Chapter 2 Part 1

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The morning sun illuminates the city of Arcazam.

Townspeople start their day, listening to the birds chirping.

The city streets are dense, and they work hard to make a living on their own.

A boy walked along the road people come and go from.

His name was Nozomu Bountis.

A student who belongs to the third year of Solminati Academy, the center of Arcazam.

Its been a month since the confrontation with his master. He managed to get promoted to third grade.

”Well… I was able to get promoted properly. ”

The confrontation with Shino was two days before the end-of-year exam, and due to the injuries he suffered at the time, he couldnt make it to the final stage, making the exam more difficult than expected.

His improved physical ability couldnt be utilized, and he nearly failed his practical test. His written exam didnt go well either because he could only think of Shino, and as a result, he ended up taking three supplementary exams.

”Thats why I ended up at the bottom… Well, I managed to pass, so its still okay … ”

By the way, the number of supplementary exams he took is undoubtedly the highest in the schools history.

Because of that, he was once again placed the lowest, in the 10th class. At the time of going to school, his scores are also the lowest, and he is still treated as a dropout in the class.

(But it might be better to keep it as it is now. That dragon-slaying power… is too great)

During his battle with Shino, he did indeed release the power of dragon slayer; however the release of ability suppression was not done in public.

In his third year, hed unleashed Ability Suppression several times at Shinos hut, but he was unable to control it.

Although the released power dramatically increased physical strength, this absurd increase in strength in every skill was still too much to handle. Additionally, it wasnt very easy to use it in his student life, not to mention the skill originally already had a capable killing ability. It wasnt very practical anymore.

”Rocks become very small pieces just by hitting them, awfully unusable. ”

(And…theres also that monster)

He remembers Tiamat, the King of the Dragons, who dwells within him. Every time he released the suppression, Tiamat rampaged in his body, trying to devour it.

He once fought in the spiritual world and succeeded in capturing Tiamats power, albeit in part, so he wouldnt be eaten as soon as he released it, but even so, two minutes is the time limit of releasing his suppression.

In fact, those two minutes were when Nozomu managed to hold back his released power. If unleashed without any control, his mind wouldve been crushed by the force, and his body wouldve collapsed in a dozen seconds.

”Anyway, I have to think about what to do from now on. ”

About the school, about dragon slayer, about Lisa.

He met Lisa several times after being promoted, but she still either ignored him or struck hostility.

He couldnt say anything to her and could only stand in front of her.

(……… Im still running away … )

Nozomu hasnt moved forward yet. However, although he was still running away, hes become fully aware of the fact that he is running away.

What Shino told him about his life was certainly starting to sprout and take root in him.


10th class in 3rd grade. Nozomu Bountis is still treated the same as usual in this class.

”Why is that guy… Why is he still here!? ”

”Because of him, were treated as the same level as him. Take responsibility! ”

”Thats right, he took the supplementary exam three times! Hes only thinking about his own vessel. ”

When he entered the classroom, they were still swearing at Nozomu. While listening to such voices, he sat in his seat, took out his textbook, and began his preparation.

After a few minutes

”Hey Mars, lets go to that store today. That girl is there. Its okay right? ”

”Are you aiming for that stores daughter? You cant do it. Just stop it. ”

”……… You guys sure dont get tired of it … ”

It was Mars and his entourage who came in.

Apparently, they were talking about where to stop by after school, but Mars didnt seem to be willing to talk about it.

”Hey Mars, what happened recently? Youre in a bad mood? ”

”Thats right. Youve been pretty quiet recently. ”

“………… Shut up, its nothing.”

Mars walked to his seat without hearing the two of his entourages complaints. Along the way, he noticed Nozomu.

”Mmm … ”

Mars looked at Nozomu. His eyes were so serious that he could see and discern something. His eyes werent the same ones that used to scorn and despise Nozomu anymore.

”Everyone ~~. Ill start the morning homeroom ~~~~ ”

Anri-sensei walked into the room, and the students in the classroom took their seats. Even after the morning assembly was over and the lesson started, Mars was still thinking about Nozomu.


Marss POV

Theres the guy. Its natural that hes in this class. After all, trash should be put in the trash class. But I cant get rid of my doubts inside.

Whys he in the lowest class? With his current ability, he should at least be in a higher class than the 10th class.

In the mock battle at the end of the school term, he was able to corner and bring me down.

I was losing to him at that time. I lost my composure and got defeated. On the actual battlefield, I wouldve been killed by him at that moment.

However, I do have a lot of practical skills. So much that Im on the same level as 7th graders.

Why is the guy who can beat me in the 10th class?

”Also, he seems to have been injured before the exam, and it looks like he was carrying luggage and was thrown down the stairs. ”

”Idiot ~~ Well, he sure is a fool. ”

…… Injured? That guy is? Such a thing?

Doubt is starting to swell within me. No matter how much he falls down the stairs, he wont be injured so easily. Even though it was a dummy sword, he wasnt hurt much when he was blown away by my greatsword, which was strengthened by Qi, and he took classes the next day normally.

Did he get hurt before the most important exam, the end-of-year exam?

At that moment, I was convinced that something was going on with him.


The morning class is over, and the lunch break begins. The students are spending a moment of peace with their friends.

Nozomu is looking for a place to buy bread and eat.

By the way, this school has a fairly large cafeteria for students, and the canteen for students is correspondingly large, but theres never enough of the popular items for hungry beasts such as students, and it was always in a battlefield-like state.

Moreover, since the students have the same ability, it can become a real battlefield where magic is shot in some cases.

However, unpopular products are easier to get.

Nozomu always bought unsold bread and walked around the school building.

When he suddenly looked at the courtyard, he saw a crowd, and two maidens were eating in the center.

Nozomu knew the two. Because they were famous students.

One of them is Irisdina Francilt.

Long glossy black hair that reached up to the waist and a well-organized appearance. Dignified expression and black eyes that resembled that hair.

She was a student of the 1st class in the same grade as Nozomu, and was called ”Black Haired Princess ”, and was the best talent in their year in terms of overall scores.

The other one was Tima Lime.

Like Irisdina, she was also a student of the 1st class in the third grade, and she was a talented woman known as the ”Four-Scale Spinner. ”

She had brown hair trimmed at her shoulders, and her appearance was rather ephemeral, unlike Irisdina.

She had an extremely huge amount of magical power, and that magical power is said to be at the legendary level.

Her ability was also called ”Four-Scale Concerto ” because it gave her a high degree of aptitude for four attributes. Earth, water, fire, and wind.

They are the students who represent the third grade, and they are also the students who have reached A rank, which only a few in the school have achieved.

By the way, Nozomus rank is still D-, and he was 3rd grade. Even amont 2nd years, it was considered as a lower rank.

”Nozomu ku~~~~n, I found you ~~~~ ”

(Gee, this voice is…)

When he turned towards the direction of the voice, he saw 2 ladies. Anri-sensei and Norn-sensei approached him.

Anri-sensei was energetically waving like a child, and Norn-sensei, who was watching Anri-senseis child-like action, wore a bitter smile.

”Nozomu-kun, havent you had lunch yet ~~? If youre okay with it, wont you eat together with us ~~ ”-

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”Im sorry, Nozomu-kun. Anri really wants to eat with you. Would you please go with us? ”

Anri-sensei and Norn-sensei invited him with a smile. Both of them wore a fascinating smile, but different from Norn-sensei, Anri-sensei had a strong atmosphere that was the exact opposite of her smile. The atmosphere clearly stated that even if he declined, she would definitely bring him anyway.

(Anri-sensei ………… so, you havent given up yet ……)

Anris smile caused a cold sweat, but Nozomu couldnt reject them and was taken away.

They travelled to the infirmary, the workplace of Norn-sensei.

Actually, Nozomu was caught by Anri-sensei and brought to this infirmary after he became a 3rd grader. The reason was,

”Hey Nozomu, how did you get that kind of injury during the second years final exam? ”

“Therefore Anri Sensei. As I said before, did you really fall down the stairs?

”…Thats right. ”

Lunch was going fairly well, and Anri began to question Nozomu.

Shed been asking him for the past month about his injuries after the duel with Shino.

”Lying is not good ~~ because that wound is a sword wound. I cant leave it be if you get injured like that! ”


”As Anri says, Nozomu-kun. We cant overlook it if youve been injured so many times and thats obviously a slash from someone. ”


Nozomu didnt not answer. He couldnt really talk about what happened with Shino and his own dragon-slayer power.

However, he couldnt escape from it anymore. He couldnt think of any more excuses over the past month.

“…What would you do if I couldnt tell you? Would you hand me over to the military police and make me spit out the details?”

Because of the irritation, things didnt go well. Abusive language came out from his mouth by mistake.

”Its not that~~! Im just worried ~~~~~~ !! ”

”Thats right! Anri and I are simply worried about you!! ”

(Oh, Im running away again. I didnt mean to say this)

“… Im sorry… I said too much. ”

”No, its okay. We were also a little too aggressive. ”

The unpleasant atmosphere filled the infirmary.

”……… Hey ~~, Nozomu-kun. Are we so unreliable? ”

Anri-sensei asked with a sad voice, and Nozomu felt pain seeing her sad expression.

(Im such a fool. Always trying to escape from my problems)

Nozomu hated his compassion. He just couldnt move on. He may have been a little on edge because hed been continuously ridiculed by others until now.

(I dont want to make her face look like that. I cant talk about everything… but Ill try to talk about what I can tell)

He could see a little bit of Shishios face in hers. Tears welled up, unable to convey her feelings.

”Youre not unreliable. I know sensei both worry and care about me a lot … Im purely happy about that … I dont know who else would eat lunch with me like this. ”

Nozomu slowly but firmly began to convey his thoughts. He didnt want to see Shino in Anris face.

”At that time, I certainly had a lot of things going on. There are so many things that I still cant say properly myself. ”

He stared straight into their eyes and spun words one by one.

”But I learned something important. In order for me to pass the exams… I did something that was absolutely necessary, which caused my injuries…Im sorry, I can only say this much for now. ”

Nozomu bows deeply. He gets angry at his weakness, that he could only say this much, but nevertheless, he did his best.

“… I see. Anri, as he says, well wait until he talks. ”

“But ~~”

”I know youre worried, but its not good right now, because he still hasnt organized his life and decisions yet. ”

“… I understand…”

He seems to have managed to convince Anri, but she still looks at Nozomu with anxiety.

”Im sorry Anri-sensei ”

”……… I know ~~. Nozomu had a hard time ~~~~. Im sorry ~~. You were forced to talk ~~ ”

”No … I am happy you care and worry about me. ”

”Norn-sensei too, thank you. ”

”Its okay. We were a little too impatient. I knew there was something wrong, but I didnt know what to do about it. ”

The atmosphere lightened up, and the facial expressions of the three people became smiles, albeit a little.

”Now, lets tidy up our lunch. The bell for the start of class will ring soon, and I cant remain so carefree. Teachers cant be late when they meet the students. ”

”Fufu, thats right ~~. Lets eat it fast ~~ ”

”Yeah, there may be rumors if you dont eat fast enough.”

“Bring it on! ”

They joked with each other, the atmosphere became peaceful, and the three started to enjoy the rest of the lunch.

However, at that time, there was a shadow rushing into the infirmary.

”Excuse me. Norn-sensei, it seems she is injured. Can you treat her? ”

The source of the voice was a beautiful girl with long glossy black hair and deep jet-black eyes.

Irisdina Francilt was there, lending her shoulders to a student who was suspected of being injured.

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