Chapter 4:


(Ren):What are you up to now! . . . . . .WHAT!

(The demon suddenly healed his right arm back and the demon became larger and stronger.)

(Demon):AHAHAHA! How will you stop ME NOW! I can easily annihilate the whole kingdom with one blast!

(Ren):Enough with the talk! Am gonna destro-


(Ren):[tilt his head up]What the? what is that?! (its so high up in the sky. its like a huge dark energy ball.) . . .


(The huge dark energy ball suddenly splits into smaller dark energy ball and it procced to blast toward the kingdom.)

(Ren):Crap thats not good! III just have to create something to protect the kingdom. HAAAAAA!

(Ren created a fire barrier above from the kingdom to protect everyone it stop the dark energy blast for a moment, but it suddenly)

(Ren):Dammit! it easily break the barrier. . .(Will it happen again? why i can move my body? is it fear? is it trauma? i don know what to do!). . . .Theresa what are you doing here?

(Theresa):Just fight the demon Ren, your the only one who could defeat him.

(Ren):But if i fight him, the kingdom will- shit were to late!

(Theresa):GO REN! (i hope i have enough stamina) OPEN HEAVENLY GATES!

(Many portals appeared right above the kingdom. the dark energy went through the portals and the demon was completely shocked)

(Demon):WHAT?! hows that possible?! my dark magic will always go through light magic, how did you managed to stop that?!


(Ren):(whats this, her personality suddenly changed, and her energy suddenly increase)

(Demon):What kind of light magic do you u-

(Ren):SHUT UP! FOCUS ON THE FIGHT![punched the demon again]

(Demon):GHA! I HAD ENOUGH OF YOU![grabs Ren and procced to make his hand spikier]. . .IVE GOT YOU NOW! AHAHAHHAHA YOUR NOT GONNA SURVIVE THIS ONE!

(Ren):AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!(dammit! i need to break free)

(Theresa):REN![changed back to normal] . . .I SUMMON HEAVENLY BO-(dammit i don have enough stamina, my body am gonna crash on the ground)



(Ren managed to break free from the demons grasp. he procced to fly towards at the confused demon)

(Demon):How did you break free?! and your wounds are healing so fast, the hole that Ive created are hardly visible anymore, what are you?

(Ren):I told you am a DRAGON![punch the demon on the face]

(Demon):GHAAAA! (is it still possible for me to win)

(Ren continued to punch the demon on the face, stomach, arms and chest)

(Demon):AAAGGH! GHAAA!(is this were i meet my end)

(Ren);Its time to end this![he infuse his fist with fire. but it wasn any ordinary fire. the fire was more brighter and it was blazing red]

(Theresa):[on the ground]. .Rens flames aren normal fire, there so bright and red.


(Demon):(i still want to live). .PLS, PLS DONT KILL ME!



(Ren punched the demon on the chest and he completely release the flames of purgatory. he redirect his fist upwards so no nearby land gets damaged. the flames went all the way outside of the atmosphere of the planet)

(Theresa):T-The whole planet its shaking.

(Ren):I need to stop my flame-

(Theresa):[see Ren falling from the sky]Ren! h-he passed out! the flames must be to strong for him. looks like i have to save him.

(Theresa teleported himself on top of Ren. she grab him and procced to teleport them in a nearby forest. Theresa landed on his back on the ground then Ren landed on top of Theresa his head wasn on her chest)

(Theresa):R-Ren… your on top of me.[face slightly blush]

(Ren):[half asleep]Mmm… so soft and comfy, Mmm…

(Theresa):[blushing]Hmm… he looks so cute when hes sleeping[stroking Rens hair]he looks so tired… i don mind staying like this for a while.

(hiding behind the mountains)

(???):So, is that your sister, is she also a vampire?

(????):No, shes not a vampire, shes a dragon.

(?????):Your sister managed to be a companion with that S rank hunter Ren.

(??????):Yea, she even managed to do better job than you.

(????)Huh?! what do you mean by that?

(??????):Well… she managed to be friend with that hunter, thats what your doing over the past months right?…[whispering to her right ear]And she even managed to kiss him right… on… the… lips.

(????):WHAT?! how do you know if she actually did that?!

(???):[whisper]this is not gonna end well.

(??????):how did i know. alright Ill tell you what happened. when i was roaming around the mountains i suddenly sense two massive energy nearby, so i decided to search around the area, i managed to find the two massive energy, and then i saw your sister kisses him on the li-

(????):Alright thats enough!

(??????):Why? are you perhaps jeolou-

(????):[Grabs her by the neck]SHUT UP YOU BRAT!

(??????):Khhh![struggling to breath]

(??):You two! thats enough! let her go already!

(????):Huh?! why should i let her go?

(??):[scary look on her eyes]If you don let her go, am gonna slice your neck, remember Im more faster than you, so it will be easy to slice your neck, now, LET HER GO!

(????):Tsk… fine[lets her go]

(??):Are you alright?

(??????):Yea Im alright[coughing]Damn, i didn know that you have a sensitive spot. do you hate your sister?

(????): . . .[no response]

(??):Come on, lets leave this place. other hunters might see us. . .[the four of them left the mountains]

(????):Hmm… do i hate my own sister? Heh, considering that you have those two on your mind or body, i only hate on of them, that bastard can kill everyone without having any guilt. . . .III see you soon sister.[leaves the mountains]


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