General Cyan walked into her room and not long after General Livius also entered.

She sat down on a long chair and General Livius sat beside her. She looked at him coldly and he immediately stood up and sat down on another chair, this chair was not as long as the one General Cyan was sitting on.

”Talk. ” She said as though she was angry that he was there at that moment.

”Well, it is about what we talked about the last time- ”

”What did we talk about the last time? ” She cuts him off.

”Oh General Cyan, we talked about you helping our kingdom and from what you said the last time, you are willing to help us. ” He could not believe that she had forgotten about what they discussed a few days ago and something that was so crucial – well to their own kingdom.

”Did I? ” She gasped and General Livius nodded. She paused as if she was thinking about it and then she said, ”Well, I guess Ive changed my mind. ”

General Livius could not believe this and was angry. ”How can you say that you have changed your mind ? ” His voice was raised a little but General Cyan looked at him mockingly.

This made him angrier. He knew what he could have done to her if not for the fact that the kingdom need her help.

He continued, ”What am I to tell King Richard and Queen Rita that you- ” He trailed off noticing the way her fists were clenched so tightly that he feared it would break.

The murderous aura coming from her made him shudder. He has never felt it before. He couldn help but wonder if he would actually be able to fight and win against this woman if they were to spar.

He knew the reason for her anger had to do with what he said but he didn know the one that got her angry.

Was it because he raised his voice at her? ”Im sorry for raising my voice at you General Cyan, I was- ”

”Don you dare mention those names ever again in my presence. Am I understood? ”

”O-okay, y-y-yes. ” General Livius replied. He would have loved to know the reason she said that but he could not afford to anger her anymore, if not for his sake, for the kingdoms sake.

She took deep breaths in and out so as to calm herself down. After some minutes, she was able to calm herself down.

”So, what were you saying about your silly kingdom? ” She asked in sheer mockery, her murderous aura now replaced with nothing but pure jest.

”Point of correction, General Cyan, the kingdom that I am from is not silly- ”

”Oh really? ” She said again.

”Yes, General. ” General Livius answered her.

”Your kingdom is not silly? I mean, what type of kingdom will be under a very powerful kings threat of war and still be making parties for a little child that would probably not remember all of it when he grows up and you say your kingdom is not silly? Your kingdom is a very silly kingdom. ” She said.

General Livius could not refute any of what she has said. So instead of arguing with her, he brings her back to the bone of contention. ”About- ”

”Like I said earlier, Ive changed my mind and I refuse to help a kingdom that has an unserious king. ” She cuts him off, already knowing what he was about to say.

General Livius has been controlling his anger from the way she has talking about his kingdom and king but this time around, he snapped, ”General Cyan, truly we need your help but that still gives you no right to talk about my kingdom and king in such manner. Just because you happen to be a General does not change the fact that you are a mere woman and you definitely should not be talking to and about a man like that. ” He finally said, panting.

General Cyans face hardened, her brows furrowed and her lips were pursed. She was silent for few minutes before she sighed and said, ”Hmmm, are you done? ”

General Livius was surprised expecting her to scream and shout at him. General Cyan knew what was going in his mind and she said, ”Oh, you think Ill behave irrationally like you did? If I were you and I need my help, I will be as humble as need be. ”

She looked at him impassively, ”Now leave. ”

He was furthermore surprised at her responses. He was staring at her when she said, ” Must I repeat myself? ”

”Huh… ” He seems confused as to what she wanted to repeat.

She pointed her index finger to the door and he finally remembered what she was talking about and he clears his throat, ”Hmm hmm, well Ill be expecting your response again. Thank you General Cyan. ” He reached his hand out for an handshake but all he got was a nonchalant look from her.

He immediately took back his hand and he left, embarrassed.

General Cyan scoffed, ”Response huh? ”

At Yoniez

General Livius was led to the room the injured guard was laid after the event that took place was explained to him.

He was examining the guard when King Richard came in and sat at the edge of the bed.

General Livius, upon seeing the King in the room, he bowed, ”Your highness ”. King Richard nodded his head at him. ”How did the arrow come in? ” General Livius asked out loud. ”And whose arrow is it? ” He asked again.

”Nobody know how it came in. But who it belongs to, Im sure that when you see it, youll know who it belongs to. ” King Richard said, looking at him angrily.

General Livius was confused as to why the King was looking at him like that.

King Richard turned to the guard behind him, ” You, call me the guard that is with the arrow. ” He said. The guard bowed and left to call the guard.

King Richard and General Livius were looking at the guard that was lying on the bed with different things going through their minds.

Soon, the guard that was sent and the guard that was sent for entered the room.

They both bowed to the King and General Livius but the king did not answer them instead he said, ”Bring the arrow out. ”

The guard immediately brought it out of the small bag that was slung across his shoulder and handed it towards King Richard.

King Richard collected it from him and looked at the arrow again, becoming more angry. He looked at General Livius angrily and then handed the arrow to him, ”Look at what is inscribed on the arrow and tell me whose own it is. ”

General Livius took the arrow from his hand and checked what was inscribed on it. On seeing it, his eyes widened in shock.

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