I have the necklace of agility equipped, and I have the potion.
Now it’s time to start leveling up.

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I thought, “If I go out to the meadow and walk around at random, I might be able to find some monsters.”

I dared to leave the road leading from the castle town to the next town, and walk through the dark meadow, relying only on the moonlight.
But it’s darker than I thought.
I was afraid that I might suddenly be attacked from behind.

Just as I thought that, I heard a rustling sound behind me.
As soon as I turn around, something hits me on the left arm with great force.


I was knocked off my feet and fell on my buttocks.

“What the hell? Holy shit!”

Unable to think straight due to the sudden situation, I just backed up.
I managed to stand up and hold up my spear, but the thing at the end of the spear was slime.
It approached me shaking its body as if to measure the distance between me and the slime.

“Damn it! At least play some BGM when you encounter it!”

I screamed, but the slime still didn’t say anything.
Of course, there is no mouth anywhere! And this thing has no HP or level indicator!

“Is it even possible for me to beat this guy?”

The slime doesn’t answer.
The slime just slowly approached me, as if looking for the right moment to jump on me.

“I guess I’ll just have to try to fight it.”

I aim my spear at the slime.
If you don’t know the level of the slime he is fighting, you have to go all out from the beginning.

“Here we go, ‘Shippu-tsuki’!”

Using his only offensive skill, he thrust at the slime as hard as he could.
The spear pierced the slime with a feeling as if it were a disposable chopstick in agar-agar jelly.

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“Did I do it?”

I said to myself, “This is a flag.
I didn’t do it as a matter of course.
The slime jumped at me again with its body pierced by the spear.


The slime hit him directly in the stomach.
He choked and felt a dull pain in his body.
He almost fell to the ground.


The slime jumped up to crush me further, and I quickly rolled to the side to avoid it.
The slime slammed into me right next to my ear.

The slime jumped up to crush me further, and I quickly rolled to the side to avoid it.
The slime was slammed right next to my ear.

I was just about to get hit by the slime right next to my ear.
……I would have died if I hadn’t dodged it, right? My head would have been crushed.
Just like being crushed by a washing machine during a moving job.

“Whoa, Ahh~ Damn it!”

I’m not going to die!

After that, I forgot about skills, leveling up, and everything else, and frantically stabbed my spear.
I mindlessly attacked the slime.
I kept getting hit, falling, and rolling on the ground to avoid the attacks.

Finally, I must have stabbed the spear more than 20 times.
The slime slumped down to the ground as if it was melting.

– – Level up, lvl 5 to 6.

“Hah, hah, what was that?”

Now, it’s like a voice was playing in my head, level up? Did I mishear the sound of the wind?

And, by the way, is the slime dead?”

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It looks probably dead and doesn’t move.
So it should be safe now, but my arms are still shaking.
I can’t relax.
For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m walking through the line of death.

“Damn, that was scary.”

I use my spear to poke the slime that is flattened.
There is no reaction.
I knew it was dead.
It’s dead, right? It should be dead.
Even if it’s– there’s still a chance it might move, right?

Yeah, that’s right.
If I check the status to see if there’s any experience in it, I should be able to tell if this slime is dead or not, right? Open, ‘Status’


Gustav Lv6 [Level UP].

Required experience points to level up – 21

Skills ~

Apprentice Spear User Lv2 [Level UP]

Able to fight monsters with a spear

Shippu-tsuki (Stabbing) Lv2 [Level UP]

Able to use a spear to thrust a little faster



Level and skill have been increased.
It seems that the description of the “Apprentice Spear User” has also been updated.
So the voice that played in my head earlier must be what I hear when I level up.
I see, so this is how the system works.

It seems that slime is dead for sure for now.

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But how many levels did the slime have in the end? I’ve already been injured all over my body.
My left arm still hurts from the first attack, and I still have a lingering dull ache in my abdomen.

“I’m going to drink some potions.”

The maximum level of monsters in this meadow should be around 7 or 8.
It would be dangerous to be optimistic about winning with all the injuries I have.
I took out a palm-sized flask-like bottle from the pouch on my waist and gulped it down.
I gulped down the green liquid inside, and the pain in my body immediately subsided.

“Okay, then, let’s continue leveling up.”

I’m so depressed.
I wonder how many more death throes I have to go through today.
I don’t need any more strong monsters or anything.

Suddenly, I heard a rustling sound in the grass, and I turned around with a start and saw two slimes.

– – Two slimes and a wolf. Really?

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

In the end, I was surrounded by multiple monsters like this, and there were a bunch of level 7s and 8s, and I ended up fighting to the death repeatedly.

And then a few hours passed.

When the eastern sky brightened to signal morning, for the first time in my life, I was grateful to the sun coming up in the sky and for the simple fact that I was alive.

I almost died before the demon king’s army came, seriously.

I was on my way back to the royal castle with my sticky tongue still sticking out from drinking too much of the potion.


Gustav Lv19 [Level UP]

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Required experience points to level up – 197


Apprentice Spear User Lv9 [Level UP]

Able to skillfully manipulate a spear to strike down opponents

Shippu-Tsuki (Strike) Lv9 [Level UP]

Able to use a spear to deliver a powerful thrust with blinding speed

Strike Down Lv9 [NEW]

Defeats the opponent’s attack with a spear

Midare Thrust (Thrust) Lv8 [NEW]

Thrusts 5 times in a single breath

Throwing Spear Lv4 [NEW]

Throws a spear in a straight line and pierces the opponent

Tame Thrust Lv3

Stores power and unleashes a powerful thrust


11 hours to go until the attack of the Demon King’s army.

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