“Nina the Thief …”

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When I unintentionally spill that, that thief woman looks as if she’s startled.

“Anta, how do you know Atashi’s name?” (Notes: I suppose you know already- ‘Anta-Atashi.
Meaning but in case you don’t.
It means You and Me.
This girl uses Atashi here-n-there.)

“Oh, no, it’s…”

“Of course.
I’m notorious throughout this castle town.”

As if self-deprecating, Nina sniffs.

“So? What are the guards going to do now? Hand me over to the guardians and take credit for me? You’re a greedy bastard.”

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“What? No, I’m just trying to get back what you stole from me.”

“…… Oh, really? I heard there’s a reward of 10 gold coins if you turn me in.”

Gold coins are worth roughly 1,000G each.
Ten of them is roughly equivalent to two months of a guard’s salary.
Surely some people would be dazzled by the prize money offered that much.

Well, I don’t want it.
I let go of the hand that was holding Nina and made her stand up, careful not to let her get away.

“Heh? What, what .?”

“Nothing, I’m not looking for any bounty, you know.
Besides, if Nina is caught and gone, the children in the slum will starve.”

“Oh, you! How do you know about that?”

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How do I know that?

Of course I know from the game.

I can only rate [Let’s Go Crush the Demon King] as a shit game, but the reason I was able to play it all the way though, even though I called it a shit game, is because of the attractive heroines in the game.

Of course, it was the package illustration of Princess Leia that first made me fall in love with the game.
but the other heroines are also well-designed, and their personalities are nothing short of beautiful.

“It’s true that Nina is a notorious thief who repeatedly steals from this castle town.
But the truth is that she doesn’t steal from the poor, and she uses everything she steals to help her fellow people in the slums, especially the children.
That’s why her own clothes are always in tatters.
Nina is a noble and kind-hearted girl.”

“N., I’m noble?noble? I’m kind-hearted?”.

“Oh, yes, that’s right.
The very spirit of noblesse oblige.
The very spirit of noble’ charity for the people of their lands.
People secretly call Nina, who shines strongly, gently and beautifully even in the dirty streets of the slums, the ‘Kirahime, The Shining Princess of Ash Alley’.”

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Oops, not good.
I had inadvertently blurted out one-sided information about the settings in the game in my previous life.
When I realize, Nina’s face is turning red, and she’s on the verge of a stroke.
I may have said too many embarrassing things head-on.

“Sorry, sorry.
I was just rambling on and on.”

“…… Nothing.”

Nina’s face turned red, her lips pouted, and she turned away.
Oh, I screwed up.
She definitely thinks I’m weird, me.
I’m wondering what’s going on.

“Anta, what’s your name?”

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Niña asked bluntly.

“I’m Gustav.”

Well then, Gustav, why don’t you follow me for a minute?”


“Apologies for stealing.
I’ve got some jewels and stuff left over in my place that I can’t sell, so I’m going to give them to you.”

After saying this quickly, as if embarrassed, Niña walks off with a big step.

Oh, you’re giving me jewels? Why..? I thought, but the atmosphere was not conducive to asking back.
If I asked, I was afraid I would get bitten.
At any rate, I had no choice but to follow Nina, as I hadn’t even returned the bag of gold and silver coins yet.

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