atsword while in rage. The poured Qi becomes a blade of fierce wind and clings to the big sword.

Qi technique ”Rift Blade ”

It is a technique of chopping an object with a wind-enveloped sword.

Also, the wind around the sword blows off the opponents defense, so there is no choice but to avoid it with enough strength or prevent it from being blown off by the blade of the wind.

Marus swings the blade of the wind-down to me.

I see through the trajectory of the blade and dodge it, but Mars fires a series of attacks as it was.

I keep dodging the blade. With my strength, even if I try to parry the current Marss slash, it will be repelled by the surrounding wind.

However, Marss sword attack, which is dominated by anger, is more monotonous than during the previous mock battle, so there is no problem in continuing to dodge.

What made this possible was a slight increase in physical ability.

Under the situation where Ability Suppression is effective, my current physical ability is still inferior to other students.

Even so, the slight increase in ability had greatly expanded the range of my fighting style.

Until now, there was no choice but to parry it off, but now it is possible to somehow dodge Marss slashing by strengthening my body and concentrating on evasion.

While feeling my own growth, I started preparing for the next move.

”Whats going on! ”

Mars was obviously perplexed by my movement which is different than before.

”Why cant my slash hit him !!! ”

Until now, I couldnt move like this.

When I received the greatsword, I staggered, and the only way to dodge it was to roll on the ground.

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Recently, I moved so well, even so, the outcome is not any different, and eventually, I just rolled on the ground again.

However, currently, He couldnt see such a movement.

The movement itself is slow compared to before, but it is an extremely accurate evasion. Not only his slash but also the sword-enveloped wind seems to be left behind.

When he suddenly saw my face, my facial expression doesnt show any impatience, but confidence instead. Confidence I have completely seen his sword.


Marss POV

”Such thing !!! Its impossible!! ”

He is at the bottom of the second year. But I am superior in practical skills confrontation.

I am confident that my ability will work even in B rank.

I Suddenly remembered his skill.

”Ability suppression”

A skill that reduces the ability of the person below a certain level. Certainly, he must have been limited in power, energy, and magic.

I wonder how strong the guy who was seen through my sword with such shackles would have been. And how much training did he have to improve his physical ability even with such shackles?

“………… I cant accept it. How can I accept it!”

Emotion killed my sense of danger that calmly judge his hidden ability.

That was the cause of my defeat.


Mars is always confident in his power. He was born with a lot of energy, a good physique, and became stronger immediately, so no one around him could beat him.

He is still in the 10th class, but he is capable. Such pride in his power clouded his eyes.

Nozomu was slightly out of shape due to Marss slash. Mars swings his sword down, but its Nozomus trap.

Nozomu, who seemed to have collapsed, instantly regained his position and jumped backward, Marss sword pierced the ground, and the wind blade wrapped around the sword rolled up the soil around him, obstructing his view.

”Daaaammmnnn !! ”

The impatient Mars releases the wind blade enveloping his sword in the direction in which Nozomu is believed to be now.

Qi technique ”Splitting Hammer ”

The blades of the wind become a mass of wind and rush like a battering ram.

This move happens to blow away the smoke around him and secure Marss view, but the sight that shown into his eyes points to his mistake in his choice.

There was no Nozomu before the Splitting Hammer was released, and he was already next to Mars.

When the smoke covered Marss field of vision, he instantly moved his legs, prepared his katana, and sneaked around to Marss side.

The lines of sight of the two intersect. Nozomu has already completed the sword-drawing position, and Marss action is slightly delayed.

Judging that He cannot avoid it. Mars tries to defend it with the gauntlet, but his position collapses, and his actions are slightly delayed.

The moment when Nozomus sword is pulled out.

Go ~~~ n, go ~~~ n, go ~~~ n

”Oka~y … the match is over~~. This is the end of todays class, but everyone should review it ~~. ”

The bell at the end of the lesson rang, and with Anri-senseis orders, the classmates who were released from the tension of the lesson began to talk about their thoughts.

Nozomu returned his heels as he put the sword he had drawn halfway down.

Mars just stares at Nozomus back leaving the training ground without saying anything.


Marss POV

”Hey, Mars. How was it, todays match? ”

”It looks like hes safe today. Mars, how many times you have cutting corners, hes too bothersome isnt it! ”

The two people around him were saying something, but Mars couldnt hear the word at all.

He is definitely getting stronger. No, was he originally strong and we just didnt notice?

At least his sword skills would definitely be better than mine. The results of todays mock battle show that.

“………… What is this feeling of sickness …………”

I feel uncomfortable. Anger rises from within my chest … why.

Because he hides his ability?

…………Wrong. At least I dont get angry when I think about him now.

Then to whom ………………………… I see ………… to myself?

………… I have never been so angry with myself.

………… I am proud of my strength. At least I hate those who are weak and cant do anything but do something in the shadows.

And I hate more, those who were trampled and just accept it without resisting even if it is getting further.

Until now, my feelings towards him are exactly that. Even if he is treated as the lowest of the year, he accepts it without changing his facial expression.

He was exactly the one I hate the most.

But how is it actually?

He was more resistant than anyone else. I dont know why, but He was trying to get stronger.

And that effort would be a level that I couldnt even imagine.

I have never heard that humans with Ability Suppression go beyond the limit.

What have we done to him who tries so hard to resist? I think he has been trampled and ridiculed.

While feeling a strong resentment towards myself, I kept watching him leaving the training ground.

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