Rise of The Withered Flower

Wickedly Intelligent

Despite all the curious stares that were directed at her, Eloria Camer maintained her cool and calmly enjoyed the feast with the other military officials from the Camer Army. Still, she would admit that of all the stares, the one coming from far away to her right was what caught her interest the most.

Rayan Varence.

She slightly smirked when she realized that he hadn changed at all even this time while she was now the total opposite of her previous life. She also still remembered how tough the path was!

”What do you think of the feast, General? You had never been to one. ”

A question from one military officer of the Camer Army reminded Eloria of how her past life was filled with this kind of feast and gathering. After all, she was once the glamorous Queen whom all the other women envied.

”Not great as I thought, ” she replied, blandly. Without saying any more words, she lifted the cup of wine before her, only to be reminded of the poisoned wine that ended her pathetic life.

This was how she spent the past three years – hating many small little things without anyone knowing the reason why. She hated everything that could remind her of that tragedy while there was never a day when she wasn tormented by it.

She hated flowers.

She hated the rain.

She hated wine.

And lastly, she hated Aritish and its people who shunned her while she never caused them any harm.

Nevertheless, she won say she was traumatized by it. She believed that she was able to push herself into anything without fear as long as it was necessary.

She accepted that she was still tormented by it, but… being traumatized by some tragedy? Wasn that for the weak?

She wasn that weak and kind Eloria Camer anymore!

As a result, she didn refrain from taking a sip of the wine from the cup that was already in her hand just like she forced herself to not be bothered by all the flowers that decorated the huge hall where she was now.

Eloria Camer recalled this same feast from her past life. This might be the only event she found similar since that mystery happened to her three years ago. Its understandable as she spent those three years in the camp, a place that she never wanted to visit in her previous life.

In the case of this feast, the atmosphere and the people present in the hall… it was just like the one from her memory. The only difference might be her, who showed up as the infamous General and not the gentle daughter of the Camer family.

The feast went on and the other military officials who were beside Eloria left their seats to talk with the other guests while Eloria Camer had no intention to do the same. In this second chance, she never actually cared about other people and their opinions, except her family. She already spent three whole years this way and maybe everyone was aware of her infamous cold nature by now, they refrained from approaching her despite their curiosity.

Maybe not everyone. Rayan Varence was the first to approach her and took a seat beside her but Eloria wasn surprised. In fact, this was just what she expected.

The General still remembered how her 16-year-old self in her previous life fell right away for the handsome Prince who appeared to be showing interest in her.

Yes, handsome. Of all the four Princes, Rayan Varence was considered the most handsome. In fact, the Second Prince was just as handsome as him but due to the cold nature of the former, Rayan Varence stood out more when it comes to charm and all.

His enchanting emerald green eyes which he inherited from his mother were what shone the most apart from his friendly personality and all his perfect features.

Handsome? Whats the use of that when he is secretly rotten to the core? Eloria thought to herself while Rayan Varence stared at her with a little smile.

She didn hate cruel people. She despised sly people who hid their dark nature beneath a kind smile. In other words, she abhorred fake people, like Rayan Varence.

Though Rayan Varence was sitting on the chair right beside the General, the latter didn even spare him a single glance as if he was invisible! However, it didn affect the determined Fourth Prince at all.

Maybe she doesn know who I am, he inwardly told himself. Not to mention that he never thought it would be easy to attract the attention of the powerful General who was also the only daughter of the influential Camer family.

He was never the type to give up easily.

”General Eloria Camer, its an honor to finally see you. ” He maintained a formal tone while staring at the cold woman with a friendly smile still plastering his face. Maybe she was finally aware of his presence; she shifted her gaze in his direction and he noticed the slight confusion in her eyes.

It seemed like she really didn know him.

”May I ask who you are? ” Eloria composed herself in a formal way despite all the bitterness she felt on the inside. Her voice was still bland but Rayan Varence didn even seem to be offended by it.

He sure was determined.

”Oh! My apologies, General, ” he quickly said with that smile still on his face. If she was still that kind and naive Eloria from her past life, there was no way for her not to fall for him again!

Rayan Varence was that charming without his ugly inner side.

”Let me introduce myself, ” he said in a calm voice and cleared his throat as if he was feeling nervous. ”Im Rayan Varence. I really look forward to meeting you and it finally happens. ”

Just like he did in her past life, he didn mention his title as if to showcase how humble he was. Though his surname already proved that he was a royal by blood, he deliberately left out his title just to appear simple and modest.

It did work in her previous life and even now, she knew that he would already be paving the way to her heart if not for that agonizing memory she kept to herself for three long years!

Falling for his fake smile again? That won happen this time!

The General appeared as if she was trying to recall his name while Rayan Varence patiently waited. After a while, he saw her slightly raising her brows as if she finally recognized his name. Then she slightly lowered her head and looked up at him again.

”I apologize for not recognizing you, Your Highness. I hope you
e not offended. ”

She never felt a sense of loyalty towards the royal family as her aim was always to gain more power for her revenge to be perfect. However, she wasn foolish enough to show that. She should pretend and hid her claws, at least for now.

Rayan Varences smile grew a bit wider when he heard the General. ”I understand, ” he promptly said, putting on an act of a big-hearted royal who was different from others. ”After all, its our first time seeing each other. ” He lightly chuckled when he added, ”If I were to see you at another place before this, I don think I will be able to identify you too. ”

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