give this. ”

Neither Irisdina nor Somia tried to hide their strong resentment.

”And the Furnace of Spiritual Flame mixed with Somia-chans soul … ”

”Aa. That … Honestly, it seems impossible to separate the Furnace of Spiritual Flame, which has been mixed with Somias soul. It seems that it is not supposed to be used in this way … I do not know why such things were mixed in Somias soul in the first place … ”

That means that we dont know what will happen in the future. Everyone who was there is silent.

”… Irisdina-san, is it okay for you to told us this story? ”

Nozomu had been thinking about the difficulties that might hit Somia from now on, and suddenly wondered and spoke to Irisdina.

This story must go unpublished for the Francilt Family.

However, Irisdina doesnt mind Nozomus questions, and she replies.

”I dont mind. This time, you helped us, even though we got you involved in our situation. I dont want to hide it from such a lifesaver. I know this, but I wont let the people in the household get their hands on it. ”

Irisdina says she doesnt mind at all while folding her arms. She has no hesitation in her expression.

”Let me thank you again. Thank you for your help this time. Its thanks to you guys that Im not losing Somia. Really … Im grateful … thank you. ”

”Really … Thank you very much for helping me! ”

The Francilt sisters bowed down and thanked them. Nozomu is feeling uneasy with their pure feelings. Suddenly, Mars become shy with a stern red face, probably because he had the same feeling.

”Aa, no. Its nothing to care about… ”

”Thats not the case! It was really cool when you helped me from Shinigami-san! ”

”Fufu, thats exactly what Somia says. ”

Somia excitedly said so as she leaned forward, and Irisdina also praised Nozomu.

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”I, I dont want to be overly complimented …. and I ……… ”

Nozomu is worried that he was wavering until the end of that battle. His facial expression naturally becomes hard.

Mars, who was watching Nozomu, comes with a serious look. Perhaps what he wants to hear is ………….

”……… Nozomu, can I ask you? What the hell did you do at the end of that battle? ”


Irisdina and others are silent on a single question from Mars. Perhaps they were also interested, all the eyes in this place gathered at Nozomu.

”I know you are much stronger than people say at school, but you were not normal at that time. What the hell did you do then? ”

While silence dominated, Nozomu slowly begins to speak.

”That is ……… the release of Ability Suppression … ”

”Release of Ability Suppression? ”

Somia is tilting her head, but Nozomu continues to explain.

”Do you know about my ability ”Ability Suppression ” ? ”

”As the name suggests, it is an ability that keet the persons ability below a certain level. ”

”Yes, I have that ability and Im limited in Qi, power, and magic. ”

While affirming Irisdinas words, Nozomu explains his abilities.

”I havent heard of it, but at the end of the second year, I was able to unlock this ability. ”

”… Perhaps. At that time you were injured because … ”

”Aa, yeah. At that time, I was able to release my Ability Suppression. Well, because of my injury, the practical exam at the end of the year was terrible … ”

”Then, why didnt you ever use it? ”

”That is………… ”

Todays dream scene resurfaced. The smell of Arcazam, which has become a burning field, and the people of that burning city. And she was eaten by ”that guy ”.

”~Tsu! ”

“………… Nozomu-kun?”

”Aa, no … sorry. I was dazing …. I didnt use it because I couldnt fully control it in open state, and when I released the Ability Suppression, I could only release it for about 2 minutes. ”

Nozomu answers by glossing over the anxiety inside himself. His answer didnt tell the whole story either.

”Even the rocks are crushed just by hitting it. I cant handle it with humans. ”

”……… Its certainly not easy to use …. I mean, your technique is just like that. ”

”… Im well aware ”

In the end, even after that, Nozomu couldnt tell that he is a dragonslayer.

After a while, twilight dyed the sky, so Nozomu and others decided to go home, and Irisdina and her friends has come to see them off at the gate of the mansion.

”Then, were going home. ”

”See you ”

”Aa, see you at the school … ”

”Un, see you ”

Nozomu and others finished their goodbye. Suddenly Somia who was near Irisdina grabbed Nozomus hand.

”Wh, whats wrong? Somia-chan ”

”Nozomu-san! Thank you for helping me! At that time, I thought I couldnt see Ane-sama anymore … but Im very happy to be with Ane-sama again now! ”

Somia once again thanked Nozomu for something. Then Irisdina also held her other hand and thanked him again.

”If, if you didnt help me at that time, theres no doubt Somia will be taken. I … Im sure I couldnt stand it. …… truly thank you ”

Nozomu is a little relieved by the words of gratitude given by the two. There are many things he couldnt talk about, and he has a lot of anxiety in his heart. But at least at that time, the release of his Ability Suppression seems to be not a mistake.

”… By the way, I havent given this to Somia-chan yet. ”

”??? ”

Somia tilts her head to Nozomus words. Nozomu takes it out of his pocket and presents it with words one day late.

”Its one day late, happy birthday ”

He took out a birthday present that he was planning to give to Somia.

The white and black strings are tied up in a ring shape, the strings are attached to the ring, and the bell commonly used in the east is attached to its end.

It was made in reference to her arm ornament, which she cherished as a bond of her family.

”I used that arm decoration as a reference, I thought it would be a good idea to give it, but I wasnt good at making crafts so… ”

”No! Im very happy! Thank you, Nozomu-san! ”

Somia says so and puts on the bell arm ornament. It is disproportionate to her good appearance and is by no means a good product. Even so, Somia is very happy and shy.

Irisdina also watches over her sister with a smile.

Both Tima and Mars have smiles on their faces.

A turbulent day. A smile that he thought he would never be able to see again at one point. It certainly is a sight that everyone here wants to protect.

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