”… Mars … -kun? ”

I wonder if it was strange for me to help, she muttered my name with a stunned voice.

………… At first, I didnt like her. Even though she is A rank, She has no motivation to say back to me who had taken an unpleasant attitude by looking at her complexion.

But she clearly showed her feelings on her face now. ”Dont give up. ”

”… Why are you shocked? You should concentrate on the magic. Ill do something about that old mans magic. ”

I told her… Tima. To keep her eyes on that old man, and put her own will into it …

Then, sending Qi to the fists of my both hands, and prepare it.

Qi technique ”Wind Mass Palm ”

Qi technique to put the compressed wind on the fist and increase the striking power. The sent-in Qi gathers the wind further, creating a mass of wind that is clearly visible to the eye.

“……………….Un! Please!”

The mouth loosens involuntarily with a clear voice.

”Nozomu, evacuate Ena and bring our swords. ”

”Eh! ”

When we entered the mansion, we left the swords we had with the maids. As expected, the maids did not allow people armed with a sword at the birthday party.

Ena has fallen asleep due to the magic of the barrier developed by the oldman. If she were here, she could get involved in the fight.

”But I dont know where it is stored! ”

”The storage place is the small room on the right side of the entrance of the mansion! If you have this, you can enter it! ”

Irisdina-san throws a key to Nozomu. It looks like the master key of this mansion.

Neither I nor Nozomu has their weapons. Its impossible for only Tima-san and Irisdina-san to be this old man opponent, and we all need to participate in the battle to overcome the current situation.

”I understand! Everyone, I leave it to you! ”

Watching Nozomu leave the room with Ena on his back, I exhale.

Witnessing the strength of the old man, my unconsciously tense body loosens moderately, and blood runs around my whole body.

The old man in front of me easily handles two people of A rank. The Qi that exudes from his body is almost the same as Jihad Roundel, the strongest swordsman in the school.

His ability is probably S rank.

”S rank ”

It is a title for a strong person with only a dozen people on this continent.

And the Dizart Empire he was talking about.

That country has little diplomatic relations with other countries, but it has tremendous military power.

Even at the time of the great invasion 10 years ago, the demons who had invaded their country have been driven out by only one country.

In front of the strong man in such an unscrupulous country, my feelings were irresistible.

My feelings were excited in front of the strong man from such a nonsense country.

”………… So, what are you going to do? ”

”That familiar is summoned by Rugato-shis black ball. That means … ”

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”There is no choice but to do something about that black ball. Is it necessary to go to the old man for that? ”

That old man is a ridiculous guy who can manipulate ten magics at the same time. The magic we have now and long-range attacks with my Qi technique wont reach him.

There is only close combat to find a way out.

”But its not easy to get close. ”

”Aa, the effort is on a different level. ”

For now, the magic that he has been using was ”Magic Bullet ”, which is a beginners magic that only collects and launches magical power. Looking at the fact that the blood sword used two fingers for one, it may be possible for him to use multiple fingers for higher-level magic, even so, isnt the speed too amazing.

”Even so, I will win !! Mars-kun, I leave Tima in your care! ”

”I know ”

Irisdina declares.

Naturally. I dont feel like losing. No matter who you are!

Nods to each other and faces the old man. The opponent is one of the top dozen people on this continent.

If he fights seriously, he can get rid of us easily.

The old man spreads his hands. Its like an orchestra conductor.

Were certainly weaker than you, even so ……… we will win!!!

With definite intentions, we faced the strong man in front of us.


Nozomus POV

Nozomu recovered his katana and Marss sword from the storage and ran down the hallway to return to the battlefield. Along the way, Nozomu was thinking about Rugato.

(Rugato-san is probably a person with the same rank as Shishō …)

I remember Shishō.

Although the orientations of magic and sword are different, Rugato-san had the same unique atmosphere of a strong person as Shishō had.

And at the same time I was convinced.

(Maybe ……… Irisdina-san and the others cant win …)

I understand because I was closer to Shishō than anyone else and fought with Shishō for my life. When comparing Rugato-sans ability with Irisdina-sans and the others. I quickly realized that they couldnt win head-on. Moreover, now they have to suppress the familiar that accompanying Rugato.

(If I dont hurry! … But can we win? Without me using ”that ” …)

The first thing I came up with to win was the release of Ability Suppression.

But the fear of the great power ingrained in my heart made me hesitate to do so, and I couldnt move forward.

Frightened by the power released, seen with a fearful gaze, referred to as a ”monster! ”, and rejected.

When I thought about it, my body trembled. I wonder if I will return to that dark, alone place.

Will I get involved in the fight against those who will aim for this power?

”Tsu! Damn it! ”

I hate my weakness that keeps running away. I could only speed up to disguise it.


”Guu! ~Tsuaaaa!! ”

Mars keeps repelling the approaching magic bullet storm with his fist. Rugato mercilessly shoots Tima with magic bullets, but Mars, who cuts in between, acts as her shield and prevents Rugatos magic.

However, it is not easy to repel magic bullets with bare hands, no matter how hard he strengthens them. Moreover, even though it is a beginners magic, it is the magic of an S-rank powerful person. The skin of Marss hand was already shattered, his fist was bloody, and some white bones were visible.

Even so, he wields his fist. Blood splattered on the floor each time, and a field of blood was formed on the white floor.

”Wa aa aa! ”

Irisdina was similarly inferior. It wasnt as noticeable as Mars, but she couldnt get close at all.

Rugato responds instantly to her immediate magic deployment and quickly builds a formation with his multiple fingers. He activates and offsets her magic as fast as she does.

At the same time, he also manipulated his blood sword, blocking her approach.

”Haa haa haa! ”

”Ku … Mars-kun. Are you … okay? ”

”Haa haa … Shut up, concentrate on maintaining the magic rather than me … ”

Tima talks worriedly, but her complexion makes her look like shes about to collapse.

(I cant do it, it takes a lot of magic and concentration to maintain this kind of high-class magic)

Timas magic is extremely advanced magic that uses 4 attributes at the same time. She needs enormous mental power to activate and maintain the magic.

Furthermore, her body is receiving several Rugatos magic bullets. She is by no means strong. Her wounds are jerky and painful, gradually but surely eroding her concentration.

The three are gradually pushed, and finally, the limit is reached.

The next magic bullets are fired where Marss posture collapses as he cannot handle the approaching magic bullets.

”Gaaaaaaa !!! ”

With a scream, Mars is blown away and slammed against the wall.

”Its over ”

”!! ”

Because Mars was defeated, there is nothing to block Rugatos magic, and multiple magic bullets are shot at Tima.

”Kyaaaaaaaaaaa !! ”

There is no way for her to avoid it, and the magic bullet hits her directly. She fell down on the floor as if collapsed.

At the same time, the ”Circumference of Sealing Formation ” that restrained the familiar is released, and the grim reaper is released.

”Tima! Mars-kun! ”

”Guu! ”

”Tsu~tsu~tsu! ”

Irisdina shouted, but the two couldnt answer and just moaned.

”Ku! ”

She tries to rush to Somia to stop the grim reaper, but her foot is stopped by a magic bullet passing in front of her at high speed.

Rugato fires a magic bullet with his free left hand and controls the blood sword with his right hand. Irisdina is completely stuck in a dense attack that is incomparable to the previous one.

The Grim Reaper stops in front of Somia and swings the scythe up. No one could stop the grim reaper anymore and Somias death is confirmed.

”Somia !!! ”

”A, aa… ”

An older sister who desperately calls her sisters name and a younger sister who is swallowed by the fear of death. Her fate has already been confirmed ………… it should have been.

The moment when the grim reaper tried to swing the scythe down. Both arms with the scythe were flying in the air.

”……Eh. ”

The thoughts of everyone who was there stopped, and the time stagnated for a moment. A shadow was running through that time.

The shadow swiftly plunged into the grim reaper, flashed his sword, and released a death blow.

Qi technique ”Phantom -Recurrence- ”

The extremely sharpened slash cuts the body of the grim reaper and shatters his core armor.

The grim reaper whose core was broken disappeared like a fog, and crushed pieces of arm decorations were flying around.

”Nozomu … san? ”

Somia muttered to confirm.

Nozomu faces Rugato without answering Somias question.

(………… Shishō. I …… what should I do …………)

Still without an answer ………….

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