”Wha-!? ”

Before he could react, the dark shadow had already pounced on his body.

”I guess this is the end of the road, so much for being a protagonist. sigh …. ”

Just as he closed his eyes, ready to give up all hope, a milky voice sounded in his ears.

”Brother, finally you
e back! ”

”Tinger! ”

Looking down at his chest, a smile appeared on his face.

Sticking to him like a koala, was Chu Ting.

With blond hair, snow-white skin, a pair of blue eyes, and ponytails, she looked like a loli goddess that descended on earth.

Subconsciously he stretched out his hands to pat her head.

”Hehe brother, what took you so long? Ive been waiting for you all day. ”

She muttered with squinted eyes, obviously enjoying her brothers touch.

”Lets go inside, shall we? ”

”Um! ”

Nodding her head, they both entered the house.

Inside the house was what you could only describe as shabby, with only a sofa in the living room and three bedrooms.

”By the way, Tinger, what did you mean by youve been waiting for me all day? Didn you have class? ”

With a smile on her face she replied, ”oh about that, our classes ended early for some reason. ”

”Nevermind that, I heard from Aunt Wang next door that you
e entering a dungeon tomorrow. ”

Peeking at him nervously from the corners of her eyes, she waited for his answer.

”Yes, yes I am ”

Just as he was about to continue talking he noticed that Chu Tings eyes seemed to redden all of a sudden.

”Bi-bi-big brother, are you going to leave me like mom and Dad? ”

”… ”

No reply could leave his mouth as her aggrieved expression left him silent.

”Can we just live like normal people!? ”

Seeing her sudden outburst, it had just occurred to him that she was still just a sixteen-year-old child, and him eighteen.

Having been a thirty-year-old virgin in his previous life, never having to deal with kids, a flustered expression couldn help but appear on his face.

But thinking of Jiang Yang from earlier and the Jiang family, he steeled his resolve.

”Tinger come here ”

Motioning to the empty couch inside the house.

Calming her down, he began explaining everything that happened today, of course, without mentioning his transmigration and system.

”So you see, I have to go to the dungeon tomorrow to gain enough strength to protect everything we have now. ”

”… ”

Now it was her turn to be silent, obviously not satisfied with his answer.

”Tinger ”

”… ”

”Tinger ”

”….. ”

After almost an hour of persuasion, she finally agreed.

”However, big brother you have to promise me youll come back safely. ”

”I promise! ”

”Pinky swear? ”

”Pinky swear! ”

Reaching an agreement, she fell asleep almost immediately.

”Poor girl, she must have been anxious the whole day, ” saying so he carried her to her room.

”It seems we
e skipping dinner, goodnight Tinger, ” brushing her hair slightly, he pushed up from her bed and left her room.

*Now that I think of it, teacher Su did say we should read up on hunters and monsters for tomorrow, but where do I get the information? ”

Given their poor family situation, unlike most children, they haven been able to buy books; even the ones used in class were borrowed.

”Wait! Maybe the parents of the original owner should have some, according to my memory they were always very mysterious. ”

Entering his parents room, his eyes couldn help but turn misty.

At the edge of the bedside was a picture of a handsome man and woman smiling blissfully.

With the same blond hair and blue eyes as Chu Ting, the woman in the picture had a smile that seemed to melt hearts.

The man, on the other hand, was a rough, bearded man, with a hippie smile showing he did not have a care in the world.

”Whats this, why am I crying? I obviously have no relation with them, ” but no matter how he questioned no one was there to answer his doubts. At least no human was.

[Host, its most likely the obsession of the former body owner thats affecting you.]

*What? Then what should I do?*

Unfortunately, the system ignored him.

However, thinking back to novels he read on earth an absurd idea came to his mind.

”Hello me? or former me? ”

”Although I don know why I transmigrated, I promise to find out what happened to our parents and take care of Tinger. ”

After saying this, his body felt lighter.

”It seems novels aren fantasy after all. ”

[Says the person who transmigrated and has a system.]

The low voice if the system could be heard.

*What system, what did you say?*

[I said, congratulations to the host for solving the obsession.]

*Yeah, no thanks to you.*


*System did you just tch right now? how do I feel you
e becoming more humane?*

As expected the system went into silent mode again.

*Just you wait, one day Ill find out what you really are.*

Turning around, he prepared to leave the room.

Preoccupied with the system just as he was about to leave, he tripped over his shoelace knocking the floorboard beneath him open.

”Ouch! ”

”What is this? ”

Looking at the opening, a box was found hidden under.

Opening the box, two things were found.

A book and a green orb.

*System, what is this orb?*

[Unable to identify.]

”What? Even the system can identify it? ”

At this moment, his omnipotent system ideas shattered.

[I don know what the host is thinking, but the system can scan it because the host level is too low.]

Probably this was its way of saying he host is too weak.

Just who is Ye Tian? Back on his Earth, he was known for his thick face.

[System put the orb in the storage space.]

Ignoring the system, he turned his attention to the book on the side.

After a few minutes of scrolling through, a gloomy expression showed on his face.

A dying hunters diary.

Looking at the handwriting, it was none other than his adoptive fathers.

Hello son, if you
e reading this now it means your mother and I are dead. As you have been taught in school, being a hunter, while being very lucrative, is also a dangerous job.

And unlike most hunters, I was one of the few who were unawakened. Yes thats right, I had no ability.

Unwilling to give up, I set out and trained to enter each dungeon, barely escaping with my life each time. That was till I met your mother.

As a hunter in a top guild, I couldn believe it when your mom first approached me.

She and her guild, the global knights guild, had just finished raiding a nearby dungeon.

Resting at the exchange center, our eyes suddenly met. I don know if it was love at first sight, but we immediately hit it off.

After meeting each other a few times, on different raids, she asked me to join her guild, to which I an unawakened had no reason to refuse.

The book went on, as his dad explained their adventures together, and all the times they spent both good and bad.

It seemed all was good until it reached a page titled, he final raid

Dungeons and monsters can be divided into different classes, roughly from F-SSS class with F being the lowest.

It wasn until we entered that S class dungeon, that things started to go downhill.

At this point, the ink had started to smudge.

Together, with the top ten greatest guilds, we each entered the worlds first S class raid, Vampire castle.

Unlike other dungeons, this one could be called another world. So much so, that we got lost several times on the way to the boss room.

Thankfully, we were all experienced hunters and the hunt went successfully ending as we defeated the boss S class vampire lord.

Thinking back to all 100 of us top hunters, facing only one vampire, I still can believe we made it out okay.

Once the time to share the loot took place, your mother and I were given the green orb in your hand, at that time no one knew what it was for, and gave it to us who did the least in battle

your mom as a healer and I as an unawakened, we were obviously the worst in the expedition group.

When we thought everything was over, we were suddenly attacked by Arthur, our guild leader, on our way home.

It turned out that this orb is very special and they gave it to us to trick other guilds, now they needed to silence us and retrieve it back.

Immediately the first strike hit your mom, which made me lose my mind awakening the S class berserk ability.

Thanks to this, we managed to escape, but unfortunately, your mom and I were seriously injured and I had burned most of my life span with my ability.

Due to this, we had to give up hunting and came here to live a secluded life hidden away from the global knights guild eyes.

As time passed, we had Tinger, then adopted you and it was the best decision we ever made.

But like they say once a hunter, always a hunter.

As the time passed, we felt our life getting shorter every day, coupled with our dark wounds from years of hunting we knew there was no hope.

Finally, we both decided to face the global knights guild one more time.

Although we most likely won make it back, always remember we love you.

Closing the book, a look of anger and sadness could be seen on his face.

”Arthur, global knights guild, it seems I have more enemies. ”

Walking out of the room, he headed off to his room to sleep for the day.


Later that night, in a mansion somewhere in town.

Two figures could be seen having a somewhat disturbing conversation.

”Young master, the thing you asked for has arrived. ”

Holding a small briefcase in his hand, was a man dressed in a formal black and white suit.

”Drop it on the sofa, Sebastian. ”

The voice was non-other than Jiang Yang from earlier.

”Yes, young master Jiang. ”

After taking a slight bow, he politely exited the room.

”….. ”

Silence, after making sure that no one was watching, he carefully opened the box.

”As expected of Sebastian, he does a quick job. ”

Seeing the contents, a smile appeared on his face; however, thinking of the days earlier events, he couldn help but get angry again.

”Damnit! Ye Tian, you dare bet with me! ”

”By the time Im done with you, no one would care about some dumb pariah. ”

”And Chu Ting…hehe. ”

Already imagining the success of tomorrows plan, a burst of wild laughter sounded through the night.

”Ye Tian, just you wait! ”

”hahaha ”

”hahaha ”

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