Chapter 2:

(Theresa):Come here, you don have to be scared.[Theresa grabs the kid to safety]

(Demon):Where do you think your going?! your not gonna leave here until YOU DIE![teleports right in front of Theresa]

(Theresa):(crap hes fast!)[tried to use her body to protect the kid]


(Ren):[punched the demon on the stomach] is that all youve got?![wounds slowly healing]

(Theresa):(No way, how did he survive that? his head got pierce by does spikes)

(Demon):How did you survive that?! your head got pierce by the spikes, i saw it with my own two eyes, its impposi-

(Ren):[punched the demon again]SHUT THE FUCK UP!!



(Demon):How are your wounds healing?! are you eve hu-


(Ren punch the demon so hard that the demon got send flying. on the kingdom all the way to the mountains. it destroyed several small mountains)

(Theresa):{shocked] what immense strength he has.

(Ren):that should keep him shut up…hm?

(kid):THANK YOU MR. REN, thank you for saving me![hugging Rens leg]

(Parents):Thank you hunter,[bowing]thank you for saving our son.

(Ren):[smiles] Don worry, this is what i always do, III always save people from danger.

(After that, the family says their goodbye to Ren)

(Ren):[points at the two knights] You knight over there, i have something for you to do.

(knight 1,knight 2):What are we gonna do Mr. Ren?

(Ren):Call in the magical force and tell them to seal this demon away.

(After the battle with the demon, the two knights immediately call the magical force before the demon could wake up. the magical force arrived in the kingdom and they immediately sealed the demon away using their light magic)

(Theresa):(Dammit, he disappeared already…i must follow him. but lucky for me am also a dragon, his scent is still here, i only need to follow his scent and i can finally talk to him)

(knight 2):[notice Theresa leaving]hmm? are you already leaving Ms. Theresa?

(Theresa):I have something very important to do, so Im taking leave.

(knight 2):Is that so… i hope are paths can cross again.

(Theresa):hmph, i hope so to… Im taking my leave take care you two.

(knight 1,knight 2):Goodbye Ms. Theresa see you later.[waving their hands]

(Theresa):Good bye you two and take care.[waving her left hand]

(After Theresa says her goodbye to the two knights she immediately followed Ren scent. the scent lead her in the forest and she immediately saw Ren walking)

(Ren):Hmm?! (somebodies following me, and that scent is very familiar) show yourself! i know that your hiding behind those trees, i can smell your scent all the way over here.

(Theresa):[walks out of the tree]So… you are a dragon after all youve managed to smell my scent.

(Ren):What do you want?!

(Theresa):(he seems angry)Am just here to talk and ask you question.

(Ren):Questions?! sure III talk to you.

(Theresa):(Great hes willing to talk, i thought he would just decline and just leave) Are you the fire dragon that cause those immense shockwaves, earthquakes and destruction around the whole planet?

(Ren):The fire dragon?! heh, so what if Im that fire dragon. what are you going to do if am that same fire dragon?

(Theresa):W-why are you walking towards me?!

(Ren):Why are you walking back?! are you afraid of me? do you want to know a little secret of mine? [grabs Theresas right hand and procced to slam it on the tree]

(Thresa):HNGH! stop Re-HMGH!

(Ren):[grabs Theresas mouth] No talking, screaming or begging. you will only listen, oh why are you trembling? III tell you what the secret is.[whispered to Theresas left ear] Are you hungry?

(Theresa):W-What?! [stomach growls]

(Ren):Your stomachs growling really loud Theresa.

(Theresa):Wait… how do you know my name?

(Ren):I overheard it when you were talking to the two knights…since your hungry…

(Theresa):[blush]R-Ren what are you doing?! why are you carrying me all of the sudden. were are we going anyways?

(Ren):Were going to my home.

(Theresa):To your home? but why are you standing next to a ravine?

(Ren):Don worry its a short cut…


(Ren):Dammit Theresa, Why are you holding me so tight?!

(Theresa was still holding Ren tight on the shoulder until they land on the ground)

(Theresa):Are you alright? Im sorry for holding you tight.

(Ren):Its fine, am alright…come on lets move…

(Theresa):Stop carrying me! am not a child anymore.

(Ren):But you are my queen.

(Theresa):W-what? what are you even saying.[Flustered]

(Ren carried Theresa through the caves all the way up to the mountains)

(Ren):Where here Theresa…

(Theresa):What?! were just in the mountains, why did we go to that ravine in the first place, why didn you just fly us here.

(Ren):I told you Its a short c-

(Thresa):[slap Rens face] IDIOT! you just waste our time, when you could just fly us here…[stomach growls again]

(Ren):(Dammit that slap hurt like hell) Alright then III make it up to you, since your hungry Im gonna make you some delicious food, hows that sound?

(Theresa):Fine! you better make sure that the food is delicious.

(Ren):Alright just you wait.

(Ren cooked the meat in the campfire. they wait for a couple of minutes until the meat was done)

(Thresa):Ren is the food done?

(Ren):You can eat now, the meat is done.

(Theresa):(wow this looks absolutely delicious) Um…thank you for the food Ren.[takes a bite on the meat] MHMMM! this meat is so delicious, were do you even buy this, it doesn taste like normal meat.

(Ren):Thats a secret that i don tell anyone.

(Theresa continued to eat the meat until her stomach was full)

(Theresa):Mmm… that was absolutely delicious, thank you for the food Ren…

(Ren):Why did you kiss me all of the sudden?

(Theresa):Its my thank you for making me delicious food for me… hey Ren did you really killed one hundred innocent people? are does story true?

(Ren):…Does story aren true, those innocent people were killed by a strong demon.

(Theresa):So why did they blame you or the fire dragon?

(Ren):When i arrived at the village they were already dead…that demon was feasting with their blood and bodies. my mind went blank after seeing the horror, but my body was burning up and after that i finally snapped, all of the heat from my body explode the whole village was turned into smithereens including the demon.

(Theresa):And after that, what happened?

(Ren):You already know what happened. those immense shockwaves and earthquakes were formed by my rage and anger. then after that i went home completely defeated and completely lost… those innocent people died because i was to slow.[Ren sheds a tear]

(Theresa):…Come here Ren…

(Ren):…(Wow there soft, comfortable and big… am getting really sleepy all of the sudden)

(Theresa hugged Ren for about a minute or two. until they bot sensed a massive energy nearby)

(Theresa):Hey Ren, can you sensed that?

(Ren):Yea i can sense it… a very massive energy is nearby and its still growing.


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