The mysterious quest?

Chapter 6

(After they finish wearing clothes, they went to the kingdom to eat there breakfast, after that they went for a walked on the streets of the kingdom)

(Theresa):So… Ren, how exactly long did we made love to each other last night?

(Ren):I don remember anything, my mind went blank half way through it, you were so rough and dominant last night, it was like you were the dragon queen and i was the weak dragon servant.

(Theresa):[blush]Uhmm… lets forgot what happened last night alright…

since your a fire hunter, are you immune to fire?

(Ren):Huh? fire hunter?

(Theresa):Im calling you that because were walking around the kingdom[whispering to Rens ear]

people might overhear us and they might panicked if i call you the fire dragon.

(Ren):Oh yea i forgot about that.

Im not really immune to fire, i just have a certain resistance to it.

what about you, what kind of dragon are you.

(Theresa):Uhmm… i don really know myself that much, i guess Im a light dragon.

hey Ren, do have any relatives or a parent?

(Ren):I don really have any relatives or a parent, Im just on my own.

how about you, do you have any relatives or a parent?

(Theresa):Well… i only have a sister and shes one of the 6 knights, and i also have a mother.

(Ren):(6 knights?). . . your sister is a vampire right.

(Theresa):Yea she-wait! how do you know that?

(Ren):[chuckle]III tell you once we get home

(Theresa):Alright, but why at your house?

(Ren):Other hunters and knights are here at the kingdom they might overhear our conversation about the 6 knights.

The 6 knights wants there name to be hidden from the kingdom.

(Theresa):Thats true.[suddenly opens a portal]

we will go through this portal for faster travel.

(Ren):Where does this portal exactly go?

(Theresa):[smile]To your home.

(Theresa pushed Ren through the portal without giving him a warning. she immediately followed Ren through the portal.)

(30 seconds later at Rens house)

(Ren):[crashed on the ground]That worked but-

(Theresa):[crashed on top of Ren]. . .Im sorry Ren, sometimes the portal redirects people from were there landing.

(Ren):Its alright, but can you get off me.

(Theresa);Oh alright.[gets off Rens back]

so… how did you know my sister is a vampire?

(Ren):In the past months the 6 knights are coming here, especially your sister, she comes here more often than the 5, and she tried to bite me several times but she utterly failed.

your sister name is Morgan or Morrigan right?

(Theresa):Her real name is Morgan but she likes to use our Mothers name Morrigan.

(Ren):If you two are sisters, how come shes a vampire and you are a dragon, your not a half vampire, half dragon are you?

(Theresa):Honestly i don really remember, the only thing i know is Im a full blood dragon.

(Ren):(what? how does she not Remember, is she like me? are we both finding are origins?)

(Theresa):Do you know the other members of the 6 knights?

(Ren):The other members? i only know three members of the 6 knights.

(Theresa):Can you tell me the three members.

(Ren):There are 6 knights, each person of the six has their rank, the first one is your sister Morrigan the vampire knight rank 4 out of the 6, the second is Pondu the gravity knight rank 6 the weakest member, the third one is Armis the armor knight rank 5 out of the 6.

the other three members i still don know them.

(Theresa):Hey Ren, why are the 6 knights coming to your home?

(Ren):They want me to join the them, thats why they come here.

(Theresa):They want you to join? why tho?

(Ren):They just say, that they need my help for something, thats what they always say to me when they come here but i always decline there offer.

(Theresa):Why does the 6 knights needs help? aren they the strongest group of people in the kingdom.

what kind of offer are they giving you?

(Ren):If i join them i will become the leader of the 6 knights and be the dragon knight.

and they will give me anything i want in the world, thats the offer they
e giving me.

(Theresa):Why won you join them? i mean it doesn sound like a bad idea to join.

(Ren):I don really want a high status or be the leader of that group, and they will never know what i truly want.

(Theresa):What you want? if you keep declining their offer, what do you want exactly?

(Ren):What i want… Im still searching for it. . . i want to know my origin.

(Theresa):your origin?

(Ren):[Gives a book at Theresa]Here take a look at this.

(Theresa):[grabs the book]Whats this? it says the dragon soul and at the bottom of the book it says, if you want to know your origin, your parents and your true powers you must search for the dragon soul this is the book to guide you Ren.

the book knows your name, and its says were inside the realm of the mortals. . . whats that?

[gives the book back to Ren]

(Ren):I don really know either.

(Theresa):I will join you to find the dragon soul.

(Ren):What?! wouldn you have other journeys?

(Theresa):Well… i don really know were to go, so III just follow you at your journey, i might also find something about my origins too and my true parents.

(Ren):[hugged Theresa]Are you sure about this? Theres a highly chance you might get hurt or worse than that.

(Theresa):[hugged Ren]Im sure about this, because your the only person i ever loved. . . .[realize what she said and started blushing]

(Ren):[blush]what?! love?!

(Theresa):[blushing]W-what?![gos inside Rens house and slams the door. . . laid on the bed pillow in front of her face](What was i thinking saying that, we only know each other for about a week)

(After that Ren went inside the house and they cuddle each other until they fall asleep)


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