”I wonder if I can shake it off if I enter the forest ”

However, if he did it poorly, it would be troublesome later, so Nozomu went into the forest as it was and headed for the hut as usual.

He walked through the forest for a while, but when he felt that he couldnt feel the gaze anymore, he stopped.

”Hmm, it looks like hes gone, but who was that? ”

Nozomu thought about the person who was watching him, but he couldnt think of anything. Although he could speculate on why that person was so persistent, speculation was not very accurate.

(Maybe, Because I killed a dragon?)

If that was true, it would be bad for Nozomu. He couldnt predict what each countrys authority would do to him.

(But why didnt he follow me till the end? I didnt think he would stop tracking as soon as I enter the forest)

Although he made various guesses himself, the current Nozomu couldnt give an answer, so he went straight to Shinos hut.


Marss POV

”As I thought, he went to the forest ”

It was Mars who followed Nozomu. After confronting Nozomu in the forest, he intended to make him talk about various things without being able to escape.

However, when the other party entered the forest, he decided that it was dangerous to enter the forest alone, so he turned back in front of the forest.

”Hes entered the forest, but its okay. Fortunately, tomorrow is a holiday. Its perfect for asking a lot of questions. ”

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Originally, Mars didnt intend to enter the forest alone where the demon beasts were going rampant.

If he could confirm the fact that Nozomu was in the forest alone this time, he thought that Nozomu should be questioned, but now, he was thinking about other methods. It was a pretty forceful method …..


Upon arriving at Shinos hut, Nozomu put his luggage down and cleaned it.

While cleaning, a memorial tablet and a katana placed on the shelf came into Nozomus field of vision. It is the katana that Shino used to wield.

After Shinos death, Nozomu, who was sorting through the deceaseds belongings in the hut, found a will she gave to Nozomu.

It just said, ”I will give you my sword. ”

From the beginning, she intended to convey everything and properly write a will on the verge of her death.

When he saw the will, Nozomu thought that such a straightforward thing seemed to be a very Shishō way.

However, Nozomu hadnt used the katana yet. There was another katana on his waist, which was Shinos spare katana, which was put in the storage room.

Nozomu was still running away, and he wasnt ready to bear the responsibility Shino put in her katana just yet.


(Shishō …… I cant have this katana yet, but Im sure someday ………………)

After cleaning, Nozomu began practising his sword swings. He immediately took a drawn-sword stance from his natural stance. He drew the katana and attacked in the same stroke. The slash cut through the air. He immediately returned the released blade back while shooting a reverse slash. He performed continuous attacks without killing the momentum of the reverse slash.

Left-side slash, reverse slash, horizontal slash ………….

The flow of weight shifted by sliding his feet, the muscles of his trunk operated at the same time to link those slashes without waste.

Nozomu was burying himself further while performing a series of attacks.

Eventually, the sounds around him disappeared, and he altered his slash, wielding his katana completely within his own world.

This time, he activated his physical strengthening and mixed it together with Qi technique. When he sent his Qi into his katana blade and unleashed a slash, a violent shockwave formed. Then he sheathed his katana and switched to physical arts

A straight fist strike, stepping forward followed by an elbow strike, a foot-sweeping strike by lowering the waist and rotating the body, followed by a sheath strike.

The continuous attack from the drawn-sword and the physical technique were linked together, and the dance continued.

Finally, he swung his sword down at once. Nozomu was relentless as the air was torn and the calming breeze shook his hair.

Nozomu corrected his stance and closed his eyes when he put his katana back in the scabbard. From here on, he would die instantly if he wasnt careful.

Nozomu searched deep within himself again. Eventually, he could see the chains wrapped around his body. These chains were the embodiment of Nozomus ability, ”Ability Suppression ”.

From now, he would release Ability Suppression and control the power of dragon slayer.

“………… Fuu ……”

He held his breath and put his hands on the chain.

If his control failed, the King of the Dragon would be released, and at that time, Nozomu would definitely not be forgiven.

However, he couldnt turn his eyes away. If he left it out of control and it became irreparable, it wouldnt be enough to regret it for the rest of his life if it reached not only Anri-sensei, Norn-sensei, Irisdina-san, and Somia-chan, but everyone else as well!

Nozomu decided to remove the chain that binded him.

At that moment, the released power filled Nozomus body in an instant, overflowing out from the body that wasnt able to contain all of it.

”Gu, Guuuuu! ”

Nozomu clenched his teeth and endured, but too much power caused Nozomus spirit to be swept away in a blink of an eye, causing greasy sweat to float on his body.

Excess power could easily destroy the spirit of a tiny human being, but Nozomus spirit managed to endure it.

By becoming a dragon slayer and gaining some of Tiamats power, Nozomu may have gained some resistance to that power.

However, he still reached his limit. Nozomu desperately resisted, but the pain ended up becoming unbearable, and the chain that bound him wrapped around his body again.

”Ku! Haa … haa … haa … haa ………… ”

When the Ability Suppression restrained Tiamats power, Nozomu collapsed on the spot.

His entire body trembled with greasy sweat from the sudden powerful reaction, and it didnt seem like it would be settled soon.

”As I thought, no matter how hard I tried, the limit is only about 2 minutes ……… D*mn! ”

Nozomu lay on his back as it was.

The result wasnt good. After all, with the current Nozomu, 2 minutes was the limit, and there was no sign that it could be improved anymore.

Nozomus facial expression displayed impatience at his ability to control the power, which had no sign of growth at all.

In the end, the days training could not produce any further results, and Nozomu went home the next morning.

When Nozomu arrived in front of his dormitory room, a stranger greeted him.

”Yo, You are so late. ”

It was Mars who was leaning against the door of Nozomus room.

”… Do you need something? ”

”Aa, lend me your face for a bit ”

Mars told Nozomu in a compelling tone.

”What the hell? Im on my way home from work so Im sleepy. ”

Nozomu lied that he was working until the morning because he couldnt tell Mars that he was in the forest training the power of the dragon slayer there.

”Hmm, work, are you doing it in the forest? ”

I bet you couldnt get any job because you didnt have enough rank for it, so…why did you still go to the forest? ”

Marss words made Nozomus consciousness white for a moment.

(How did he know? Maybe what happened yesterday was…………)

”Perhaps, the one who followed me yesterday was … ”

”Aa, that was me …. As I thought you noticed me. Well, thats fine, I have something to ask you. Follow me. ”

Mars turned his back and started walking. Nozomu had no choice but to follow his back.


(1)Kusukusu is a sound effect for giggling

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