Getting to know each other

Chapter 5:

(1 week later at Rens house night time)

(Ren):[slowly waking up]Mmm. . . . Huh?! w-were am i? wait, Im at my house, how did i get here? wheres Theresa?[slowly sit beside the bed]AH! shit, my body still hurt like hell, huh? my body and my arms is covered up in bandage, did Theresa patch me up?… Hm? somebodies using the bathroom.[walking towards the bathroom]who the hell is in here?[opens the door]WHOS THERE!…ah?![blush]

(After Ren opened the door, he saw Theresas naked body and a huge scar on the waist all the way up to the chest and many scars at her back)

(Theresa):[blush]R-Ren y-your awake already?

(Ren):[shuts the door fast]. . .How did she got that big scar? am just gonna go back to bed, Im just gonna ask her after she shower.

(Ren went back to bed and waited for Theresa)

(10 minutes later)

(Theresa):[walked out of the bathroom]Ren are you still awake?[walking towards the bed]

(Ren):(why is she just standing there? her energy changed again? but this time her energy is weaker. unlike the last time when she was laughing at the demon, her energy was increasing.)

(Theresa started to climb on top of Ren and starts leaning towards his head)

(Ren):(The ** is she doing? and why is she still naked). . Theresa what are you do-

(Theresa):[whispering to Rens left ear]Did you see it, Ren?

(Ren):(will she be angry if i say yes?). .yes i saw the scars.

(Theresa):Good… good…[getting super close to Rens left ear]

(Ren):What are you doing?! Theresa stop licking my ear!(crap shes holding me down so strong i can get her off me. dammit my strength is still not back yet)

(Theresa):[slurping Rens ear]Mmm… Mmm… your ear, its very tasty.[starts licking, biting and kissing Rens neck]

(Ren):Theresa stop! stop licking my neck.(i still can get her off me, this is not good am slowly losing it. Im slowly getting consumed by pleasure, i need to stop her)

(5 minutes later)

(Theresa):Mhm… haha, now your mine nobody is gonna take you away from me now, Ive finally marked you.

(Ren):(why is she so dominant and her whole personality change, is this even still Theresa?)W-what are you doing no-

(Theresa):Mhm… Mmm… Mmm… your lips are very magnificent… lets continue shall we.[kissed Ren again]

(Ren):MHM!(why is she using her tongue? but why is it starting to feel good)

(10 minutes later)

(Theresa):Mhm… Mmm… Muuuaahhh.[panting very hard and blushing]Hey… hey don fall asleep on me, we still have A lot of time.

(Ren):[panting very hard, blushing and exhausted]Dammit Theresa, stop this already.

(Theresa):Stop? why should i stop? i haven taste every single part of you yet,[whispering to Rens left ear]Am not gonna let you get any rest tonight. since were both dragons, and dragons have immense stamina, so were gonna do this until we get tired alright[smiles]

(Ren):Damn you There-

(Theresa):[puts her finger on Rens lips]Ah ah ah your not gonna talk until tomorrow alright, now come here.

(the next day)

(Theresa):Huh?!(w-wheres Ren? HM? somebody is on my chest). . .[looks under the blanket, sees Ren smothered in her chest] [blush](why are we both naked?! w-what happened?)

(Ren):[still sleeping]Mmm… Mmm…

(Theresa):(I hope i don wake him up)[ Theresa slowly pulled Ren out of the blanket]

(Ren):[slowly wakes up]…T-Theresa are you back to normal?

(Theresa):Huh? what do mean back to normal? did some thing happened?

(Ren):(how does she not remember anything)how did you not remember anything last night?

(Theresa):(last night? wait, did she switch with me? is that why were both not wearing any clothes? did Ren see how dominant she can be?)Hey Ren, can you tell me what happened last night? did you we really made love to each other last night? did you feel her or me? did you see how dominant she can be?

(Ren):(what is she talking about)What do you mean feel her and see her? last night thats what were doing, you were being dominant while were making love you were kissing me biting me and licking me all over my body, was that not you?

(Theresa):(She really did switch with me). . .that was me Ren, don worry about it to much.

(Ren):(what?! is she hiding something. should i ask her how did she got that massive scar on her waist)hey Theresa… how did you got that massive scar?

(Theresa):This?[touching the scar]i don exactly know either, one day i just waked up and this was here.

(Ren):(what? hows that possible, how do you not remember that. that scar mustve hurt like hell)

(Theresa):Hey Ren, can we go to the kingdom, am getting kinda hungry.[stomach growls]

(Ren):Huh? its to early to go to the kingdom.[stomach also growls]

(Theresa):Looks like your also getting hungry.[smiles]

(Ren):Fine lets go, but lets go wear some clothes. after that lets go to the kingdom to eat.

(Theresa):Alright Ren


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