”The year 3000 just as the world was celebrating entering a new millennium, giant gates appeared all over the world!

However, before anyone could react thousands of beings that could only be described as monsters rushed out of the gate.

Some had four arms, others were as large as the tallest buildings while some were made of pure elements immune to physical attacks this would later be called The age of monsters by us of later generations. ”

Speaking in front of a class of about twenty students was a female teacher who could be called a beauty anywhere she went, with blood-red hair and skin like snow and a curvaceous figure its no wonder the boys in the class couldn help but focus on her

Such a beautiful teacher could help but frown as she discovered one of her students sleeping in a corner.

”Student Ye Tian could you repeat what I just said! ” Shouting at the top of her lungs, unfortunately, there was no response from the student in question.

”ha-ha it seems sleeping god is going to make miss Su angry again ”

”Yeah! as expected of our sleeping god, I mu fan would like to call you the strongest! ”

”Shh miss Su is going to go crazy if she hears you ”

The whole class started to discuss used this situation. Unknown to them the miss Su in question could hear them clearly and her already angry mood took a turn for the worse

”Bam! ”

”Quiet! ”

With a loud bang, she immediately punched a hole in the wall bringing back everyones attention.

”Is there anybody who would like to say something to the class? ” facing the class with a smile that wasn a smile everyone, could feel a shiver down their spine.

”Ill take that as a no, now all you of you shut up for me! ”

”Yes maam! ”

”Yes maam! ”

”Yes maam! ”

Seeing the serious attitude of her students a smug smile couldn help but appear on her face, however, thinking of the class sleeping god she couldn help but get a headache.

”Jiang yang go and wake up Ye tian ”

Jiang Yang, representative of the class, born into a rich family, with perfect attendance, and excellent scores in both literary and martial classes

”Ye miss Su, Ill wake him up now ” feeling the gaze of envy in the crowd he couldn help but give a polite smile back, however, there was a deep disdain in his eyes.

”Tch I can believe I have to stay with these pariahs once I find what the family needs, I can leave this city and join a top hunter guild ” top hunter guild, thinking of this his breath couldn help but speed up.

”It seems Ill have to put in more effort ” at this point, he had already reached the front of ye tians desk.

”Ye tian wake up ” tapping him gently on his back unfortunately there was no response.

Ye Tian wake up ”

Ye Tian wake up! ”

Ye Tian wake up! ”

However, no matter how much he shouted or shook him there was no response.

”ha-ha ”

”ha-ha ”

” As expected of sleeping God! ”

”As expected of my Mu Fans rival! ”

Hearing the laughter all around him, Jiang Yang felt a feeling of embarrassment sweep over him.

”Damn pariahs just you wait! ” just as he was about to try waking him up again, Ye tian suddenly jumped off his seat.

”Don kill me!! ” the sudden shout made him fall to the ground losing his balance

”….. ”

After a wave of silence, a burst of laughter erupted from the class

”ha-ha ”

”ha-ha ” Im dead ”

” Sleeping God strikes again ”

”ha-ha ”

” As expected of sleeping God! ”

”I mu fan would like to call you the strongest! ”

Hearing the sudden laughter around him a sense of confusion filled his mind.

”Where am I? wasn I run over by a truck ” thinking back to his last me

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