Rise of a Dungeon Lord

Dungeon raid(II)

The night passed and the undercurrents were surging, different plans made in preparations for tomorrows dungeon raid.

some confident while others timid but one this that was certain was that after their raid, their lives would never be the same.

but none of this had anything to do with Ye Tian, after putting away his dads diary he immediately went to sleep putting the days worries behind him.

Early the next day, a sweet smell entered his nose causing him to get up from bed.

”Big brother the food is ready, lets eat! ”

holding a spatula and wearing her little apron, she entered his room with a slightly forced smile.

Obviously still affected by the conversation yesterday.

with a wry smile, he followed her to the kitchen.

”…. ”

”Tinger ”

”….. ”

”Tinger ”

”Don worry big brother Ill be fine, didn we pinky swear yesterday?

after saying so she quickly finished her breakfast and left the room.

*damnit! Ye Tian, do you really want to start your new life by making your only sister sad? ”

*knock! knock! knock!*

just as he was about to get angry an unexpected knock interrupted his thoughts.

”Don worry Tinger Ill get it! ”

dragging his body over he reluctantly opened the door

Opening the door what came into his view was a beautiful middle-aged woman with blond hair, and ruby-red eyes

”hello aunt Wang ”

looking at their overly friendly neighbor, there was nothing he could do but smile politely.

”Isn it little Ye, come give your aunt Wang a hug ”

not given him a chance to react she immediately suffocated him with her huge mountains

*cough cough*

”Aunt Wang, I can breathe ”

mustering up his strength, he managed to squeeze out those words.

looking at his now red face, she quickly let him go.

”but the way little Ye I heard you
e going to a dungeon today, my aunt brought something for you. ”

grabbing a box from behind

”inside this is the gear worn by your father, he wanted you to have this if you ever go hunting ”

after saying this she dropped it and left, leaving a stunned Ye tian in place.

”wait! aunt Wang, what do you know about our parents? ”

unfortunately, he didn get a reply.

”big brother, who was that? ”

at some point, Chu Ting had managed to sneak up behind him.

”it was aunt Wang, but she came to give me some gear for the raid today ”

obviously not telling her about the weird encounter just now.

closing the door, he quickly took his bath, changed into his gear, and got ready to leave.

turning a look at Chu Ting at the door one more time he whispered in his heart

*don worry Tinger, Ill be back*

afraid of changing his mind, he immediately took his bike and sped off.

feeling a bit down, he decided to talk to the system.

*system everythings going to be alright right? ”


*what, say something?*


e ignoring me, right? now that it comes to mind, I never gave you a name*

suddenly an ominous premonition surrounded the system

*lets see, you
e a system so we definitely can call you system*

e also a self-proclaimed God-level integration system*

*so should I call you int? like for integration*

*yeah that sounds like a great Idea!*

[enough host!]

*you don like it? then lets see, the status screen is a blue panel so why don I just call you little blue, or blue for short*

[host are you trying to get me angry? just call me system]

*haha sure thing little blue*


with a laugh, the sadness from the earlier parting seemed to slightly fade away.

and so one person one system began bickering all the way to school.

After about an hour of biking, he finally reached the school thankfully he seemed he wasn too late as a speech was currently going on.

”Well come, students of first high middle school, I as the schools principal wish you luck todays dungeon ”

Standing on a podium in front of the school was an old man with a very long white beard, he looked like a certain famous wizard in a novel back on earth.

A-class seismic shock ability user principal Su, Su lings dad otherwise known as principal white beard due to his Iconic long white beard

”no matter what ability you awaken, no matter how many bones you break, never give up! ”

”the earth and monsters have been at war for many years now, now its up to you to gain power and protect humanity! ”

as he finished speaking a round of cheers resounded through the crowd both teachers and students alike,

”haha trust us, principal, we won let you down ”

”Don worry principal, as long as I mu fan stand, the sky will never fall ”

even some teachers comments weren reserved

”This old man, he always gets excited every time a class clears their first dungeon ”

” why not? I also get excited after all they are the future ”

While all this was going on, one person among the crowd had veins bulging on her head at this moment.

”Enough! all off you keep quiet for me! ”

seeing everyone acting like children, Su ling couldn help but take the stage.

”Oops the tigress is aroun- ” however before the teacher could complete his sentence, he was sent flying by a punch.

”Now would anyone like to add anything? ”

scanning the crown, a needle drop could be heard.

”Good now line up all of you ”

totally ignoring the principal she took control of the gathering.

looking at the class and thinking of each students strengths, she reluctantly made a decision.

”Although I don want to say it, but Jian Yang you
e In charge of the class ”

as she said this there was no reaction from the crowd obviously already expecting this, only song ye and ye tian had gloomy expressions

”don worry miss su Ill ta- ”

”But! ”

”but what? ”

”if anything goes wrong, I won let you or the Jiang family off ”

looking back and forth between him and Ye Tian, she stepped onto the ground causing the floor to crack.

”o-off course nothing is going to happen ” although he said so his stammering didn make it seem all too believable.

after scaring him, she and a group of teachers led them to the bus they were to use.

”….. ”

silence, perhaps due to su lings presence or the nervousness of their first raid, the whole bus trip was done in silence.

thankfully they arrived at their destination quickly

walking out of the bus what first caught their eyes was a dungeon of about 100 meters.

”welcome to the F-class dungeon house of the undead

saying this the teachers sent them out of the bus leaving jiang yang in charge.

Feeling the overwhelming Aura from the dungeon gate in front of them, a look of hesitation appeared on everyones face

”what are you waiting for come in ”

when no one was looking, he slapped the right side of the dungeon entrance.

”What was that? ”

”Nothing, lets speed up ”

not bothering to look back at who asked the question he immediately stepped into the gate.

just as they entered, a green screen appeared in front of everyone.

[you have entered the house of the undead!]

[Kekeke, the king of Bones laughs at your weakness]

”what is this? ”

”am I hallucinating? ”

”If you are doesn , it mean everyone is hallucinating? ”

a sense of panic began to spread.

Unexpectedly at this time, Jiang Yang began to act like an actual leader and calm the crowd.

”Calm down, this is what we call dungeon digitization, when you first enter a dungeon, you get a status through which you can see your status and the dungeons current status ”

”according to the message above, were most likely being watched by the dungeon boss king of Bones ”

”if you won belive me say status ”

although there were doubts, they still decided to try it, even song ye who had a grudge against him silently recited the word status.

unknown to them all this fell into Jiang yangs eyes.

”status ”

”status! ”

*status? ”

soon the whole class was shouting the word status

”whats this, my realm says none? ”

”me too ”

”me three! ”

”as expected of my mu fan, I have a level five skill called chunni! ”

”ooh level five thats high, I only have level one skills

”but whats a chunni? ”

looking at his classmates dancing around like a bunch of kids with new toys, a sneer appeared on his face

”tch a bunch of bumpkins who have never seen the world, however that level five should be kept an eye on

looking at the whole class, ye Tian was the only one without an excited reaction.

”hey ye tian, hows your status? ”

even song ye his best friend felt curious about his friends status.

hearing this, everyone couldn help but prick their ears

”nothing much, just liberal arts level three ”

as he said so, the whole crowd lost interest.

”don worry buddy, Ill cover you! ”

patting his slightly fat stomach Song ye felt he had to reassure his best friend not to feel bad.


just as they had calmed down and were about to continue their journey the ground started to vibrate.

[the king of bones is furious at your lack of disrespect on his grounds]

[ a horde of skeleton soldiers has been summoned towards you!]

a large blood-red icon appeared on their screen.

”Everyone get your weapons ready!! ”

Jiang yangs shout brought back everyones attention

hundreds of Skelton with tattered armor and rusted swords appeared in their front.

”Whats going on? why so many? isn this meant to be an F-class dungeon ”

the screams and doubts of classmates resounded throughout the dungeon, only Jiang yang had a sly smile at the corner of his mouth.

”it seems its started to work! ”

”dungeon upgrade crystal, a crystal that forcibly the rank of a dungeon ”

”With this, Ill finally be able to get that item ”

looking at the fear on his classmates faces, a crazy look appeared in his eyes


Outside the dungeon,

first high middle school official bus

”teacher su how many of them do you think will awaken high-class abilities? ”

sitting in the bus, a group of teachers were discussing about the students

”haha Im not sure but that boy from the Jiang family will surely awaken high-class abilities ”

”Thats true after all, big families rarely do disappoint ”

looking at her colleagues blowing Jiang yangs horn, a frown appeared on her face.

just as she was about to speak someone ran into the bus panting.

”teacher su! bad news!! ”

”What happened? ”

”th-the du-dungeon! ”

”calm down, what happened to the dungeon? ”

”the dungeon, its glowing!! ”

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