”By the way, does Somia have any goals? You saidstill a long way to go, so I somehow have a feeling you do. ”

”Ah, Yes! My older sister is my goal! ”

When asked about ”her sister, ” Somia became more talkative, and her smile shone 50% more brightly.

”Ane-sama is strong! ”

”Ane-sama is cool! ”

”Ane-sama is kind! ”

The person in question seemed to be quite capable, and Somia-chan also loved her ”Ane-sama ” from the bottom of her heart. It was very clear that she was longing for her.

At the same time, Nozomu felt worried. Worried that she would be overwhelmed, injured, or caught by a weird man.

As far as he heard from the story, she seemed to be similar to her ”Ane-sama ”, so they really are sisters.

”By the way, this black cat. Is it still playing with the ornament? ”

When Nozomu saw the black cat in Somia-chans arms, the black cat was still playing with the arm decoration. He looked closely and found that the arm ornaments were delicately decorated and also had small bells that were similarly decorated, and anyone, even with untrained eyes, could see its considerable value.

”This arm decoration seems to be quite valuable, but what is it? ”

”Oh, this arm decoration seems to be handed down from generation to generation. It seems to be a tradition, and it is said that if you have this, you will surely be able to meet again someday even if you are separated. ”

”Hee, that tradition sure makes you very happy. ”

”Yes! It used to gather dust in the warehouse, but ane-sama gave it to me! I hope our bond will continue even if we leave the house. ”

She happily talked about her arm ornaments. She cared about her family above all else, and this little tradition of hers. She wanted to feel her family ties by always wearing the arm-ornament of the tradition.

She was talking about it, but then she remembered the black cat that stuck with the arm ornament and she picked it up.

”Oh, right. Kuro-chan thats enough. ”

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When she picked up her arm ornament, the black cat was fluttering its arm like a baby whose toy was picked up as if saying, “give it back, give it back ”.

”Even so, its a very naughty male cat. ”

”Eh! ”

”Because he picked up the owners belongings and played a lot with it, and he still hasnt played enough … ”

”… Um ……… ”

Somia-chan was trying to say something.

”Um, Nozomu-san. Kuro-chan … is a girl ……… ”

”…………Eh? ”

”Thats why I told you, Its a girl. ”

It looked like this black cat is a female. It was so naughty, and it brawled with Nozomu on a tree branch, so he could only think of it as a male.

(Usually, Kuro is a name given to males)

”Um … why name it Kuro? ”

”Well, somehow I felt its cute, isnt it?

“…I see.”

It looked like her naming sense was a little off.

”Besides, Im not Kuro-chans owner. I believe this child was abandoned. ”

Its been told in stories that shes been seen around the Ecross school building from time to time, and then Somia-chan started playing with her.

”Hee, so shes a stray cat? It seems that shes very fond of Somia-chan, so I wonder if Somia-chan is trying to keep it…” said Nozomu.

At that moment, Nozomu reached out to Kuro.

”Shah!!! ”

”Ah!! ”

Suddenly Kuro scratched Nozomus hand.

”Ah! Are you okay? Kuro-chan is really hard to please and its difficult for her to accept people. ”

”Aw aw aw. Is that so? ”

”Yes, none of the boys in my class do their work. But the girls are okay… ”

(Is it that only boys are no good …)

For some reason, this black cat seemed to be fond of girls only. When Nozomu looked at Kuro while rubbing his scratched hand, she was quiet in her arms and exactly like a stray cat.

When Kuro noticed Nozomu looking at him, she turned away and began to relax inside Somias arms.

(Th-this cat!)

Nozomu glared at Kuro, but Kuro ignored Nozomu completely. She tried to snatch back Somias arm ornaments again.

”W-wait, dont do that, Kuro-chan! ”

In a sense, it was a very cat-like behavior.

After that, a great scuffle between Kuro, who tried to play with the arm decorations, and Nozomu, who tried to stop it, occurred. After a while, the two got along well when Somia mediated between the two of them.


That was the first encounter between Nozomu and Somia. After that, they met in this park several times and had small talks. Sometimes there was a big decisive battle between one person and a certain animal.

”By the way, Somia-chan. Its almost your birthday right? ”

”Yes! I will be 11 years old soon! ”

She said so happily with the usual smile, but the next moment her happy expression faded.

”But, it seems like my father isnt coming back even though its my birthday. ”

According to her story, her father was always busy and rarely came home. It seemed that her mother had already passed away, and she only had an older sister as family.

”Bu-but Ane-sama will hold a birthday party for me! ”

Somia smiled again, hiding the loneliness in her chest and behaving cheerfully.

(… She is a strong child …)

When Nozumu thought about it now, he would have been more pampered by his parents when he was about her age. Seeing her behaving well, Nozomu was impressed and saddened at the same time. It was very painful to have no one to spoil her when she wanted to.

Nozomu remembered about himself. He was isolated at the school. He couldnt rely on anyone. He turned his eyes away, and his mental state was so weak that it couldve snapped like a taut thread.

At that time, how many times was he saved by the words ”Welcome Back ”, and the hug which his master gave?

He was able to remember the love of those who had forgotten.

His frozen heart was gently melted and was able to cry as hard as he could.

He realized that he was not alone.

Thanks to his masters acceptance, he was finally able to accept that persons wishes.

He was able to talk in earnest, fought with all his might, and faced that person seriously.

And she taught him something important … to move forward.

”If its Somias birthday, maybe I should give presents too ”

”Eh, youd do that for me?!! ” she asked with her big smile. Originally, she didnt expect Nozomu to prepare a present.

”Yeah, I cant prepare a big one, but Ill prepare a good one. ”

”Yes! Im looking forward to it!! ”

There was no shadow of loneliness on her face this time, it was just like a ”sun ”.

(Im glad. Nobody wants to see such a good girl with a dark expression.)

Nozomu saw her smile and felt relieved.

”By the way, wasnt there something to do today? ”

Ecross Academy had already closed and the students shouldve gone home already, so Nozomu didnt understand why Somia was still here.

”Yes, Ane-sama is coming to pick me up today! ”

(Speaking of her sister, the one who was praised by her when I met her, I havent heard about her sister in detail.)

Seeing her in the park beside the school after school, her sister may have a connection with the school.

”Somia-chan, is your sister at Solminati Academy? ”

”Yes, Ane-sama is also a student at Solminati Academy, the same as Nozomu-san! ”

”Hee ”

(n, wait)

Nozomu looked at Somias face. She had shiny black hair, jet-black eyes, and a well-organized face. Nozomu saw the image of a person on Somias face.

”Hey Somia-chan, maybe your sister is… ”

”Somia, Im sorry to have kept you waiting. ”

When Nozomu turned around to the sudden voice, Nozomus body was completely petrified.

Long straight black hair that extended down to the waist. With deep jet-black eyes, her appearance was too neat and unrealistic. Her face was dignified, and her limbs, blessed by the goddess of beauty, seemed to reveal an aura worn only by the chosen one.

She was Irisdina Francilt, the top third-grader at Solminati Academy!

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