Chapter 1:

(?): May the second era begin!

(?????):[running] Dammit, Ive lost track of that demon…where could that demon bastard be?[trying to sense the demons energy]Found you! The direction of his energy, hes heading towards the kingdom i need to stop that demon fast, if i don that demon will kill everyone in the kingdom and i will not let that happen again!

(In the kingdom the home of the hunters and knights)

(knight 2):The kingdom is vary lively today, alot of people are walking around the streets, alot of people are buying from the stalls [sigh] what a lovely sight to see.

(knight1):Hmm… hey have you heard that the 6 knights the most powerful group of people in the kingdom have found tracks on the fire dragon.

(knight 2):The fire dragon? you mean the same fire dragon that cause does immense shockwaves, earthquake and destruction around the whole planet. Is that the same fire dragon your talking about?

(knight 1):Yes thats the same fire dragon. apparently the 6 knights are still preparing and trying to find more clues and tracks about the fire dragon so that they can kill the fire dragon easily.

(knight 2):I don think the 6 knights can kill the fire dragon that easily. they might need help from other hunters and knights.

(knight 1):Hmm… you think so? i think one of the papers i saw, they said that they don need any help from other hunters and knights

(knight 2):Is that so…[noticed someone on the distance] wait the person over there, is that

(knight 1):Its Ms. Theresa the A rank hunter and apparently shes one of the sister of the 6 knights.

(knight 2):What? how do you know if shes one of the 6 knights sister ?

(knight 1):I just heard rumors from other hunters and knights. maybe we can ask her if the rumors are true.

(knight 2): You sure? i don think its a good idea to ask her that. maybe its just her secret or maybe the rumors are all false.

(knight 1):Its gonna be fine, come on lets go say hi to her.

(knight 2):Alright if she gets angry at you i will not save you.[walking towards Theresa]

(knight 1):Sure…[walking towards Theresa]

(knight 1,knight 2):Hello there Ms. Theresa.

(Theresa);Hmm?… oh hello there knights from the kingdom, what brings you here, do you perhaps need any help?

(knight 2):N-no we don need any help, we just came here to say hi thats all, where gonna go now, goodbye-

(knight 2):Is it true Ms. Theresa that your one of the 6 knights sister?



(knight 1):Ow, that hurt, am sorry i was just curious.

(knight 2):Am sorry Ms. Theresa we just heard rumors from other hunters and knights, we don know if its true. sorry are intension weren to make you angry…so were gonna go n-

(Theresa):Angry? i wasn angry, i was just shocked that you know that.

(knight 1,knight 2):W-WHAT?!

(knight 2):So…those rumors are true? your one of the 6 knights sister.

(knight 1):So can you tell us the name of the 6 knights? since your sister is one of the 6 knights.

(Theresa):The 6 knights? hmm…unfortunately i don know the other members of the 6 knights.

(knight 1):Is that so, but can you tell us the name of your sister?

(Theresa):Sorry, i can tell her name either.

(knight 2):Why can you tell her name to us?

(Theresa):She just wants to keep his name hidden from the kingdom.(! whats this, a huge energy is heading towards this direction) you two! evacuate the people from the kingdom quickly!

(knight 1):What?! but why?

(Theresa):Just evacuate the people quickly!

(knight 2):(Ms. Theresa has a worried look on her face)alright were-

(Theresa):Oh-no were to late.

(both of the knights and Theresa saw the demon right in front of them. the demon was tall as a small house. the people started panicking when they saw the demon)

(people):What is that thing?! -its a monster!

(Theresa):No its a demon! stand back everyone, III take this dem-!!(whats this? another huge energy is coming this way, this is not good if its another demon i don know if am able to fight two at once)

(knight 2):(why is Ms. Theresa not moving)

(Theresa):(what?! i can move)What did you do to me?!

(Demon):I didn do anything, or maybe your just WEAK![launched a huge right fist at Theresa]

(Theresa):Dammit! i can move.

(Demon):NOW DIEEEEE!….What?! where did she go?

(Theresa):Mhm…huh?! w-who are you?

(?????):[puts Theresa down gently]Are you alright?

(Theresa):Yea am alright, and thank you for saving me (wait his scent… is he a dragon?)

(Demon):Who are you supposed be?

(Theresa):Wait, are you-

(knight 1,knight 2):Its the S rank fire hunter Ren!

(Ren):So…the demon bastard can talk. Oh me? am the one that will kill you, no i will not just kill you i will annihilate you out of existence!

(Theresa):Whats an S rank hunter doing near the kingdom.(normally S rank hunters will go to the other side of the planet or go far away from the kingdom to fight strong monsters or demons….wait could it be that the S rank hunter Ren is actually the fire dragon. they say that the fire dragon that cause does immense shockwaves, earthquakes and destruction around the whole planet is a humanoid dragon. looks like i just have to follow him after this fight. i need to know more about the fire dragon.)

(Ren):Come demon, lets see what youve got!


(Ren):Whats so funny?!(this demon is up to something)

(Demon):Lets see how fast you are![suddenly launched dark energy spikes]

(Ren):(! crap those spikes, are heading towards that kid)[Ren run towards the spikes]

(Theresa):HNGH…what?! my body won move again.( i need to save that boy)

(Demon):Don you dare move![using dark magic to not let Theresa move]

(Ren throws himself in front of the spikes to save the kid. the spike pierce his head, chest, torso and both arms)


(Demon):HAHAHAHAHA! so you are fast, but you just sacrifice yourself just to save this human kid.

(Theresa):REN! YOU DEMON COWARD! (what i can finally move again)



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