kes with her tongue to reverberate in space), but otherwise she seems to always walk by herself.

But there is still a chance that you might bump into someone, so I think it’s safer to walk with a Maid as much as possible.

“It’s okay.
I have a good grasp of space, so I’m good at measuring distances between people.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

When Princess Leia smiles at me and assures me of that, I can’t say anything more.
But I don’t think you’ re good at gauging distance, because I feel like you were always too close to me in the medical room.

After walking around chatting as such, we arrived at the throne room.
Inside, the King and a handsome old man named Morgan, whom I met briefly the other day, were talking.

“Father, I have brought Gustav-san.”

“Oh, Leia, thank you.”

The king turns to me.
I don’t know the etiquette of an audience with the king, but I got down on one knee anyway.

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“Gustav, it’s all right for you to ease up.”

“Ah, yes.”

Maybe they saw that I wasn’t used to doing it.
I guess they were concerned about me.
I decided to take their word for it and stand up.

“Gustav, first of all, let me thank you.
For risking your life to protect me and Leia during the recent attack by the Demon Lord’s army.”

“No, that was only natural.”

I can’t say that I was ready to abandon and survive on my own until halfway through.

‘And let me apologize.
I have not been able to visit you since I heard that you had woken up.
I should have thanked you earlier.
However, the recent incident caused a lot of damage to important people in various countries.
I was busy dealing with that.
Please forgive me.”

“No, no.
Thank you for inviting me here in the midst of your busy schedule.”

“No, I’m only doing you the courtesy you deserve.
Now, Gustav, the main reason I invited you here today is to ask you a few questions.
Now, Gustav, here is the main reason why I have summoned you here today.”

The king straightened his posture and spread his hands wide.

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“You may ask for any reward you wish.
Wealth or status or anything else? I promise to meet your needs as best I can.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

With my head down, I wonder how to answer now.
Reward or —A wish would have been to survive at all costs when I was first reincarnated into this world.
Now that I’ve achieved that, I’m torn if you ask me, what else.
Like a stable and secure job? No, but if I quit the Guard now, I won’t be able to see Princess Leia, either.

Just as I was racking my brains about what to do, bang! The door to the throne room was opened with a violent sound, as if it had been kicked in.

“So this is the room where the king is!”

Standing there was a handsome, long-haired man with eyes glinting like those of a male lion in mating season, and an appearance that was discernibly flashy

“Who are you?”

Morgan, who was standing by the king’s side, said, and he brushed his hair back.

“Ha! I came to you because you called me, I, the hero!”

With a fearless smile, he said so boldly.

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