Chapter Side Story

Side Story : Irisdina Helping Out

A certain holiday afternoon. Irisdina Francilt was walking around the city alone.

She is a beautiful girl of extraordinary beauty who walked the streets dashingly.

A gentle spring breeze caressed her long, shiny hair, and the sunlight made her jet-black eyes stand out.

The dignified aura she wore around her, made her seem like she was from another world.

The people on the street were mesmerized by her appearance but could not approach her, and the surroundings became silent. It was like a painting out from the picture frame.

”N~ … What a nice day. Such a beautiful sky, maybe I should have invited Somia as well ”

She usually didnt miss training even on holidays, but today she did the minimum training and went to the city to take a break from it.

She thought she should have invited her sister, but her sister seemed to be busy at home, so she refrained and decided to take a walk in the city alone.

She was just walking around the city of Arcazam.

From the northern part where the Francilt household is located, go out to the central park in the center of the city, and continue to the commercial district in the south.

After exploring the commercial district while looking at the rare products and items gathered from all over the continent, this time she headed to the artisan district on the west side.

In the artisan district, various craftsmen who support the city of Arcazam are working hard every day.

There are various types of craftsmanship, from masonry craftsmen, carpenters, bakers, tailors, and other craftsmen who are directly connected to their daily life, to jeweler and glass craftsmen who handle luxury products.

The many items that they put their lives to produce were something that made Irisdinas eyes opened especially when she had seen those items since an early age.

Sometimes she came across unexpected bargains. For Irisdina, walking around this area can be a lot of fun.

While trying not to stop, Irisdinas eyes caught an unexpected figure as she was looking at the many items lined up on the side of the road.

”He…… ”

Beyond her line of sight was the back of a person walking with large luggage on its back.

The person was carrying enough luggage to cover its height, so it is not sure what the person looked like, but as far as one could see its feet under the luggage, it looked like a mans.

Irisdina gently approached from behind the man carrying the luggage and called him out.

”… Nozomu? ”

”Eh, Iris? Why are you in such a place? ”

Nozomu looked back with a surprised expression when an unexpected person called out to him.

Nozomu never thought he would meet Irisdina in this place.

Nozomu wonders if Irisdina came to buy goods made in this artisan district.

She was the daughter of the Francilt Family, she might want to buy some goods from this artisan district, but ordering and delivering goods was the craftsmans or maids job. So Nozomu was a little surprised because he thought Irisdina wouldnt go there in person.

”Im taking a walk because I have free time. The craftsmen here are of higher quality than in my country. I can enjoy it just by sightseeing. ”

She answered Nozomus question with a smile on her mouth. Her smile never fueled discomfort, rather made her look more attractive.

As usual, Irisdina attracted people around her. Like the students in the school, the surrounding craftsmen were also fascinated by her. Not to mention Nozomu.

”I-is that so … ”

Nozomu gave a sloppy reply.

Whether or not she was paying attention to what was happening around her, Irisdina asked him the question she had just felt.

”What are you doing here? ”

”Its a job. Ive received a miscellaneous request from the guild. ”

”Ah right, you were making your own living expenses … ”

With that said, Irisdina looked at the luggage on Nozomus back. There was still a large amount of red grass in the sack he was carrying.

”… Nozomu, what on earth are you using this grass for? ”

”This is for dyeing clothes. I just got a request from a tailor. The tailor wants me to help dye the clothes. ”

Clothes are dyed by soaking them in the essence extracted from certain plants.

A large amount of dye is required to dye a large amount of fabric, and Nozomu is in the process of bringing in plants to make the dye.

Irisdina, who was listening to his situation, made a contemplative gesture for a while.

”… Nozomu. Can I help you with that job? ”

”Eh? W-why? ”

Irisdina told him that she would help him with his job. Nozomu tilted his head wondering what she was thinking.

”Ive never done this kind of work before, but as the Francilt Family, I may become less directly involved in peoples lives in the future. Thats why I want to know a lot of things about the people who support us now. ”

When Nozomu was wondering what Irisdina was really thinking, She answered his question.

It was obvious that she would be forced into political affairs if she officially became the head of the household. She didnt worry about it while his father was alive, but she didnt know how long it would last, or what the future would hold.

Besides, one of her goals was to join the Silver Rainbow Chivalric Order.

If she were to belong to the most famous chivalric order on the continent, she would be forced to carry out missions without having to become the head of the Francilt Family.

That was why she wanted to cherish her current time as a student, even a minute or even a second.

”… I understand. I will ask the person in charge, so please follow me. I believe they need manpower, so I will also help you ask. ”

”Yup, thank you, Nozomu ”

Irisdina smiled at Nozomus answer.

Nozomu didnt want to turn down Irisdinas sincere request.

Rather, Nozomu, who liked her straightforwardness, was willing to help her and accompany her.

The two who arrived at the dyeing workshop were greeted by a well-physique man and an old lady who were the owner of the workshop. At the workshop, the neighborhood housewives have come to help and are currently working.

The old lady who was the owner of the workshop was willing to accept Irisdinas request. She needed more manpower, and she had no reason to refuse Irisdinas sincere request.

”First of all, pluck the leaves of this grass. Then you grind the leaves that have been plucked here. ”

Irisdinas job was simple. Plucking red grass leaves that were piled up like mountains in front of her. Nozomus job was to grind plucked grass leaves.

The housewives separated the stems and leaves of the grass one by one with their experienced hands. Irisdina also started plucking red grass leaves by learning from them.

“Being in this city at your age. Could it be that the young lady is a student of the Solminati Academy?”

”Yeah, thats true. Even though Im still inexperienced, I learned a lot of things at that school. ”

”Is that so! That boy seems to be also a student at Solminati Academy … ”

With those words, Irisdina turned her gaze towards Nozomu, who was behind the workshop.

He was crushing the red grass leaves with a large mortar and a long pestle that one person could fit inside.

It might not be easy to stir a pot containing a large amount of grass, Nozomu used the strength of his whole body and stirred the contents of the large mortar with the long pestle.

However, Nozomu didnt stop his hand even if new grass was added one after another. Making good use of his body weight, he grinded the grass that was constantly being thrown in and extracted the red juice which became the dye.

Nozomu didnt stop stirring while sweating on his forehead. Looking to the side as Nozomu worked seriously, Irisdina was inspired by him and concentrated on her own work.

She carefully plucked the red grass leaves one by one and sorted them out. Maybe shes getting used to it, her work speed was gradually increasing.

She was still slow compared to the housewives around her, but in 10 minutes she could finish her work at a reasonable pace.

”Hee, youre quick to catch on. This grass has stiff muscles, so its a little tricky to pluck it off. ”

The old lady was impressed with Irisdinas dexterity. Even in such a place, Irisdina was demonstrating her talent.

”And you have a very beautiful face. Ive never seen such a beautiful girl. Why dont you become my daughter-in-law? ”

”What are you talking about? If she comes to your place and becomes your daughter-in-law, then I cant make my own son happy! ”

A housewife who worked seriously told the old lady that it was a ridiculous thing to say to Irisdina.

Perhaps inspired by their conversation, the other housewives around them tried to introduce their sons to Irisdina one after another.

”Im sorry. Im happy with your offer, but Im not ready to get married yet, so I will have to refuse it. Everyone is already so reliable this way, and you dont have to worry about your son. ”

While conveying her intention firmly so as not to make the other party uncomfortable, Irisdina clearly refused the housewifes offer.

”Ara-ra. I got rejected. Well, such a good girl better find someone better than my son… ”

”Thats true. By the way, even if you think that marriage is still too early, there is still a boy that you care about, right? ”

”Right! There should be someone right~!? I wonder if youll tell us. ”

The housewives withdrew after hearing Irisdinas reply. It was probably just a joke in the first place.

However, this time it developed into Irisdinas love story.

Perhaps they were rumor-loving housewives. Their behavior, when discovered a material to be collected in their usual peaceful and boring daily life, was like an ant swarming in sugar.

”Fufu… Well, what do you think? ”

But Irisdina wont lose either.

With her poker face and tongue trained at social gatherings, she dodged the pursuit of the housewives who flock to her.

”Oh, I know! Its the boy over there! Youre willing to help with his work and go with him today! ”

”Thats right! Im sure thats the case! ”

When one of the housewives pointed at Nozomu and rushed over to Irisdina, the other housewives followed confidently.

However, Irisdina herself was very calm.

”Im certainly indebted to him, but right now I dont have any feelings towards him. ”

Full throttle fierce attacks from the housewives who were full of interests and desires. The rain of questions like a group of arrows pouring down from all directions kept coming without stopping.

However, Irisdina continued to brilliantly dodge the fierce attacks of the housewives, without changing the smile on her mouth at all.

Her appearance was like that of a hero on horseback galloping on the battlefield against a myriad of armies.

”… Oi, kid ”

”Chief, please put in the next grass. Quickly, this instant, as soon as possible. ”

The chief and Nozomu shrunk at the edge of such a battlefield.

Nozomu sent a message with his eyes to the chief, saying ”Please do something about it! ”

With his gaze, the chief replied with an irresponsible answer, saying ”My wife is scary, so just do it yourself! ”

He is such a pitiful man.

However, it cant be helped either. The housewives who were talking about rumors were just like demon beasts rivaling that of dragons.

Once he was disobedient to his wife, finally his wallet was detained so that he completely depended on his wife. He was sentenced to no allowance for a while.

For every working husband, it was equivalent to cutting off their supply lines in a fierce battlefield.

The mighty demon beasts didnt notice the ants hanging around their feet.

In some cases, demon beasts accidentally crushed the ants…

While trying not to pay attention to that noise as much as possible. Nozomu innocently continued to grind the grass, and the chief kept throwing grass into the mortar.

In the end, he sent his gaze over them, he could see that they were doing as they please with Irisdina.

While earnestly wishing that the tip of their spear would not turn to him, Nozomu erased his presence and continued to stir the mortar.

On such a broad day inside the city, he erased his presence more than he was in the forest.

The job is done. After Nozomu and Irisdina received confirmation of the cleared request, they came to the central park. All he had to do now was send this confirmation to the guild and his request would be completed.

”Thank you Nozomu, I learned a lot today. ”

”I-is that so… ”

The appearance of Irisdina, who brilliantly handled the flocking housewives returned to Nozomus mind.

What on earth did she learn…

”Even so, is it okay for me to get something like this? ”

Nozomu tried not to think the things that came back to his mind, and looked at the bag in his hands.

Nozomu was carrying a bag in his arms. Inside it was a cloth dyed with coloring dye. It was a piece of cloth that cannot be used at the tailor.

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”What would you use it for? ”

”I will get a reasonable price even if I sell it to a second-hand clothing store. I think it is possible to repair clothes with it. And there are many other uses. ”

Not to mention repairing damaged clothes, even repairing armor also used cloth and strings to connect metal plates.

In fact, needles, strings and threads to tie, a knife to cut, and cloth were necessities for life in the forest.

All of them were indispensable tools.

Even Nozomu sometimes used threads as warning lines.

”I see … Nozomu sure is amazing. You can do various things by yourself. You can even enter that forest alone. ”

”Is that so? But I cant use magic like Irisdina, and also… ”

Her figure going straight ahead and walking on her own path. To be honest, Irisdina looked dazzling to Nozomu. He understood that it was something he didnt have at the moment. Silence flowed between them for a while.

”……Hmm!? ”

”Is there something wrong? ”

The two were silent, but suddenly Irisdina made a gasping voice.

When Nozomu asked what happened, Irisdina offered her hands. Her both hands were swollen red.

”Somehow … my hands are itchy … ”

”Its swollen … Ah~, maybe the juice got on your hand when you plucked the grass leaves. ”

According to Nozomu, the grass juice can be used as a dye, but it seemed to cause a rash on the skin. Its okay if some time has passed, but it seemed that freshly extracted juice wasnt very good for the skin.

The housewives who were used to it might be able to prevent the juice from getting into their hands, Irisdina wouldnt be able to do her job like housewives up to that point.

”The juice makes your skin swell quickly, but it will also subside quickly. I think that the swelling will soon disappear if you leave it for a while. If you are still worried, just apply the ointment sold at the tool store, and right away it will be… hmm? What is this? ”

While explaining things to Irisdina, Nozomus hand, which was holding a bag, touched something hard.

Nozomu tried to take something from the bag, a small bottle came out. There is a milky white jelly-like substance inside of it.

”… This is an ointment ”

What Nozomu got was an ointment that was effective for treating the swelling of Irisdinas hands.

Probably the one who put it in was the old lady. She knew Irisdina didnt know about juice that could cause swelling, so she kept it in the bag as a thank you. Its a smart measure.

”Iris. I think applying this will reduce swelling. ”

Nozomu presented a bottle of ointment, but for some reason, Irisdina didnt take the bottle.

As Nozomu tilted his head, wondering what she was thinking, Irisdina stretched out her red and swollen hand.

”Nozomu, Im sorry, but can you apply the ointment to my hands? ”

”……Eh? ”

Actually, Irisdinas hands were so itchy that she couldnt touch anything. She asked Nozomu to help her and apply the ointment, but a question was dancing inside Nozomus head.

Wondering what she was saying, Nozomu felt the heat in his head rising all at once.

Nozomu wondered if it was really alright, but Irisdina looked the same as usual, and she extended her hand and asks her to hurry up.

”… My hands are so itchy that I couldnt touch anything. Nozomu, Im sorry, but I need your help. ”

”I-I understand … ”

Nozomu finally understood the situation and looked at her outstretched hand.

Irisdinas skin, which was normally as white as snow, was now a little red like it was burning.

Opening the bottle cap and taking out the ointment, Nozomu gently applied the ointment to Irisdinas hand.

”Nn~! ”

”! Are you okay? ”

”Ah, its alright. It was a little cold so I accidentally let out a voice. ”

Irisdinas strangely charming voice made Nozomu nervous, but

Nozomu continued to apply the ointment.

The surrounding gazes were fixed on Nozomu and Irisdina. The current Nozomu, who was touching a womans hand, could be seen from the side as lovers in heat.

Nozomus face immediately turned red when he realized his situation. He tried to ignore the eyes around him and concentrated on Irisdinas hands applying the ointment.

However, when he focused his mind on Irisdinas hand, he could feel her hand more clearly.

Her hands were so soft that he couldnt think of her as someone who practiced martial arts. Maybe her body temperature was lower than Nozomus, a cold sensation spread across Nozomus hands, and Nozomus body heated up even more.

On the other hand, Irisdina was very calm. She is the exact opposite of Nozomu. Either because she was used to being the center of attention, or because she was the daughter of a famous family and was usually taken care of by the maids.

After it was done, Irisdina felt relieved and exhaled. But Nozomu sighed as if he was tired.

”Umm, mom. The two of them are very close! Are they lovers!? ”

”Thats right. I wonder if theyre lovers. ”

The voice of a parent and child that seemed to come to the park reached Nozomus ears.


Nozomus face seemed to turn red due to that word.

However, that word dug up Nozomus past. His memories about his best friends betrayal and his lovers appearance leaving him behind were passing through his mind, and his burning face diminished at once.

”Fufu, lovers ?… such a cute girl. ”

”Yes … . ”

Irisdina talked to Nozomu while waving her hand to the parent and child.

She was calm and doesnt look unusual.

Nozomu intended to answer with his usual voice, but he had a slightly choked voice instead.

”Nozomu? ”

”… Lets go. ”

Due to his strange behavior, Irisdina called out to Nozomu, but Nozomu began walking toward the guild and blocking her words.

Nozomu quickened his legs as an emotion similar to the wicked impulse rose within his chest.

However, Irisdinas words could be heard from behind.

”Nozomu. Thank you for hanging out with me today. If you dont mind, would you please continue to do this kind of work together with me? I want to learn more. ”

The words he heard were gratitude for today and a request that to continue working together.

Her words slightly contained the wicked impulse that arose inside his chest. The momentum of the black vortex in the depths of his chest subsided and became slightly warmer. Nozomus heartbeat was beating slowly, sending a warm heat throughout his body.

”…Well, Ill go with you when the circumstances allow. ”

While looking back, Nozomu smiled at Irisdina.

His facial expression that had become stiff had returned to its original state before he knew it.

”… When the circumstances allow, right? ”

Irisdina pondered Nozomus words as she returned to her house.

”But today sure was amazing. I wonder if it was a natural thing for every housewife … ”

Irisdina was a prestigious aristocrat from the country of Foskia, no matter how much she interacted with ordinary people at school, she is inevitably ignorant of worldly circumstances due to her birth.

Thinking she couldnt stay like that forever, thats why she tried to help Nozomu with his job, and today she experienced a series of new things.

To be honest, she wanted to learn more and try another job, but it couldnt be helped. She promises him to continue doing his work together in the future.

She looked at the palm of her hands.

Perhaps the ointment that Nozomu had applied had worked, the swelling had subsided.

When the housewives were asking her questions in the tailor.

When they started asking about him.

When she had him smeared ointment on her swelled hands.

A heat that she couldnt even understand was swirling in the depth of Irisdinas chest. Somehow She felt hotter than when she first dated Nozomu.

It was especially noticeable when Nozomu was applying the ointment to her hands.

She seemed calm and composed, but she was only accustomed to fake her facial expressions due to her past social gatherings experiences.

Her swollen hand felt warm.

Her chest was filled with feelings that surpassed interest towards Nozomu. She wanted to know more about him, at the same time, she also wanted to know about his ex-girlfriend…

Irisdina walked down the road to her mansion, gently touching her chest as heat swirled inside.

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