the hell are you doing, you asshat!? ”

Removing Kimis hand from her lips, Ayame just responded with a mischievous laugh. ”Hahaha! ”

Aoi though, who was gazing through the window waiting for the bell to ring, just heaved a sigh at this. Although he didn hear their full conversation, he knew he was the one who was being called back there, he saw it from the windows reflection.

This is going to be one hell of a ride…

New life, new school, and new people to meet. Not to mention the fact that gender roles are reversed. The reincarnated individual knew that this was going to be an eventful, and maybe an exhausting new life.

It wasn bad, though… He was already adapting to the world even when he has just reincarnated a few hours ago, courtesy to the familiarity of the OG Aoi to this world.

Well, Ill just do my best, so I won have any more regrets…

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