“This is the Devil’s Forest ……”.

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The entrance to the forest is darker and gloomier than the forest that has led up to it, and Nina clears her throat with a gulp.
There is no other place in the kingdom as famous as this, a forbidden area for the people.
As expected, even Niña seemed to be cowed.

“It’s okay, Nina.
The average level of monsters here is 13.
We won’t fall behind.”

“Eh, is that so ……? But I’ve heard a lot of talk about how many casualties there are for that?”

“That’s because of the characteristics of this magic forest.
This forest messes with people’s sense of direction a lot.
Because of that, even if they want to leave the forest, they can’t, and their strength is slowly being drained by the monsters that come at them one after another.”

“Well, that’s scary.
So, do you have a countermeasure for that?”

“Of course.
In fact, there’s a map of this Demon Forest.”

It is a map that shows the location of the [Armor of the Hero] that exists in the dungeon that you will stop by on your journey to defeat the Demon King.
In fact, the place where the armor is located is the village of the elves, and it is in this Demon Forest.
So the game was designed to be easy to progress in a certain way, with the best equipment and scenario progression at the same time.
It’s still a shit game, though.

“I see.
Then I guess I can leave it to Gustav to show me the way.”

“Oh, that’s ..
of course.”

I was about to say, Huh? No, no, no.
I didn’t clear that dungeon in the first place, did I? I realized.

…… Yes, I only cleared it when I was playing the game in my previous life.
You know, I’ve never been to that dungeon since I came to this world.
I don’t know about the hero party, though.

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“… Gustav? What’s wrong?”

“Eh? Oh, no, I mean.”

“You’re not going to tell me you forgot the map, are you?”

“…… Yes.”

Hmm, whatever is going on? I can’t say that I got the game and the reality in this world mixed up, can I? ..
And that’s when it happened.


“Whoa! A monster!”

From the depths of the forest, a voice echoes, albeit faintly, and Nina and I look at each other.
It was definitely the scream of someone being attacked by something.

“Let’s just go to ……! We have to help!”

“What, Gustav, so where’s the map?”

“No, I don’t have time to look at that!”


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I ran while receiving suspicious glances on my back.
I fooled her into thinking I didn’t have a map, but that’s just a force of habit for a sudden emergency, so forgive me.

However, the growling sound I heard earlier sounded like something I’d heard somewhere before.
When I arrived at the destination with such thoughts in mind, what I found there was a hellish scene.

“he-help …….”


As soon as the giant wolf roared, blades of wind flew and the heads of men rolled around on the ground.
That’s more than ten of them.
The sword held by the torso is fitted with the distinctive Crossguard that was shown to us in the throne room the other day.

Means, these are the bandits? The head of the middle bosses is also there if you look closely.


The wolf turned its back on me and Nina and roared and attacked something again.
In its line of sight was one beautiful girl who was …… hunched over.

“Oi oi oi, seriously, ……!”


The giant wolf had already killed all the bandits, but perhaps not satisfied with that, it finally took a big leap towards the beautiful girl.

“Don’t you dare you!”

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I quickly slammed my spear to the ground and used my skill ‘Thousand Spear Birth’.
Just before the wolf was about to bite the beautiful girl, however, a thousand spears extending from the ground intercepted it.


The wolf seems to have been deeply damaged by the new ‘Thousand Spear Birth, which evolved from the ‘Spear Warding’ skill to become a combined offensive and defensive skill.
It back-stepped to distance itself from that bundle of spears, but.

“Too bad, hey, that’s a pit right there.”

There, Nina had carefully prepared the skill ‘Pitfall’.
The wolf’s lower body fell into a deep, narrow hole, and its movement stopped for a moment.

“Well done, Nina!”

I activate the skill ‘Thunder Rage’.
The spear in my hand glowed as if it was flashing, and the tip of the spear extended in a lightning-like trajectory.
Then, in an instant, it pierced through the wolf’s body and made a hole in the ground beyond it.

Pow! The sound of the attack is heard with a delay.
The “Thunder Rage” is an evolutionary skill of the “Vortex” skill.
As the name suggests, it is a high-powered technique that pierces the opponent at speeds exceeding the speed of sound, just like a shadow formed by lightning.

Gua haaa……?

The speed was so fast that the wolf probably couldn’t even perceive that it had been mortally wounded.
The wolf grunted in wonder and fell as if its strings had been severed.


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─ ─ “Level up.
lvl 42 to 43”.


I’ve leveled up, and it looks like I’ve defeated it properly.

“Oh? Gustav, I got a huge amount of experience? What the hell is this wolf?”

“Well, what is it? But it’s probably more than 30 levels.”

“Geez! What do you mean, ‘Don’t worry, Nina.
The average monster level here is 13.
We won’t fall behind.
Killer!’ Youu!!”

“Stop imitating my voice? It’s embarrassing..”

It’s like I was being really cool, me.
But still.
Was there a wolf like this in the Devil’s Forest? I don’t think there was.
But I think I’ve seen it somewhere.
It’s called the wind magic it uses, and I think I’ve fought it at least once when I was playing the game.

“Oh, um, thank you for helping me.”

“Oh, yeah?”

I was called from behind and turned around.
Standing there is the beautiful girl who was sitting there being scowled at by the wolf just a moment ago.

Pointed ears peeking out from her bluish silver hair, sapphire blue eyes.
Her skin is pure white, as if soaked in powder snow.
It was, without a doubt, the elf heroine – Spera – whom the hero was originally supposed to meet.

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