ou …… a terrible favor.”

“…… yes?”

“Gustav, I need you to protect Leia.
Even at the cost of your life.”

…… I knew it would come to that.

I feel like an idiot.
I knew this was going to happen, didn’t I? The mission of the royal castle guards is to protect the royal family without regard for danger.
If I went in front of the king and princesses under such circumstances, with the demon king’s army attacking, I would have no choice but to protect them until the end of my life.

“Gustav, won’t you do me a favour? I don’t care what happens to me, only Leia, even if it costs me and you your life!”

“I understand.
I will not trade my life for your life.
I want to live.
So I will live, and I will protect Princess Leia!”


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I could see the king and princess gasping.

Was I being a little too cool? Well, this may be my last words, so a little bit of chuunibyou is fine.
If I live, it might become black history.

–Gah-gah-gah! There they are, the king and the princess!

–Snatch, snatch, snatch!

–One of the guards is still alive!

–Kill, kill, kill!

The gargoyles that had been flying around the hall were coming at us at once.
10, 11, 12 or maybe 13.


I drop the first five to the ground with my “Midare Thrust” skill.

“Your Majesty! Princess! You two stay crouched behind me!”


“Good luck..!”

Good luck, huh? I hope so.
I thought so as I took the attacks of the rest of the gargoyles that didn’t make it to the ground.

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Blood spurted out from everywhere on my body.
But I couldn’t be intimidated by that.
I was preparing for my “Tame Thrust” skill even as I was being attacked.
After the last one finished attacking, I would deliver a counterattack.



The spear pierced both gargoyles at the same time, killing them both with the same blow.
The skill “Tame Thrust” takes time to attack, but its power is incomparably greater than other skills.

– – Level up, lvl 20 to 21.

–This guy’s my game!

–Gah, gah, gah, gah! This is so cool!

The gargoyles, despite the fact that their comrades had been killed, kept a relaxed expression on their faces.
They are flying around me as if they were playing with me.

They’re just taking advantage of me.
But it’s convenient.

“What’s the matter, you gargoyles? Did that scare you off?”

–Gah, gah, gah, gah! How dare you bark at me when you’re covered in blood!

–Surround him! We’ll take him all out at once!

That’s right, take them all.
Don’t try to wait and see what happens.
The only chance I see of victory is if you think you have the upper hand and come at us with the numbers you have.
I will withstand any onslaught.
I will survive and live a full life in this world, no matter what it takes!

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