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Okay, this place is clear for now.
Breathing a sigh of relief, Nina ties the men up with ropes and then turns to the children… who are about to scream from the unexpected event.
Nina hastily put her seething index finger to her mouth.

“Be quiet, okay?”

“Oh, sis… who…?”

“The Chivalrous Thief who came to save everyone, I guess.”

“The Chivalrous…..

“Well, whatever.
Anyway, it’s dangerous out there, so just stay here quietly and don’t make any noise.”

Leaving the children tilting their heads, Nina slips her body through the window through which she has re-entered and runs to the other residence.
According to Spera, there are only three places left where hostages are being held.
All of them needed to be released before the situation came to light.

Two, three, three – Nina steadily defeats the members of the bandit group.
All of them in less than five minutes.
At last, the last dwelling where the hostages are being held.
It is a building in the center of the village, which is a little difficult to break into because of the many bandit members walking around the village without a care in the world.
However, I managed to clear such obstacles.

There are three elderly elves in the building.
There is only one bandit.

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“Alright… if there’s only one!”

Nina takes out a kunai from her waist, jumps out, and throws it at the bandit.



The kunai, which was fired in a straight line at the bandit, is bounced off.
That too, by the hand of the old elf.

“…No! You’re not elves.”

“That’s right.”

The outlines of the old men, whom Nina had thought were elves, became blurred, and they finally took the form of bad-looking men.

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“That’s right.
How did you like my skill ‘Change’? It was pretty good, wasn’t it?”

With a proud smile, the man from the bandits’ group, who thought he was a guard, stepped forward in front of Nina.

“I’m Yzma, the boss of the bandits.
I never thought that it would be a colleague of mine who first fell for the trap I had set up in the hope that one day all the elves would rebel together.”

“Tsk! So there were really only three hostage-taking dwellings, is that right?

“Yes, but… hey, you let the other three go, didn’t you? You’re a dangerous one, you know that? I’m gonna kill you right here… or should I say…?”


“At your age and with the way you carry yourself, you’re very promising.
Join us.
If you do, I guarantee your life, and that’s not all.
I’ll take you on as an executive of this bandit organisation.
That’s not a bad deal, is it?”

Saying this, Yzma grinned.

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