When, I opened my eyes and there was a white ceiling.

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“Where am I?”

It wasn’t my room.
I can smell the chemicals.
Why am I sleeping here? Maybe if you look inside my head right now, you’ll see a loading screen glowing.

“Oh, that’s right.
That’s right.
I’m pretty sure this is the f*cking game world..”

I remember.
I was reincarnated as a mob guard who was supposed to die in an event in the early stages of [Let’s Go Crush the Demon King], a game so shitty that it’s almost not worth playing.

But I didn’t want to die right after being reincarnated, so I tried desperately to raise my level and tried to avoid the fate I was supposed to suffer as a mob guard, and I took various measures.
But in the end, I had to fight the demon king’s army, and that’s how I ended up in …….

“So I got really wounded, collapsed but I didn’t die, did I?”

I’ve managed to accomplish the bare minimum of my initial intentions.
I was more than half prepared to die when I ran out in front of a pack of gargoyles.

Well, all’s well that ends well, I suppose.

Now, once again, where am I? The white ceiling, the white curtains that flicker out of the corner of my eye.
Maybe this is some kind of infirmary in the Royal Castle? Someone must have brought me here when I collapsed.
Thank goodness.

I lift myself up from the bed.


I thought I was alone in the room, but I wasn’t.


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There was another person in the room.
A girl is asleep, leaning against my bed.

“Le, Princess Leia ……?”

“Ummm …… oh dear *Yawn* I accidentally fell asleep..”

Princess Leia seems to have been awakened by my voice and wakes up.
She then let out a cute little yawn and turned her head towards me.

“Gustav-san? By any chance, are you waking up ……?”

“Heh? Uh, yes.”

“I see you’re awake after all!”


Princess Leia approaches to lean forward vigorously.
So close, so close! Princess Leia’s face is so close that the tips of our noses almost touch.
She probably can’t measure the distance because she can’t see her eyes, but the faintly sweet scent of flurries in the air, and I’m struck with a sense of wonder.

“Good, really.! Gustav-san was sleeping so deeply that I was afraid he might not wake up.”

“Ha, ha.”

“Are you in any pain or distress? The injuries have been healed by the healers, but do you feel any discomfort?”

“No, I’m fine.
I have no pain at all…”

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“I’m glad to hear that.”

Princess Leia smiled.

So cute!

Ah, it seems that Princess Leia is my true love after all.
I’ve just bought the package because I fell in love with the illustration of Princess Leia, even though it’s a shitty game.

“Gustav-san slept for a whole day.
You must be thirsty.
Let me get you some water.”

“Ah, no, I’ll do it myself.”

“No, that’s all right.
Let me do it.”

Princess Leia stands up after saying that.
However, it seems that there’s no maid who always holds the princess’ hand, so how in the world, how is she going to do it.

”  ?”

Princess Leia makes a small sound like the chirping of a little bird, and then moves around the room as if she were blind, takes a glass, pours water into it, and then brings it to me, “Here you go, Gustav-san.”

“Ah, thank you.”

I have heard that.
Some people who are blind have developed hearing and can walk like a dolphin, detecting obstacles by the echoes of sound.
Perhaps the princess has this ability.

“…Perhaps you didn’t need water?”

“No, no!”

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I’ve been so focused on my thoughts, I forgot to drink, even though Princess Leia has brought me a glass of water.
I hurriedly sip the glass.

“Itadakimasu nghuh? Gohoho!”

“Gustav-san? Are you all right?”

“……I’m fine.”

I screwed up.
I drank in a hurry, and water got into my trachea.
I was bending forward, coughing.



Princess Leia was rubbing my back up and down.
With a gentle hand, slowly, snuggling up to me.

I mean, she’s physically attached to me in the true sense of the word?

“Yoshi Yoshi.
When water gets into your trachea, you’d better cough it out properly..”


The distance between us is so close from a moment ago! Princess Leia’s soft body is pressed against mine.
Her breasts are also against my arm! Is this okay? I, a mere guard.
I am receiving the warmth of the country’s princess all over me, you know?

“Princess Leia! Thank you, I’m fine now!”

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“Is that so? I’m glad to hear it.”

Princess Leia says that, and then she quickly moves away from me.
‘Well, that’s a pity.
I was a little overwhelmed by the bright aura of the too-beautiful princess.
I wanted to taste her warmth a little more, but my petty feelings got the better of me, damn it.

As I was trying to regain my composure by taking a deep breath, there was a knock at my door.

“Yes, who is it? Who is it?”

“Yes, I’m Captain Morgan, the King’s personal military commander.”

“Morgan-san, just in time.
Please come in.”

“Excuse me.”

The man who opens the door is a dark-skinned, handsome, military-looking man.
He called me Morgan and smiled when he looked at me.

“Well, well, [Hero] Gustav-kun.
You’re finally awake.”

“Hero ……?”

“Ha ha, you’ll find out soon enough.”

At Morgan’s meaningful remark, Princess Leia also laughs for some reason.

What the? I tilt my head, but the two of them have started talking about something else, so I can’t press her further about the meaning of that word.

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