Rise of a Dungeon Lord

my parents were hunters?

[Congratulations to the host for getting]

[Ex lvl integration (×1)]

[strengthening pill (×1)]

[basic awakening breathing method(×1)]

[basic fighting technique(×1)]

[swift steps(×1)]

[Ex lvl integration (×1): fuse any two items without limitations once. (Note: this process is irreversible, use it wisely!)]

[strengthening pill (×1): a pill developed by a certain alchemist in a faraway land. (eat this mortal and stand at the peak!)]

[basic awakening breathing method(×1): increases the possibility of awakening by 30% (specially made for you who have zero talent)]

[swift steps(×1): an active skill that increases movement by 20%( whatever doesn kill you makes you stronger, provided you can escape!]

*Maybe it was my prayer before or the protagonist aura but apart from the Ex lvl integration and breathing method that are currently no use, the others are just what I needed.*

*system use everything apart from the Ex lvl integration and breathing method*

[Yes host!]

immediately a warm current began to flow through his body, in a trance he seemed to become a martial arts master fighting all over the rivers and lakes.

Suddenly the scenery changed, from a martial art master he became a world-class ninja who could never be caught.

as various images played through his mind, a bronze pill had unknowingly found itself floating in his stomach.

after a few seconds, it dissolve into a powdery-like substance and began to cover his whole body inch by inch from the inside out.

which resulted in the constant strengthening of his body. All this happened in just a few seconds.

”hiss~ this power! ” feeling the newfound power flowing through his body Ye tian ripped out a right-handed punch in satisfaction.

what followed was a gust of wind frightening Jiang yang back.

”yo-you-you… ” stammering the shock and confusion in his eyes could not be concealed.

”I don know what game your playing but kneel before I change my mind! ” Although he said so, his tone had visibly reduced and ye tian on the other hand was still experimenting with his newfound power.

*System bring up my data panel*

[Yes host!]











feeling the power is one thing but seeing it physically is another, seeing the serious increase in stats Ye tian felt it would be no exaggeration to call himself the strongest unawakened.

”Jiang Yang! ” facing him, Ye Tian didn have the timidity he was expecting.

rather he seemed to have transformed into a beast ready to catch its prey.

”Lets make a bet, whoever awakens a worse ability shall be the porter of the other for life! ”

As he said this, the whole class went into a frenzy.

”Gasp! ”

”Interesting I wonder if hell accept ”

”obviously he would, after all, hes from the Jiang family ”

Only Song Ye was worried after all, if ye tian loses there would be no chance to turn over, unfortunately, he didn know about the system otherwise he would have pressured Jiang Yang into accepting.

hearing the ridicule of his classmates, Jiang Yangs anger which had already died began to rise again.

”bet! you want to bet? fine, lets bet! I heard you have a little sister, I don mind taking her as interest ” thinking of Ye Tians sister a lewd smile appeared on his face.

”What did you say?! If you dare lay a finger on Tinger Ill never let you go ” subconsciously he used the newly gotten swift Steps and appeared in front of Jiang Yang.

Chu Ting his younger sister, unlike the original bodys owner, she was a genius who excelled in both martial and liberal arts, known as the class flower of her school.

Thinking of this, his eyes couldn help but turn colder as he faced Jiang yang.


just as he was about to make his move and try his new strength, a large bang interrupted his thoughts.

”What are all of you still doing here! ”

”roll out for me! ”

shouting at the top of her lungs was none other than the teacher Su Ling. who should have left earlier, apparently she heard the commotion from earlier.

seeing the tigress so fierce, the whole class immediately bowed their heads and exited the class to avoid getting noticed.

”Sorry miss su Im going now ”

”I think I just heard my mum call ”

”*Ahem* it seems the services of the great mu fan are needed, Im definitely not scared of teacher su or anything ”

”ha-ha sure, be careful teacher su hears you ”

Hearing this, mu fan suddenly felt a shiver run through his spine.

Turning his head, he noticed miss su that was staring coldly at him at the entrance.

Soon the class was empty leaving only Miss Su, Song Ye, Ye Tian, and Jiang Yang.

Staring at Song ye and Ye tian opposite him, Jiang Yang knew he was in a bad situation.

Taking a glance at the two, he calmed down and took a deep breath.

”Humph! ”

”I agree, but don think Ill let you off easily when you lose ”

Not waiting for their reply, he quickly left the room.

”…. ”


Maybe after one minute or even ten, Song ye and ye tian looked toward teacher Su and acted together at the same moment.

”Thank you, Miss Su! ” With a synchronized bow, it seemed theyd been in this situation more than once.

”Sigh… what am I going to do with the both of you especially you Ye tian. ”

”Although I don know what gave you the confidence to make such a bet but careful, remember hes from the Jiang family ”

judging from the alteration just now, its obvious that this student might not be simple, unfortunately, it isn her position to explore her students secrets.

”If your thankful then leave my sight now! ”

”Yes maam! ”

the two of them immediately went home.

looking at the empty class Su Ling couldn help but mutter

”I hope no accidents happen tomorrow ”

standing Infront of first high middle school two students could be seen talking

”it seems we owe teacher Su another favor ”

”Indeed ”

”Ye Tian wait up, are you sure you don want me to follow you home? ”

looking at Ye tian who had already gotten on his bicycle, Song Ye asked in surprise

”Its fine Old Song I have to hurry, Tinger would probably be waiting for me. ”

obviously not taking Jiang Yangs threats seriously.

”Fine, but remember to call me if anything happens ”

After waving goodbye to each other they immediately when their separate ways.

”*Phew* thank God I managed to shake him off, if he followed me home he would definitely have noticed the difference in the original owners character and mine, however how to deal with Chu Ting is the problem ”

Thinking of having a new sibling out of nowhere he couldn help but get a headache.

Time flew quickly as he began to plan ahead, unknowingly he had already arrived at his home.

A small rundown bungalow that was left to him and his sister by his adoptive parents.

Parking his bike on the front lawn he took a deep breath and approached the front door.

*knock knock knock*

*knock knock knock*

unfortunately, there was no answer to how many times he knocked


Just as he was about to forcefully open the door, the door opened by itself revealing a black shadow pouncing on to him

”Wha-!? ”

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