e let me participate if you are not bothered by me. ”

Nozomu agreed with Iriss opinion, and Ena thought it was bad to keep refusing her, so she decided to participate.


When we arrived at the party venue, there were various people, but most of them seemed to be working in this mansion.

The party itself seemed to be a stand-up style, and various dishes were lined up on the table at the venue, and it was clear at a glance that all of them were elaborate by the chef.

The guest of honor, Somia, is in the center and is surrounded by children of the same age in Ecross uniforms. They are probably her school classmates.

When Irisdina goes to Somia, Somia notices her sister and jumps into her chest, and Irisdina gently catches Somia who jumps in.

An older sister holds her younger sister with a smile like a goddess and a younger sister hugs her older sister with a big smile.

The scene is very gentle, the people around them naturally smiled, and the party venue is wrapped in a warm atmosphere.

”Thank you for celebrating my dear sisters birthday today. I want you to forget your usual duties and have a lot of fun today. ”

The party started with the speech of Irisdina, and everyone started to enjoy themselves.

Nozomu is watching the venue while enjoying a meal with Mars and others.

There is a crowd around Irisdina, Somia, and Tima, and everyone is talking happily.

Somia is talking to her classmates, but when she noticed Nozomu and the others, she waved her hand and came here.

”Good evening! Nozomu-san ”

”Good evening. Somia-chan. Happy birthday. ”

”Yo ”

”Thank you. Thank you for coming today! ”

Somia answers cheerfully. She is so happy. She is more energetic than ever.

”Nozomu-san. Who is this person? ”

Somia turned her gaze to Ena, who was next to Mars.

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”Nice to meet you. My name is Ena, Mars Dickenss little sister. Today, I was invited by Irisdina-san to participate. Please treat me well, Somiliana-san. ”

”A, just Somia is fine. Id be happy if you call me that way, dont mind it so please call me that way! ”

”I understand. Regards, Somia-chan. ”

”Okay! ”

Then they start talking with a smile. As far as self-introduction and the current situation are seen, it seems that they are quite a hit with each other.

The two are talking about their sibling now. The story seems to be lively, probably because they both have older families. Ena talks about how hard her brother has been, and Somia completely follows the story about Mars, who is often talked about.

Mars protests her sister who belittles him and retorts back to her. Tima joins Somia, who hears the noise and tries to stop the big tongue battle that is about to start three times.

Nozomu was watching the situation from a distance, and Irisdina came there.

”Yaa, Nozomu-kun. Are you having fun? ”

”Yes, there arent many opportunities like this. Is it okay not to stop them? ”

”It doesnt matter. Mars and Ena seem to be doing the usual thing, and Somia seems to have fun with that. Tima seems to be a little troubled, but sometimes like this is okay. ”

She is looking at the turmoil happily with giggles. Her appearance is age-appropriate, unlike the dignified girl at the school, she has a very attractive smile.

”~Tsu! ”

”? Is something wrong ? ”

”N, no. Its nothing! ”

”? Is that so ? ”

Nozomu became embarrassed to see her smile and just turned his eyes away.

Irisdina draw closer to the strange Nozomu, which made Nozomus heart throbbing.

”By the way, I havent thanked you yet. ”

”Thanking me? ”

Nozomu inclined his head at Irisdinas words. He didnt understand why he was thanked.

”Our mother gave birth to Somia, and she died at that time. Thats why I was trying to be Somias mother … I wonder if she misses her real mother, Somia was somehow sad when her birthday was approaching. ”

Nozomu listens to her story seriously.

Nozomu did not know that her mother had died.

”But this time its not the case. I think its because she met you guys. Somia talked a lot about you in the mansion. She met a strange Onīchan. ”

”Is…. that so ”

Looking at Somia, She is trying to stop the quarrel between Mars and Ena in a hurry. It seems to be difficult, but there was no unpleasant atmosphere there, and it made her smile somehow.

”Please dont be distracted! Ane-sama! Nozomu-san! Dont feel intimate in such a place, please do something about this—. ”

Nozomu and Irisdina laughed at Somias voice when they looked at each other.

”Well, lets go now because the princess is calling. ”

”Yes, I will stop Mars for the time being. ”

The two nodded to each other and ran into the turmoil.


The main gate of Francilt Mansion. An old man in butlers clothes stood there, and when he rang the doorbell, a maid who warned Nozomu and others appeared.

”Yes, who is it? ”

”Im sorry to bother you late at night. Can you pass on my message because I have something to do with the owner of this mansion? ”

”Im sorry. Today, a party is being held to celebrate the birthday of the Ladys sister, so no one can act as an intermediary. If you have a request, I will deliver it to the Lady later, so can you forgive me? ”

The owner of the mansion is Irisdina. When the maid sees the old man, he is well dressed and polite in his language, but something is wrong.

She asks about the important matter, but the old man says he must speak in front of the Lady and never gives up.

The old gentleman repeatedly asks the maid to meet the owner of the mansion, but she gently refuses because the maid is concerned about the life of her master.

”Hmm, it cant be helped ………… ”

Eventually, the old man sighed, straightened the collar of his butlers clothes, and snapped the fingers of his right hand.

Suddenly, the maids body is weakened, and she collapsed on the spot.

”Im sorry. This is also the Lords order. ”

The old man hugs the collapsed maid and gently laids her back at the gate, and swiftly runs the fingers of his right hand into the air.

At that moment, a huge magic square appeared at the feet of the old man, an enormous magical power covered the mansion.


The fun time had passed and the party itself has closed, so the people who were attending the party were either going home or cleaning up the venue.

However, Nozomu and his friends were still at the venue, waiting for Somia and the others. For them, the birthday party wasnt over yet.

”Im sorry to have kept you waiting, everyone! ”

Somia rushes to Nozomu and his friends. Behind her are Irisdina and Tima.

The reason Nozomu and his friends were still there was to give a present to Somia.

Others were giving presents during the party, but Nozomu and his friends didnt have the opportunity.

By the way, the cause was the big quarrel between Mars and Ena. Nozomu was acting as a ”stopper ” throughout the party as the two made a turmoil, so he missed the opportunity to give the present.

Somia looks at Nozomu with excitement. The eyes of her urge Nozomu as if to say ”quickly ”.

He laughed at the situation and tried to give the present.

However, the next moment, the door of the party venue opened with a clicking sound, and an old man came out from the entrance.

The old man is dressed in black butler clothes, has silver hair tied behind him, has red eyes, and wears monocles.

Irisdina sees the person and frowns at him. Neither Irisdina nor Nozomu and the others has seen such a person at this party. Looks like an outsider.

”Who are you? It seems that you werent the one I invited to todays party. ”

”Im really sorry to have disturbed you in an unscrupulous manner. Actually, there is a message from my lord to the owner of this mansion … Im late to say, Im Rugato, a butler who serves the Waziart family of the Dizart Empire. Do you see the owners of this mansion, Irisdina-sama and Somiliana-sama? ”

Irisdina asked the old man with a strained voice. He bows his head deeply and keeping the smile on his mouth without changing. It is an ideal expression of gratitude as a servant.

”The Empire of Dizart … Sure, in the northwestern part of the continent … ”

Nozomu speaks the name of the country as he mutters.

”… Certainly, Im the owner of this mansion, Irisdina Francilt, and this child is my little sister Somiliana … What on earth did Rugato-dono come for? ”

”My purpose is to retrieve the treasure ”Furnace of Spiritual Flame ” that we lent to the Francilt family before. ”

”Furnace of Spiritual Flame? ”

Irisdina tilts her head to words she has never heard. Apparently, she knows nothing about the treasure.

”Yes. That is a treasure that can take in the souls of others and own their power, and it belongs to the Waziart Family that I originally served …. Looks like, it is now fused with the soul of Somiliana-sama. Ill get it back now. ”

”Na~ !! ”

Everyone who was there doubted their ears.

According to Rugatos story, it seems that the ”Furnace of Spiritual Flame ” is fused with Somias soul. And he says hell get it back.

”Then I will fulfill the contract. ”

”Wa, wait !! ”

Irisdina, who had no idea what was going on, called out to Rugato to stop him, but at that moment, a tremendous amount of magical power covered the entire mansion.

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