tronger ” became the biggest factor to Nozomu being unable to move forward.

Thats why Nozomu had strong admiration for those who moved forward toward their goals, like Irisdina who said ”Ill help if I find someone in need ” and Somia who said, ”I want to catch up to my sister ”.

”Thats right… I started entering the forest from the first-year summer season. Well, at that time…Lisa…there were so many things going on… ”

With Mars pursuit, Nozomu decided to talk about something unimportant for the time being.

If he thought about it, the sign that Mars had been following him yesterday disappeared when he entered the forest, so Nozomu thought that Mars didnt directly see the power of dragonslayer.

”…Im shocked. Have you been entering the forest alone ever since Lisa left you? ”

Mars was amazed at Nozomu who nodded and looked up at the sky. Because it was dangerous for students, the school didnt allow them to enter the forest unless they met the requirements, and students didnt want to anyway. Sometimes, some students got crazy enough to go and ignored the warning, but most of them were badly injured, or at worst, eaten by the demon beasts, never to be seen again.

After all, the students were inexperienced. No matter how high their grade and fighting ability were, they couldnt survive unless they could make accurate judgments. That fact was made known to students each year at the expense of some reckless students.

”Im quite convinced that youve cultivated that extraordinary precise movement and judgment in the forest. ”

Certainly, Mars was correct. After studying under Shino, he was constantly running through the forest and naturally, he was attacked by demon beasts.

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All of the demon beasts that attacked were low-ranked demon beasts. At the time, Nozomu had the same physical ability, but his swordsmanship, Qi technique, tactics, and judgment were all immature. No matter how low the rank of the demon beasts, there were no elements to win.

That was why it was important to know how to get away from any circumstances.

Enter the river to eliminate the odor, attach leaves on the body to mimic the surrounding, and climb the tree to get through.

Nozomus skill on the battlefield was naturally acquired from his thoughts, judgements, and execution of various actions in order to survive in the forest.

The same was true for movements during the group mock battle Nozomu had with Mars entourage. Repeat one-on-one while constantly moving so as not to be surrounded.

This was acquired while fighting against the group of demon beasts such as Wild Dogs.

And the mock battle with Shino.

The battle with Shino who had extraordinary abilities. He would faint immediately if he acted even a little late, and if he made a mistake, he would sink to the floor.

He was in such an environment. Even though he didnt like it, he had no other choice.

”So Mars, why did you call me here? No way, just because you wanted to hear such a thing. You suddenly started slashing at me, Oy ”

Nozomu glared at Mars. Naturally, there was nothing wrong with Nozomu. It was a natural reaction. He was suddenly called and suddenly slashed.

”Uh, well, that is… what is it? ”

Marss tone becomes muddy. He may be aware that he had done something insane.

”??? ”

Mars suddenly stuttered.

As far as Nozomu could tell based on Mars expression, he didnt seem to know that Nozomu was a dragon slayer. He simply felt awkward about the sudden slashing.

When he saw that Nozomu had entered the forest, He didnt seem to have hesitated because he was convinced by Nozomus sword and his power.

Nozomu was a little relieved because Mars didnt seem to know he was a dragon slayer for the time being.

”In, In other words, what I want to know is… ”

”Ahhhhhhhh! Onīchan, what are you doing !! ”

”-Ge, This girl! ”

The sudden loud ringing voice interrupted Mars words. Turning toward the source of the voice, a girl with a face similar to Mars rushed over. She had an angry look on her face, and her gaze was focused on Mars. Looks like this girl is Mars little sister.

”Onii-chan !! What were you trying to do by calling someone to such a remote place!!! ”

”I-I didnt do anything! And, why are you here! ”

”Onīchan went out in the morning with an agitated expression, so I thought it wouldnt be a good thing, so I followed him. Then, as expected, he is trying to harm someone in a place like this… ”

The girl said so while lifting her eyebrows. Mars argued that she was out of her mind.

”Thats not it! How is what I am doing a bad thing!! ”

”Its a natural conclusion considering what onīchan has done so far! Just think how many times Auntie and I have bowed to the people who onīchan bothered! ”

”Uh! ”

It was true that Mars was recognized as a defect that couldnt be touched by the people around him. Although he had the ability to be in the upper class, he was still in the 10th class, which showed how bad his daily behavior was.

On the other hand, Mars let himself be blamed now. Perhaps because he was weak against his sister.

Even if he argued a little, he would immediately be killed by the correct theory, and Mars himself knew that his behavior was bad and knew that he was annoying his family. Eventually he couldnt argue anymore. His sister attacked him with one-sided statements.

”I was banned from my favorite shop because Onīchan went wild! ”

”I was treated as a boss by a child of the same age in the neighborhood because of Onīchan! ”

”I apologized to the neighbors all day and night because of Onīchan! ”

Mars moaned ”Gut! ” or ”Muu! ” every time she talked. Each remark she spoke stabbed deep into him like a spear.

Eventually, it shifted to Marss embarrassing past story.

”He was bedwetting longer than everyone. ” Or ”He said he wanted to ride a horse, and when he jumped on a horse-drawn carriage, the horse was surprised and went out of control. It became a big catch for all the men in the neighborhood. ”

Mars couldnt bear it anymore. Perhaps because of his shame in the past, he hung his head down and put his hands on the ground. Although he did it himself, it was still pathetic to see.

After confirming that Mars had sunk, the girl who was making fun of Mars came in front of Nozomu.

”Im sorry. My foolish onīchan caused you inconvenience. ”

”A, no, I dont mind…Is your brother okay? ”

”Yes. If I dont do this, my brother wont regret it. And because of him, Ive had a lot of trouble. This is his natural punishment. ”

”I…I see…”

Mars, whose heart was broken, looked pitiful, and Nozomu tried to appease the girl, but the girl cut in as if to cast it aside.

Nozomu was angry at Mars who suddenly came at him, but no matter how bad he was, the girl had cast her brother away and abandoned him.

”Oh, Im late to introduce myself. Im Ena, the younger sister of a foolish brother who died there. ”

”Oh, thank you. Im Mars classmate Nozomu Bountis. ”

Unlike Mars, she was a girl who greeted people properly and politely. She was a very mature girl, probably because her brother left her with many issues to deal with.

”Im sorry for the inconvenience caused by my brother today. Id like to apologize, so would you please come to my house? We have an inn with a bar so you can have lunch. ”

She wanted to apologize. Nozomu said she didnt need to apologize, but Ena stubbornly said, ”I have to apologize properly because of the inconvenience. ” He thought it would be a bad idea to refuse, so Nozomu decided to accept her invitation.

”Well its okay, but what about Mars? ”

”Oh, thats right. Onīchan, youre in the way, so walk fast! ”

Ena kicked Mars. Mars got angry, exclaiming ”What are you doing! ”, but he was depressed by his sisters glaring eyes. He followed her trudgingly.

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