The day after the duel with Ark the Hero in the Garbage Pile, the next day.
The day finally came when I started working at the royal castle as Princess Leia’s SS captain.

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“Gustav-sama? What is the meaning of this ……?”

“Well, Princess Leia? Well, are you angry about something?”

“No? No, I’m not angry at all, not at all.”

Princess Leia is indeed smiling as usual.
However, in the background, I think I can hear a [gogo-go-go-go-go] sound effect.
And there seems to be more thorn in her voice than usual.

“Now, could you please explain, Gustav-sama?”

“Well, I am sorry.
Well, about what.?”

“It is, of course, about that lovely voice next to you, Gustav-sama.”

“Hmm, you mean me?”

The first to react to Princess Leia’s words next to me was the neatly dressed Nina.

“…… Yes, that’s right.
Young lady, I’m talking about you.”

“I’m not a young lady, I’m Nina, princess.”

“I also have a name, Leia.”

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“Hmm, Leia then.
I’m here because Gustav told me earlier that he wanted to hire me.
Nothing more, nothing less.”


A gust of wind blows through the corridors of the royal castle.
It felt like a cold wind, like something that blows in the middle of winter.
Funny, it should have been a light spring day this morning.

The first thing I did today, after being greeted by Princess Leia, was to introduce Nina to her.
And that too, as a comrade who will be working with me as an SS member from today onwards.

In the first place, it all started yesterday.
It was after we had defeated the hero Ark.
I don’t mean to borrow from the words of the heroes.
but I didn’t want to let Nina and her friends live in their current living conditions, so I thought about what I should do, and it suddenly hit me.

…… Yes, that’s right.
Nina is very capable.
If that’s the case, I thought, if Niña is willing to work as an SS officer, then she and the children can live in a room in the Guard’s dormitory.

The SS captain has the same authority as the [Guard Captain], and I asked Morgan-san about it, and he said that they also have the authority to hire guards.
If that’s the case, that’s why I introduced Nina to Princess Leia here today.

“From the sound of your voice, Nina is still young and small, isn’t she? I’m a little worried about whether you’ll be okay in such a dangerous profession as the SS.”

“I appreciate your concern, Leia.
But I’ve been through more hardships than you can imagine for a princess who grew up in a box garden.
You can rest assured of that.”

Crackling crackling …!

Doesn’t sound like a good combination, doesn’t it? …… I can see some kind of sparks flying between the two of them.
But even if that’s the case, I’m not confident that I can find a better job for Nina right now.
I have no other choice but to handle it somehow.

“Hey, hey, Nina.
Watch your language.
And don’t call Princess Leia that.”

“Eh? This princess was the one who told me to call her Leia.”

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She started to point a finger at her, so I hurriedly made her lower that Nina arm.

Hey, hey, hey, give me a break.
Only the king can call Princess Leia that, you know? You’ve got no hesitation …… about it, you’re so scary, I’m starting to break out in a cold sweat.

“I don’t mind, Gustav-sama.
I’m glad to see that you’ve made a good friend.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, of course.

No, it’s definitely a lie.
Even I can see that her mouth is smiling, but if you look at her whole expression, even I can see that she’s not smiling at all.
Because she’s somehow emanating an invisible air of intimidation.
Can a princess do something like this? Is it a unique skill or something? It’s really scary.

“And so, I understand that Gustav-sama wants to add this Nina-san to the SS.
I also understand that you are impressed by her skills.
But I can’t just nod my head if I don’t understand the process that led to that decision.”

“Ah …… well, that’s obvious.
Sorry, I got the order of explanation a bit wrong.”

So I explained the case, the one with the heroes yesterday, and the one with Nina and the slum children.

“…… I see.
In fact, up until now, the Royal Castle Council has been developing a policy of poverty involving the surrounding lords – a policy to eradicate the slum environment.”

“What? Is that so?”

“The arrival of the Demon Army is likely to shelve that debate, …… but in that context, this could be a good test case for a policy of employing slum dwellers in positions such as guards, etc.”

“So, Princess ……”

“…… I don’t have a choice, because it’s because of all the reasons .
Yes, that’s fine.
I will allow Nina to join the SS.”

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“Oh, thank you!”

I bowed.
I also make Nina, who is giving me a pouty look, bow her head as well.

“Besides, if we call it a test case, we’ll be able to draw a subsidy from the council.
I’m sure we can give sufficient money to support the children.”

“Well, thank you, Leia.”

“…… No, no Thanks.
We are responsible for the disparity between rich and poor in the kingdom.”

Princess Leia finally returns to her usual warm smile.

“Please take care of us from now on, Nina-san.”

“…… yes.”

From the looks of things, the two seem to have managed to work things out.
For a while I wondered what would happen, but thank goodness.
Well, all’s well that ends well, I suppose.

“Now, then, we’ll have to prepare a room for Nina-san, won’t we?”

“Eh? No, that’s fine, I’ll continue to stay in the same room as Gustav.”

“That’s not possible, … eh? ‘From now on’?”

I’ve been staying in Gustav’s room since yesterday because I had to go and say hello to Leia first thing in the morning today.
I’m totally fine with staying with you from now on.”

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“…… Gustav-sama?”


Princess Leia turned to me.
With blue streaks at her temples.
The aura rising from her back gives off a feeling of immense power that makes the dark attribute magic power emitted from the hero Arc’s sword that we saw yesterday seem like a cheap shot.

“The two of you spent the night together, under one roof?”

“Oh, um, Princess? There’s nothing strange about it, you know? I slept on the sofa.”

“That’s not the point! A man and a woman in one room together until the morning is …… disgusting! It’s against your reputation as SS captain if someone saw you.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry..”

I’m told with a snap.
Well, if you think about it, that’s certainly true, and I can’t say anything back.
I may not have been aware enough that I’m still the SS under the direct command of the princess.

“Anyway, I’ll prepare another room for Nina-san on the same day!”

“Eh~, even though it’s fine.”

“No, it’s not FINE! I’ll prepare a private room for you!”

The room prepared in this way was on the other side of Princess Leia’s room from my room, which was quite far away.

Maybe Princess Leia got a bit jealous? …… No, no, no, no way, that would never happen to a simple guard with only the power like me, would it?

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