had broken a large window in the hall.

–Let’s kill them all!

–Do not kill the princess! We need her alive!

–Giggle, giggle, giggle!

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With a sickening laugh, the gargoyles fly through the air, ripping people apart indiscriminately with their claws.


The attendees of the social gatherings from various countries fall, spurting out blood.
The gargoyles were laughing as they killed the unarmed people.


I clicked my tongue at the sheer brutality of it all.
But, be cool, me.
The number of gargoyles exceeds 20 as far as the eye can see.
We can’t possibly take on such a large number.

“Hey, Gustav!”

“Yes, sir?”

“We’re going to secure the exit of the hall! The king and the princess were protected by another group.
We’ll evacuate the guests from the ballroom!”

The bearded old guard said and started to run, and I ran after him.

“Gustav, you were right yesterday when you said …… gwah?”

“Oh, Ossan!”

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The gargoyle suddenly glided up from the side and slashed him across the neck.
Ossan was suddenly slashed in the neck by a gargoyle that came gliding down from the side.
Blood was flying everywhere.

“Damn it, damn it!”

The guards were all killed at this venue.
That was a given from the actual game, but to actually see them killed in front of your eyes –is just too disgusting!

“Is that okay? I’m really just going to leave myself like this ……”

But there was no time to think.
The gargoyle attacked me from my side as well.

–Gah gah gah! I’ll skewer you and hang you from the chandelier!

“Gargoyle ……!”

I quickly prepared myself to intercept the gargoyle.

“Here we go!”

–What? gah!

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My spear pierces the gargoyle’s belly with blinding speed, using the skill “Shippu-tsuki,” which was enhanced by last night’s level-up.

“Not yet!”

I continued with the skill “Strike Down”.
With the unbladed end of the spear, I slam the gargoyle’s body into the ground.
The body fell to the ground.
Without a pause, he stabbed the gargoyle in the head with the spear.

“I can beat you…!”

After a full workout yesterday, I could get a feel for the level of my opponent.
The gargoyle I just defeated was probably lvl 12 or 13, and I could probably take down one or two of them without any trouble.

–Hey, it looks like that soldier over there is pretty good!

–It’s going to take a few of us to take them down!

–Gah, gah, gah!

Three gargoyles are coming at me.

Three gargoyles, just the right number to carry out the plan.
I’m sure I won’t get away unscathed, but it’s a number I can manage to beat.
I was determined and attacked them.

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