d. For them, Nozomu is nothing more than a scarecrow to relieve their irritation.

They were also always looked down upon by other classes as the lower class humans of the 10th class. So far, they had vented their anger on Nozomu, who was the lowest in their bottom class.

The resistance of Nozomu was unexpected for them. When they used to persecute Nozomu, Nozomu was almost not resisting. However, now Nozomu is directly resisting the boys who are hitting him. Moreover……

”Fu~! ”

In the gap where he evaded the big hook, he strengthens his fist with Qi and strikes the opponents solar plexus, and a male student who was struck at a vital point faints in agony and collapses.

Until now, Nozomu was not very aggressive about attacks, but gradually he became more aggressive.

Nozomu was frustrated when he remembered the mock battle with Mars at the beginning of the third year, but now he has come to use his own skills to the extent that there is no problem in some cases.

However, his technique is still very deadly, so its still difficult to use …….

That was the growth of Nozomu.

He has been running away, stopping with his dreams as an excuse, and looking away from his surroundings.

He realized that he is still running away, and he couldnt move forward, but when he got a friend and used his power in public, it is proof that he started to move, albeit a little.

(Ku! As I thought, there are too many!)

However, no matter how good Nozomus skill is, many people are out of his control. Moreover, his katana is left in the classroom. He also has a bad place to fight. The back of the school building is small and difficult to move around. Although he managed to handle it, Nozomu, who had a handicap in physical ability and did not have any advantage, had no way to overcome it.

(Anyway, I should get out of this place one way or another)

”Goun! ”

(Wh, what !?)

He was wondering how to get through this place, but suddenly he felt a vibration of magical power, and when he looked in the direction, one male student was trying to activate his magic.

”This damn guy! Ill kill you !! ”

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The boy who was trying to use magic was the student who had been beaten by Nozomu and was in agony. His eyes were bleeding and apparently lost his composure.

”What! ”

”Damn! Do you want to get us involved! ”

The magic was activated at the same time as the other students surrounding Nozomu left the side of Nozomu all at once.

The magic directed at Nozomu is the *Earth-Snake Whip*.

The soil of the earth rolled up, and multiple whips were constructed from the soil, and those whips attacked all at once.

”Dangerous!! ”

Nozomu jumps out of the spot. Immediately afterward, the earth-whips passed by Nozomu, literally rampaging like snakes.

”Crush him! Garbage waste bastard !! ”

However, it is not over yet. The snakes that passed by Nozomu shook themselves and attacked Nozomu again.

However, due to the instability of the casters mind, the movement of the earth snake is indiscriminate. There is no mercy in each blow, and every time the whip hits the ground, the soil rolls up and pebbles pop around. Nevertheless, its not justifiable to strike Nozomu, whose effect of the Qi technique is weak.

”Kuh, this, uwa! ”

Nozomu dodges a group of unorthodox whips with full strength and physical handling, but the earth snakes movement itself is faster, and finally, he is surrounded.

”Its the end!! ”

Along with that voice, the earth snakes flooded Nozomu all at once. The orbit of the whip urges Nozomu to be swept away from four directions: front, top, left, and right. There are no gaps to dodge, and there is no advantage, so he cant overcome them.

”Still not enough! ”

Nozomu still resists. If there is no gap to dodge, then he will make it!

Nozomu rushes towards the front whip. Accelerate at a stretch with the Qi technique ”Instant Move ”, send Qi to his left arm with full power, and extremely compress it.

He attaches his right hand to his left arm and sticks it forward, sliding the earth whip that attacks from the front.

”Guu~u~u~u~u! ”

An earth weapon that can easily beat a person, scrapes off the skin of his left arm, but the whip slides over his extremely compressed left arm, diverting its trajectory and passing over Nozomus head. Nozomu rushes towards the student who was using the magic.

”Wha, no way !! ”

”Uoooooooo! ”

The opponent did not think that Nozomu would avoid his magic and was completely defenseless. Moreover, the magic of this kind of system rendered the caster immovable while still using the magic.

Nozomu tries to hit him with his right hand while keeping the momentum of the rush, but……

”Dont become conceited! Drop out !! ”

Suddenly, magic bullet attacks from the side. Nozomu turns around and dodges, but more magic attacks him.

He couldnt dodge and was blown away and slammed against the wall of the school building.

”Gua! ”

It was the other students who used the magic, students who were evacuated because they were about to get caught up in the ”Earth-Snake Whip ”.

”What are you going to do, drop out … ”

”Its bad … ”

When the boys who pulled Nozomu confirmed each other, they see Nozomu blown away. Nozomu managed to get up, but he was obviously injured and his movement to get up was awkward.

”Im having a hard time. ”

When the male student who was about to be defeated by Nozomu complains, he shoots a magic bullet. Nozomu avoids it by rolling on the ground, but the classmates who saw it fired magic bullets at Nozomu one after another.

”Look. That awkward appearance! ”

”Its dirty, can you avoid it a little more decently? ”

”Hahahaha! How long can you avoid it? ”

As if the appearance of Nozomu desperately avoiding was very interesting, the students fired magic while sneering.

Although it is not a beautiful way to avoid it, Nozomu keeps avoiding and resisting.

(Not yet, I cant just give up because of something like this!)

What drives the current Nozomu is the intention to ”resist ”. It was pure anger at the unreasonable treatment.

However, his limit is coming. Being hit by an inevitable magic bullet causes his posture to collapse, and a swarm of magic bullets approaches. The power of each one is low, but there are many, and if they hit him properly, he will be seriously injured.

Still, Nozomu didnt give up. He has seen something even more incredible than something like this.

Tiamats giant flame. Shinos skill. Rugatos multiple magic.

Knowing that the magic bullets approaching him were a threat, did not cause him to look away.

The moment when the magic that was approaching in front of Nozomu seemed to hit him. An arrow ran through Nozomus eyes and swept away the swarm of magic bullets.

”What! ”

”Who! Who disturbed us!! ”

When the classmates shouted and looked in the direction of the arrow flying, a maiden is holding a bow.

”What did you do? What are you doing in such a place? ”

A bell-like voice echoed around.

The maiden has long, bluish straight hair fluttering, and her bangs fastened with a black cloth headband …

”Ill ask you again. What were you doing here? ”

Above all, her long ears were visible through her hair.

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