[Detected hostile presence system activated!]

”What!? System? ” The appearance of the system extinguished his last hopes that this was a dream.

”However what hostile presence? ” Looking around the class, hearing the loud shout, his body quickly reacted.

Not sure if it was because his spirit was especially active after crossing, he quickly spun around, dodging the oncoming fist.

Turning his head, he couldn help but be stunned. In front of him was Jiang yang, the class rep. However, at this time, he no longer had the aura of a noble son.

His clothes were stained due to the last fall, and veins popped on the side of his head signifying his ever-growing anger.

”Damnit! Ye Tian, how dare you make fun of me, ” thinking back to the laughing faces of his classmates before he couldn help but get angrier.

At this point, the classmates had already calmed down and focused their attention on the two of them.

”Jiang Yang! Don go too far we
e all classmates! ” A slightly fat student stood out from the crowd.

Seeing who it was a surge of warmth filled his heart. Old Song or Song Ye.

Looking back to his memories, this was the best friend of the original body owner. Unlike him, who was an orphan, Song Ye came from a rather wealthy family.

”Song Ye, don forget who I am. As long as I want, my Jiang family can make your song family disappear. ” Straight after he said this, all the classmates who wanted to speak up immediately kept quiet.

”Son of the Jiang family, don think Im afraid of- ” before he could finish speaking, he was unexpectedly interrupted.

”Old Song its fine. ”

”But- ”

”No buts, trust me! ”

With the serious expression of his best friend, he couldn help but believe in him.

”However, Jiang yang, don think Ill let you go if anything happens to him. ” Although he said so, a look of worry kept flashing in his eyes.

”Now that your guard dog is out of the way, what do you have to say for yourself? ” Feeling the timidness of the crowd, his sense of pride filled his chest.

”Who is the guard dog? ” Song Ye snapped, but thinking of Ye Tians words to stay away, he could only clench his fists in anger.

”Damn Jiang ye! Damn, Jiang family. Just you wait, when I become an awakened, I won let you go. ” Such thoughts filled most of the classmates present.

”Jiang ye, Im here what do you want? ” Taking a deep breath, with a look of inference, he faced Ye tian directly.

”What do I want? After making fun of me you
e asking what do I want!? ”

Thinking of the fact that tomorrow is the day they enter the dungeon, there was no need to hide his behavior anymore. After all, what he came here to look for is inside tomorrows dungeon.

As he thought of this, a smug smile crept on his face. Who is he? The child of the prestigious Jiang family, destined to be a high-class awakener.

”Kneel down and then maybe I can consider making you my official Porter. ”

However, the Ye Tian he was talking to was not paying him any attention at this point.

”System? ”

[Yes host?]

*What kind of system are you?*

[Report to the host, this system is a God-level integration system!]

After saying this, a large amount of knowledge was transmitted into Ye Tians head.

”Arghhhh!! ”

Holding his head, his brain felt like it was about to split apart.

The sudden change of scenery couldn help but leave everyone stunned, even Jiang yang the main aggressor was stunned, but shortly after, he soon laughed it off.

”Hahaha you see, it seems I don need to do anything. ” This is what you get for annoying a Jiang. Although he didn know what was going, on he still decided to take credit.

”Damnit Jiang Yang, what did you do? ” Seeing his best friend in pain, Song Ye couldn help but want to rush forward.

Just as the conflict between the two was about to start, Ye Tian on the other hand was sorting out what had just happened to him.

*I see so thats it*. Thinking back to the information just transmitted by the system, a stunned expression appeared on his face.

”God-level integration system, ” although it didn state where it came from or why he crossed, its current capabilities left him stunned.

”System call up property panel. ”

[Yes host!]












Seeing the stats appear in front of him, he couldn help but still sigh at the weakness of the original owner.

Unlike earth, due to the radiation from the gates and training while young, most ordinary humans have an average attribute of at least twelve.

”From the information I reviewed, integration points can be used to merge any two items; however, how do I get them? ” Taking it off his mind, he continued to scroll through the screen.

”Spirit seventeen? Unforgettable memory? ” This should be due to the soul fusion after crossing.

After finding a reasonable explanation, he turned to scan Jiang yang in front of him.










”As expected of the Jiang family, three of his attributes have reached the limit of unawakened people. ” Ye Tian sighed, sometimes people are not as good as dogs.

”But I am not without a chance to fight back, ” looking at the novice gift pack glowing at the bottom of his screen, a feeling of excitement swept over him.

”Ye Tian answer me, hurry up and kneel, I don have time to waste. ” Thinking that he was too scared to reply, Jiang yang shouted.

Unfortunately, Ye Tians mind was preoccupied with the system at the moment.

”Jesus, Brahma, Buddha, Lao Tzu please let me get something good ” Thinking back to their disparity in stats, he couldn help but place all his hope on the novice gift pack.

”System open the novice gift pack! ”

[Opening novice gift pack!]

[Congratulations to the host for getting-]

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