Reversed Gender Morals

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Soon, the bell rang, signaling the start of their very first class as high schoolers. All of Class 10-As students were in attendance and have taken their respective seats, leaving no vacant ones.

While most of his classmates were still boisterous, Aoi was relaxing in his chosen seat, second to the back row, near the window, cupping his chin atop his right hands palm. The raven-haired boy was just monotonously waiting for their teacher to arrive.

However, he didn have to remain idle for long as their professor appeared three minutes later, prompting his schoolmates to quiet down. It was a middle-aged man with glasses. There was nothing noteworthy about him, at least appearance-wise, in Aois eyes.

Putting his stuff on his desk, the middle-aged professor swept his gaze at his class, and after seeing them all settled down, he went to the middle, a professional smile adorning his lips.

”Hello, class! My name is Hayashi Oda, and I am your advisory class teacher, as well as your history class teacher.

Since it is the first day of school, Im not going to do any lectures today. Instead, I want you guys to introduce yourselves, your age, and where you
e from. ” Oda firstly introduced himself, and then he continued. ”Don worry, guys. This is just so we can establish a good rapport with each other. ”

”Anyhow, lets start with…- ” The professor trailed… his eyes roamed around for a short few seconds before he gestured to the one sitting at the very back, from the right side of the arranged seats.

”…-you, Mr. Go on, stand up and introduce yourself. ” Oda signaled to the one he randomly picked, who heeded the professors directive.

Just like that, time passed by as the whole class of 10-A introduced themselves one by one and finished only 5 minutes later, the only ones he committed to memory were the earlier girls who were most likely gossiping about him.

The blonde ones name is Aoki Kimi, the girl with the bob haircuts name is Kaneko Hana, and the blithe raven-haired girls name is Aikawa Ayame.

”Okay, now that weve gotten to know each other, I want you guys to grab a whole sheet of paper. You
e going to do an essay about what youve done this past summer. ” The middle-aged professor declared.

And when he did, Aoi let out a tiny, uninterested groan, and so did his seatmate, but it was loud enough for him to hear. He just ignored it though and grabbed his packed pad of white paper from his bag and settled it on his table.

However, the loud noise of his seatmate that started rummaging through her bag got his attention.

The raven-haired reincarnators seatmate is a girl with wavy black hair that reached her shoulders and amethyst-colored eyes.

From what he could guess, this girl might have forgotten her pad of white paper.

Noticing his gaze, the black-haired girl glanced to her right and saw the handsome guy who introduced himself as Suzuki Aoi earlier, staring at her.

Aoi was about to turn away, not caring about his seatmates distress, but as he did, he heard someone calling him. It was the wavy-haired girl, his seatmate.

”Hey, Suzuki Aoi-san, right? ” the girl with amethyst-colored eyes leaned to her right and whispered in his direction.

”Yeah, and you
e Ishii Kaede-san, right? ” Aoi replied, in a whisper as well. ”Do you need something…? ”

[Kaede Reference Image Here]

”Yeah, thats me! Uhm, you see… I actually forgot my pad of paper. If you don mind, can I ask for one, please? Just a single sheet! ”

Welp, the ruby-eyed teen was right. Regardless, he didn pay it any more attention as he pulled a sheet of paper from his pad and gave it to Kaede.

”Thanks! I promise you Ill return it back! ” (Kaede)

”Its okay, its only a sheet. ” (Aoi)

”Really? Thanks again, I guess…! ” (Kaede)

”Mhm, no problem… ” (Aoi)

As soon as their little exchange ended, Aoi started to write down his essay, over-expounding and adding unnecessary details in case the professor doesn accept visually short answers. All the while he was thinking about what the heck is the purpose of even making them do this.



The bell rang, signaling the end of the second period. After their History class, it was English, something that Aoi might get a perfect grade in when it comes to exams given he was American in his previous life.

But, it was the same thing that they did in History class, their English professor didn begin a lecture on the first day of school; however, he made them introduce themselves once again.

For the rest of the remaining time, their English professor directed them to make an essay, but not the same topic as their History teacher did. Instead, it was something like writing down their expectations for him, and his subject, which was easy for Aoi as he just bullshitted his way through it.

Now that their second period has ended, it was already time for recess. Some of Aois classmates went outside their room, probably going to the canteen, while some brought their own snacks as they mingled with their friends.

Aoi also brought his own snack. He never liked lining up in queues, especially when its a crowded queue as well. And since Ando Academy is a large school, he guessed that it was the case here, so he decided to bring his own food. Although, he might have to go there at lunch considering he didn make one.

Opening the salted bag of potato chips in his hands, Aoi just casually ate as random thoughts surfaced in his head.

Questions such as What will happen to my house?, Have my co-workers found my corpse?, Is the porn in this world focused on women?, Does OnlyFans exist here? If so, since this world is reversed, and women here are the focus of adult content, then can I create an OnlyFans account and earn millions of dollars per month? are four of the numerous ones that formed in his mind.

The latter three for him are just trivial thoughts, but the former one he was a bit worried about. After all, that house has great sentimental value to him. It was where most of his memories are with his previous lifes parents.

However, before he could overthink such matters, a feminine voice broke him out of his thoughts.

”Hey, Suzuki-san? ”

Aoi glanced to his left, where the source of the voice came from. ”Huh? Ishii-san? What do you need? ”

”Nothing, really… Just wanted to talk with you. ” Kaede smiled as she added, ”I don really know anyone here since Im new. And I assume you are too, right? ”

”Yeah. ”

”Thats perfect! We can be each others first friend! ”

Kaede, this girl… Shes too friendly, isn she? This is his first time encountering such an outgoing person. And considering that this worlds morals and roles have been reversed, shes supposed to have the same mentality as a guy. Shes also really pretty too, Aoi thought.

An outgoing, beautiful girl, or in his world, a confident and cool, handsome guy…

And a handsome guy in his world, when they approach a beautiful girl, they generally have ulterior motives…

If we reverse that, then a beautiful girl in this world, when they approach a handsome guy, they generally have ulterior motives…

Wait, so this woman is trying to flirt with me…? Aoi inwardly asked himself, the thought of he might have just been reading too much into things never even crossed his mind…

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