not to see it.”

“Well, is that so?”

“Yes, that’s right.
But you’re different… You …”


She looks at me feverishly, as if there were strong emotions in her eyes.

Is it possible that she suspects something, or something? When I think about it, I think my reaction was unnatural.
For me, it’s a bit of a fun situation to see the scenery I saw in the game right in front of me! It’s a situation that makes me happy, but if you’ve lived in this world from the beginning and are seeing this situation for the first time, it’s natural for you to be a bit upset at the sight of a pile of rubbish.

I’m just a weird guy, aren’t I? Or, to make matters worse, if you think about it, don’t I actually look like someone who’s been stalking Nina behind her back?

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The more I think about it, the more I feel like a stalker.
Maybe she suspects you of being a stalker..?

“Well, you know, I am.


Ah, I’m getting an even hotter gaze from Nina.
Oh, no.
This is definitely the look of a suspected stalker, probably.
I have to make some excuses.

“No, well, what the hell.
You see, this rubbish heap is the other side of the seemingly glamorous castle town.
As a guardian of the castle town, I think it’s a bad idea to turn a blind eye to this kind of truth.”


“I also admire the tact of using places like this to protect children.
This is a gentle wisdom to survive in this often hard and painful world with children who cannot yet live on their own.
I can’t just turn a blind eye to that.

The only route to take here is to accept the reality that unfolds in front of us! So I tried to reason with her.
What do you think?

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“Oh, gentle wisdom! You’re a weird one after all, Gustav …”

Nina turned away again with a shrug.

Ah, I’ve been labeled a weirdo.
That means I’m a complete stranger, me.

Nina’s face is bright red.
She must be angry that her stalker, me, had tricked her.
It was then that I was wondering what on earth to do.!

“No! Let go of me!”

Suddenly, from the center of the rubbish heap came the cries of a little girl.
Me and Nina looked at each other and then immediately started running.
Apparently, now is not the time to talk about stalkers.

And up the rubbish heap we go.

“Oh, I’ve been waiting for you, you’re Kirahime, The Shining Princess of Ash Alley …?”

Waiting there was the Hero Ark, the man we had seen in the throne room just recently, holding the collar of a little girl.

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