ll is going on?”


“Ughh, F*ck am I going….
to ….die…”



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The faun, who was riddled with stab wounds everywhere and in rags-like clothing, rolled around on the ground miserably without any strength.
I thought, “Now, I’m going to give him the finishing blow [King of the Spears]…”, but then I suddenly thought better idea before that.

“Hey Faunus, let me ask you before you die.
Why are you here, One of the Three Heavenly Demons?”

“…Ggh, I didn’t think that there was a strong man like this other than a hero…”

“Hey, Come on, don’t die yet.”


He poked it with the tip of his spear and jumped up.
He looks like a caterpillar on the ground.

“Your post should be further south from here, around the town of Kainis, right? Why the hell are you in the Devil’s Forest, then?”

“No, why do you know that…?”

“Answer only what you’re asked.
I’ll stab you again.”

“No, no, no… I’m just here to take a look at the new Three Heavenly Demon Candidates and the Elven Village…!”

“Three Heavenly Demon candidates?”

“The leader of the bandits, Yzma.
I was recruiting him to be one of the Three Heavenly Demon Candidates for the Demon King’s Army, so I came to get an answer to that…”

“I see, Then what do you mean by ‘what’s going on in the Elven Village’?”

“The Elven Village was the place where we suffered the most damage when we invaded the Kingdom 300 years ago, so I’ve come to see if there are any disturbing movements…”

I see, so this is where the difference between the game and reality comes into play.
In the game, there was no event anywhere that the Demon King’s Army was going to create a new Three Heavenly Demons just because one of them were defeated.
However, from a realistic point of view, if there is a shortage of personnel, the organization will move to fill the vacancies.

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In addition, there is the element of history.
There is a scenario in the original work [Let’s Go Crush the Demon King] in which the Demon King’s Army appears once before 300 years ago.
However, there is little information beyond that… it seems that there was a bit of a grudge between the Elven Village and the Demon Lord’s Army.

“Damn… if only I was smart enough to predict how things would turn out after changing the scenario in the middle…!”

“Anyway I don’t need you anymore.
Thanks for sharing information with me honestly.”

“What? No, no, I answered you that’s not right.”

I pierced the head of the faun so that he would not suffer from the skill [King of the Spears].
… I don’t hear any sound of level up.
Let’s check the status at least.


Gustav Lv 43.

Experience required to next level 2,112 ⇒ 238


Hmm, it seems that I got about 1,900 experience.
That seems to mean that I’ve managed to defeat the faun properly.
Good, good, good.

Well, by the time I reached Faunus, I had probably defeated most of the bandits.
So this settles the matter.

“But only if you think of it in the context of a game…”

And this is real life.
The same mistakes can’t be made.
I have to think carefully about the future.

I have once again defeated one of the Three Heavenly Demons.
That would not be taken lightly by the Demon King’s army.
The Demon King himself may come to this Elven village this time if it is left unchecked.
If that happens, this village will surely find itself in an even worse predicament than before.

“If I explain… will Spera-san and the others move to the castle town?”

With my head in turmoil, I hurried back to Nina and Spera-san.

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